How do Bahria Town Karachi Dealers Explain Buyer’s And Seller’s Market?

Bahria Town Karachi Dealers Explain Buyer's And Seller's Market

You might have wondered what the reason behind using two terms when purchasing real estate is. Those terms are buyer’s market and seller’s market. Most Bahria town Karachi dealers use these terms when explaining markets to their customers. 

These terms may look straightforward and easily understandable. But plunging into the real estate business without in-depth knowledge of these terms can be costly for you.  

Let’s analyze the buyer’s market first. 

A Brief Introduction to Buyer’s Market

In the buyer’s market, there is an excess of homes when compared to the buyers involved in the markets. These markets are usually in support of buyers because they have time for the perfect home they want. 

There are a lot of factors involved in purchasing the ‘right’ real estate in the buyer’s market. Some of them are, negotiating power, crime rate, economic downturn, etc. Therefore, it’s essential to consider a few tips before going right in. 

Buyer’s Market Tips For Sellers and Buyers

Buying homes in this kind of market is also competitive. One should choose the correct bid for specific homes they want to acquire and then play their game. 

For buyers: 

  1. In the buyer’s market, the buyers have the most considerable leverage of all; that is, time. Our suggestion is to analyze all homes properly. Assess their actual values, location, and reason for buying. Notice how the property area will emerge in the near future and how you could use that to your advantage.
  2. As we have said, buyers have more time, so take advantage of it as much as possible. Ask some real estate firms, organizations, and independent agents for suggestions they have about particular houses. They will better understand it and gives you their opinion about the area. Like in Pakistan, Bahria town Karachi dealers will provide you with information that will help in making informed decisions. 
  3. The third tip for buyers is to ask for a lesser price than the offered one. This is huge because, in excess, people (who are selling their houses) may agree to a price less than their original offer.

    Note: We’re not saying you should pay them less for their home’s actual value and play a con game with the sellers. But negotiate with them to fetch out a better deal that doesn’t hurt anyone. 
  4. One last tip for buyers in the buyer’s market is to get a pre-approved mortgage first. Because it makes you assess how much worth of a property you can handle on an available mortgage. Create a long list of properties you can buy and question them from every direction. You may ask the seller to repair any significant issue in the house, ask them to be flexible about closing dates, and ask for some other concessions.

    Don’t feel rude when asking for a concession because it’s a common practice while buying properties. 

For sellers:

  1. Talk about the selling and pivotal points of your homes. A simple example will be if your home is in the vicinity of an airport or other outgoing stations, you can tell buyers about it. The buyers tend to pay you more for any reason that you might think of it as a casual feature.

    Features like corner real estate, religious places nearby, and shopping malls within your society can uplift your property’s value. 
  2. The following strategy for sellers is to pre-plan for the budget’s concessions for your homes. Many buyers want sellers to make repairs for them and set flexible closing costs. Sellers can turn this sweetener into their competitive advantage.

    You can also provide them with a better deal if you have pre-planned it.
  3. It’s mandatory for sellers to do a complete pre-inspection of their house before making it up for sale. You can hire any handyman services to do a required task for you. They will point you to the right changes you should make to sell your home at a fair better price.

    Changes like wall painting, plumbing works, gardening uniformity, dampness on walls, etc., will positively impact when buyers come into your home for the first time.

A Brief Introduction to Seller’s Market

As in the buyer’s market, we have more homes; we have more buyers and fewer homes in the seller’s market. Seller markets are usually advantageous to sellers because they have the power of leverage this time. 

Seller markets are often created due to the shortages of houses nationwide or in a particular city or area. Many of the world’s renowned countries are experiencing this, and it’s crucial to have in mind some characteristics before going into this competitive market. 

Seller’s Market Tips For Sellers and Buyers

Here are our few suggestions to buyers and sellers playing in the seller market.

For sellers:

  1. Do not list your homes as too far-fetched or significantly lower than their actual value to incite bidding wars. Buyers are intelligent negotiators and can judge your homes by simply inspecting them to know their actual value.

    One major disadvantage of doing this is that you can also be lowering your chances of getting a suitable mortgage for future investments. So, you should place your home at the market’s price. This might be the best bet you’re playing.  
  2. Make the process look professional. Hire people prior to selling your homes. Ask real estate photographers to capture beautiful vantage points of your homes and upload them with care. 
  3. Choose the ‘right’ offer. You shouldn’t be choosing the highest offer available if you are only looking at numbers. The excellent offer will provide you with all documenting procedures and information that will lessen your hassle and create a chance to sell.

For buyers:

  1. Act quickly. You should do your homework (before entering the market) and select and close quickly when considering your favorite property. 
  2. This tip is related to the aforementioned. You have to prepare yourself for bidding wars. Buyers should remember that they aren’t the only ones placing bids on houses. Therefore, it’s essential to do homework and set an upper limit on what you can offer to real estate
  3. Get approved for your mortgages beforehand. When you’re in competition with multiple buyers for the same home, you should get underwriting approval from the lenders from you’re getting mortgages. This will strengthen your offer and position you better among sellers. 
  4. Don’t complicate sellers using complex and con financial offers and biddings. Keep your offer simple and easy to understand.


Choosing the right market can be tricky for new players. Therefore, it’s essential to know and research before going to the most competitive market world ever known. You can also ask for help from Bahria town Karachi dealers to get yourself informed in making a decision. Must read all the characteristics of a buyer’s and seller’s market if still having confusion.


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