How do electric skateboards work

How do electric skateboards work
How do electric skateboards work

What is an electric skateboard? How do they work?

An electric skateboard is basically a skateboard to which an electric motor is attached. It usually has a handheld wireless remote that can be used to control how fast (or slow) the board goes.

 A rider controls movement with the help of a regular longboard (tilting the heel or toes and changing the body weight to move the board in a certain direction).

It can have different ranges depending on the battery life and can last from 10 miles to 60 miles (16 km – 97 km). Some boards even come with rechargeable batteries that can replace, which can extend the range with one move. If you want to know more about mechanics then how does our electric skateboard work?

Can make your journey exciting

 I wouldn’t normally consider working out in a “fun” activity, but ever since I got my board I’ve actually been looking forward to my daily commute. It’s definitely a nice break from the monotony of everyday life, and the morning traffic that I used to pass.

And even if I’m afraid to work some days, getting on my board is a great way to get my day off to a good start. This effect has also been scientifically noted, as one study found that the quality of their morning commute has a “significant impact on overall well-being” for the average employee.

To practice

Electric skateboards can be a great source of exercise, depending on how you climb. When you travel, many muscles in your core and legs activate to keep your body on board. And if you think you want one more challenge, you can always push your board with your feet like with a regular skateboard. The weight of the board itself will give you a great leg workout while carrying it.

Why are electric skateboards so expensive?

Many people are very surprised when they see the price of electric skateboards for the first time. They hope that electric skateboards are within the price of ordinary longboards. Why are electric skateboards so expensive?

These electrical components are by far the most expensive component of an e-board. A large Li-on battery costs hundreds of dollars and electric motors are not very cheap.

In addition, you need to connect various other components such as remote control, ESC (receiver and computing unit), and some other wiring. In addition, these parts need to be assembled together which requires special equipment – which is not very cheap – and a significant amount of labor. 

The companies have not built huge manufacturing plants which will significantly reduce the price. There is still not enough economy of scale and there are not as many manufacturers in the market yet. This means that there is less competition in the business to compete on price so prices are generally higher.

It says that increasing competition is going to change that. And we should not forget that companies have to spend significant amounts of money on marketing and advertising which further increases the value. Aside from these issues, e-whiteboard companies want to gain consumer confidence and provide guarantees and customer service, which is a good coupe. Add all of these situations and put the current value.

 Reason for determining the cost

I answered the question above why electric skateboards are so expensive. Now we try to dive deeper into the issues of e-skateboard pricing. Like every other product category, price-determining factors are cost, quality, and marketing. If you want a quality electronic whiteboard, you have to spend a little money.

Prices increase with quality. But I don’t want to neglect that some companies are good at marketing their products and you don’t necessarily pay for quality but for the brand.


Batteries are the most important factor in the price of an electric skateboard. This is the heaviest and most valuable part of an e-board.  Manufacturers often use 18650 types of battery cells. We know these cells from some electrical devices, such as flashlights, RC cars, e-sigs, and vaporizers. They all use these batteries. I remember very well when I first bought the battery for my flashlight I was really surprised that only two of the 18650 batteries cost. 30 rupees! 

Electric skateboard batteries usually cost 150 to $ 500. A stronger and more expensive battery has an interestingly longer lifespan. Most users estimate battery life to be around 300 – 1000 cycles, with one complete reduction and one full recharge cycle. With a larger battery, you don’t have to charge it often and so its cycle is shorter.

If you want to know more about electric skateboard batteries, how long they last, and get some battery-saving tips to check out my article on batteries.

Moreover, companies invest capital and technology for battery safety. You may have heard examples of lithium-ion batteries catching fire on cell phones or other devices in recent years. Reliable electric skateboard manufacturers will install safety features on their batteries to prevent this from happening. Because events will give a very bad reputation.


The motor is the energy that takes us forward. It gets its juice from the battery and transfers it at speed.  It is basically made of copper coils. Industrial standards are not just a single but a dual motor. And two motors cost hundreds of dollars. The price of an electric skateboard motor can vary from $ 50 to $ 300.

Deck shape and material

The decks of electric skateboards make of different materials. Usually, the deck is made of wood but companies try to save weight and build the deck out of composite. An alternative is a deck made up of several inner layers of wood and the outer layer of composite.

Another possibility is that the deck’s make entirely of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar. Composites are usually made of two main components a flexible fabric and epoxy that provide stiffness when dried. The main advantages of composites are very light and durable, have corrosion resistance, and have high impact strength.

 Composites provide creators with almost infinite flexibility in size and form design. However, wood is more flexible and therefore will reduce further vibration when climbing rough pavements. Wooden decks usually cost between $ 30 and $ 200. Carbon decks cost between $ 200 and $ 500.

An extra part of an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards consist of many parts. We also need a truck, wheels, a remote control, an ESC (electric speed controller this is the brain of your e-board), and good bearings. These parts certainly add to the extra cost. Large price ranges arise from different levels of quality. Of course, if you want to get high quality, you have to spend more.

The right truck costs $ 50 and $ 200

The wheels are around $ 30 and 250

Remote control between $ 20 and $ 180

ESCs $ 30 and 280

Bearings between $ 30 and $ 180

Customer service and warranty

We all want to get good customer service when we spend money on a product. We hoped that we could come to the experts who helped us with our problems. 

You have to hire and hire people. You want to be sure that these staff will be experts so you need to send them to school as well. Nowadays we expect that customer service is always available – 24/7 – either by telephone, email or direct message.

 But providing a warranty creates a risk for the company and these risk factors need to be included in the financial aspects of the business as well. So the price of a product will probably be higher than a product without a warranty.

The cheapest electric skateboard

A very desirable feature when buying an e-board is definitely a low price.

In my list above I have chosen only electric skateboards that prove to be reliable, perform well, and all recommend. I know there are a ton more e-boards on the market. If you miss the e-boards or believe that my other models should add well, please let me know in the comments section below.

From my list of the Budget Board (list alphabetical):

Ship V3

Backfire G2 Black

Mipo V3

Varel Mini

Wow night

The most expensive board

I think we all know that expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality construction. However, the most expensive boards from my list test and reviewed by many customers, and they usually have a positive response. They have shown that they value money and provide good quality.

The most expensive boards on my list (alphabetical list):

Organic Board Thorium X4

Kali NYC Board

Lacroix board

Metroboard X

It cost to charge an electric skateboard

On average, an electric skateboard will cost you about 1 to 20 cents (US $ cents) to fully charge. Depending on the size of your board’s battery and the price of your electricity.

Electric skateboards typically have a battery capacity of 90-500Wh (watt-hours). The price of electricity varies significantly around the world. The average residential consumer’s electricity costs between 10 and 40 cents (US $) per kilowatt-hour.

The average residential consumer electricity price in the United States is about 12 cents, in Australia 35 cents, in the UK about 18 cents, in Canada 10 cents, in Europe, the average cost is about 22 cents, and in Singapore 23 cents. (The currency I used is $, USD)

Please note that my comparison with the price of electricity is not due to the fact that the price level varies a lot between countries. For example, a US dollar would go much further than buying goods and services in relatively cheap India compared to the relatively expensive Australia.

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