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Aesthetics is one of the disciplines in the medical and wellness sector that has grown the most in recent years and, consequently, has the most competition. Today it is impossible to believe that a clinic focused on this discipline can grow without an adequate online presence, without developing a digital marketing strategy aligned with its general objectives. And this is mainly due to the purchasing behavior of their potential patients, who will turn to the Internet to find out about their options.

Today, consumers of aesthetic products and services have a purchase cycle in which the digital factor is essential to carrying out their research. Therefore, it is necessary to have appropriate channels to attract, convert, and retain patients when carrying out the necessary marketing and sales actions.

What are the main marketing channels and strategies for aesthetic clinics?

  1. Key Marketing Channels:

1.1. Website

1.2. Blog

1.3. Social media

1.4. Email

  1. Key Marketing Strategies:

2.1. SEO and SEM

2.2. Content-marketing

  1. Social Media Marketing

2.4. Influencer marketing

2.5. Conversational Marketing

2.6. Loyalty Marketing

2.7. Referral Marketing

2.8. Marketing automation

Main marketing channels for aesthetic clinics

To develop the different marketing strategies, first, it is necessary to know which are the most important channels in which they will be developed.

1.1. Website

Today the web can be the main conversion channel of an aesthetic clinic. For this reason alone, everything related to it must be taken care of: its structure, its design, its content in multiple formats, success stories, and, obviously, its elements of conversion.

On the one hand, its structure must be designed to satisfy the main search topics of your potential clients, generally concerning the treatments it offers. In addition, its navigation and design must be clear enough and adaptable to all devices in which consumers can start their purchase cycle or follow it.

On the other hand, the content must be exceptionally clear and adapted to the last phases of the cycle where the conversion takes place, that is, the appointment request. To do this, several elements can be included. For example, in addition to the classic contact forms, we can have chats or chatbots to start a conversation if it is the preferred option of consumers to collect the necessary information about the clinic.

1.2. Blog

They are the basis for the documentation of potential clients and clients of an aesthetic clinic, and, for this reason, they are the key to the growth of organic (unpaid) traffic that reaches the web. It is important to clarify that the content of the articles must be adapted to your buyer personas, but that does not mean that it must not have quality and be worked on.

Not so long ago, Google’s Medical Update was a drastic change for many companies in the medical sector that generated content through this channel. Today it is essential that experts validate the articles and, in addition to serving a marketing purpose and objective, serve to add value and satisfy search terms of increasingly demanding users.

1.3. Social media

Today, most users spend many hours consuming content on social networks. For example, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Tik Tok are great sources of information for consumers who want to know more about different medical-aesthetic solutions and share their opinions about them.

Furthermore, it is critical to remember that on these platforms, you can advertise by segmenting the type of content that the user consumes, all the more reason to know what the purchasing habits of your potential consumers are like. Social networks are, in short, a source of information for both clinics and clients.

1.4. Email

Email continues to be one of the fundamental channels for creating campaigns and communicating with customers and potential customers. However, many practices can ‘tire’ your contacts. Each email must serve a purpose. It must have a clear objective. Especially, it must be personalized based on certain criteria that have to do with the type of buyer persona.

Therefore, to achieve this personalization, it is necessary to carry out an adequate segmentation of the database that, beyond basic information such as the name, does not indicate what the interests of our consumers are and what type of content is going to be more interesting in each phase of your buying cycle. Thus, sending a personalized email means getting the name right and especially getting the content sent to the sender right.

Main marketing strategies for aesthetic clinics

It is increasingly important to humanize marketing. Consumers want more commitment from brands, which implies carrying out marketing strategies that draw attention to products and services and allow them to connect with people. This means empowering potential clients to make a more informed purchase decision for an aesthetic clinic.

And what other way is there to empower consumers, if not through Inbound Marketing?

Once these potential patients have been defined, these buyer personas must know what they may be interested in at each moment of their purchase cycle to devise and implement the different marketing strategies with which to attract, interact and delight the consumers of your aesthetic clinic:

  • The strategies to attract that we have are SEO and SEM, content marketing, and social networks.
  • That strategies to interact are an influencer and conversational marketing through key tools that we will see below.
  • Strategies to delight (although it is a constant function) will be loyalty marketing, recommendation, and Email Marketing, thanks to automation and CRM.

2.1. SEO and SEM

Positioning marketing and online advertising are key strategies to attract your potential customers. On the one hand, we can work to attract qualified traffic to our blog with the SEO strategy. For example, when in the early stages of the purchase cycle, they are conducting research on possible solutions to aesthetic problems. With SEM, we can focus on those search terms usually entered by search engines in the last phases of their purchase cycle.

Through these techniques, you cannot ignore their interests, needs, and behavior to attract the most suitable patients to your aesthetic clinic. You will know this if you have carried out previous research work and if you have developed the appropriate buyer persona profiles, which in this context, have in common the importance they give to their physical appearance, although it is necessary to be able to qualify, to also create the appropriate content:

2.2. Content Marketing

Content is essential for the development of any marketing strategy. However, no matter how well SEO and SEM strategies have been worked out at the search engine level, if users do not find content that meets their expectations on your website, blog, or social networks, they will not hesitate to consider you unreliable to carry out an aesthetic treatment.

Today the purchasing behavior of consumers is closely related to the ability of brands to offer information, that is, to offer the right content at the most appropriate time in their purchase cycle. This makes content marketing essential for your clinic so that your potential clients (the buyer persona) can find the medical-aesthetic information they want according to the channel.

To develop this strategy, you must consider how to organize your treatments or products to obtain different content themes on your website that align easily with the search topics of your buyers.

Social Media Marketing

However, it must be said that being active on social networks involves much more than recycling and sharing content. So it is that in addition, they are an exceptional source to inform you about new trends, behaviors, and needs of your buyer personas.

As we have mentioned, social platforms are the channels where our buyers usually spend more time. In other words, most aesthetic medicine patients and clients who consume beauty treatments will seek information on what different solutions exist, which ones your clinic offers, and its reputation among consumers.

For this reason, when creating a social media plan, you must consider what content and what format you must deliver it on each of the networks. Still, you must also pay special attention to the type of conversations that take place and the content generated. by other users:

2.4. Influencer Marketing

It is true that proportionally those social characters that today we consider influencers convert more based on their great ability to generate engagement with their followers. To have them, it is necessary to establish an action protocol. However, at a local level, it is also possible to find active users on social networks who can be spokespersons for your clinic’s products and services.

And it is that one of the difficulties that we find among patients in the aesthetic sector is the reluctance they have to show themselves publicly when they have received treatment, that is, to show the before and after.

But by conducting local research, it is possible to find influential consumers who would undergo treatment and be able to start a conversation, a positive debate around your brand and your services that gives you visibility and generates measurable conversions.

2.5. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing that starts on your social networks can also be carried out through your website or extended to it. And it is that a conversation is what allows you to have a relationship with your potential client and help him advance in his purchase cycle. It is an interaction strategy that allows you to generate conversions appointments. But what can you offer beyond interactions on social platforms?

  • Chats on your website can help you boost conversions through conversations and interaction with potential customers. If you think about it, a user who consumes content and even subscribes to a newsletter does not necessarily have to be in the same phase of the purchase cycle as a person who begins to ask questions and actively decides to participate in a conversation. Facilitating this service, either through chatbots or live chats, will give you a more precise idea of ​​the needs of your potential customers. And indicate the state of the purchase cycle in which they are to apply other marketing and sales actions.
  • On the other hand, video consultations are useful as they are another type of conversational strategy since many people see their movement restricted. This service makes it possible to enable greater accessibility and humanization in the sales process. In this way, potential patients and patients feel that they can trust your clinic and even repeat their services:

2.6. Loyalty Marketing

If your client can potentially return to your clinic to request the same or another treatment, you cannot ignore loyalty healthcare marketing company. In marketing, many resources are usually allocated to attract new customers when their loyalty is crucial for the business’s profitability.

Suppose you had not previously considered the possibility of implementing promotions (discounts, customized) in your services. In that case, you should know that to motivate loyalty and conversion. In addition to content and good service, your patients expect certain priority benefits. And if you think about it, more treatments performed are equivalent to a greater consolidation of your relationship with your client. Which translates into a greater ability to recommend your services:

2.7. Referral Marketing

In addition to loyalty strategies or plans, many clinics reward their clients and new patients through actions that encourage services recommendation. These recommendations are key to guaranteeing the good reputation of your clinic and the constant flow of clients.

2.8. Marketing automation

Marketing automation allows us to be more efficient. Publish content, carry out campaigns, and send emails at the most appropriate time in the purchase cycle of our customers and potential customers, which can delight these contacts and fulfill a marketing objective.

Automating implies developing a reaction plan (sending certain emails, calls, notifications) after certain triggers, that is, certain actions carried out by your contacts. And of course, for this, it is essential to have the right CRM. This software allows you to store important data (especially behavioral) about your contacts. And allows you to use them to create smart segmented lists.

Because to humanize our healthcare marketing agency strategies, we need to know exactly what our buyer personas need, and for this, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is essential. For example, it will be able to make the difference between general email sends to much more personalized email sends. That guarantee a higher open rate.

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