How Do I Create A Progressive Web Application

Create A Progressive Web Application

Analyzing the current mobile app usage and predicting the future, it is assumed that progressive web apps will be the future of every business.

PWAs deliver app-like experiences to the users using modern web capabilities. There are various benefits of using PWAs. Some of them are:

i) You can install the app on both mobile and desktop home screens.

ii) Benefit of accessing the content in offline mode.

iii) Receiving Push Notifications.

iv) Access to the camera.

v) Background Synchronization.

Apart from these, you can explore many more while using PWAs. Being a business owner, you always want to outreach your products and services to your potential customers for business growth. Hiring a PWA development company can help you to fulfill your dream into reality.

In this post, we will be discussing the steps to create a successful progressive app for your business.

Steps To Create A Progressive Web Application

Developing a successful progressive web app for your business is not a kid’s game. There are various steps which you need to follow.

i) Implementing HTTPS

Implementing HTTPS in your progressive web apps helps you to use service workers and allows users for home screen installation.

Securing your web apps gives your users confidence in using the app. Connect with the development team to configure SSL in your web app to enhance security.

ii) Creating an Application Shell

When users open your web app, the first thing they see on their screen is the application shell. Creating an application shell will ensure loading your web app faster, and users will get your content instantly.

iii) Register a Service Worker 

To control the network requests and how they are handled, you need to register a service worker. Service Worker runs over HTTPS, and thus, you should ensure that it is configured well with PWAs.

To get assistance regarding service worker, you can connect with the progressive web app development company.

iv) Adding Push Notification

If you are developing PWA from scratch, you can seek help from Google Firebase services that come with Firebase Cloud Messaging, which helps you configure push notifications in the web app.

Adding Push notifications will help your users to receive a push notification about the products and services your business is dealing with.

v) Adding a Web App Manifest 

Web App Manifest helps you to track the PWAs working when installed on user’s mobile and desktops. To configure Web App Manifest, you need to add manifest.json in the root directory of the PWA.

vi) Configuring Install Prompt

Configuring the install prompt in the web app will automatically prompt a message to install the app when users open it in their web browser.

vii) Analyze The App Performance 

After developing a progressive web app, it is important to analyze the performance. You can analyze it by using the lighthouse tool, which will give you a detailed report about the app performance out of 100.

The performance will help you decide on any further modifications you need to implement in the web app.


Well, developing a progressive web app is not an easy task. Being a business owner, if you want to make your business future-ready, you can avail of progressive web app development services from a reputed firm that can transform all your business requirements.

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