How can a homemaker be independent?


“When a man is educated, only a man is educated; but when a woman is educated, a generation is educated.” We all have heard this famous proverb and it is very well said. But there are many woman who are unaware of their potential, unaware of what wonders they can do, what super powers they have and what great heights they can reach if given a right platform.

Women should be provided a platform

We often talk or hear about women empowerment but it needs to get spread from house to house so that the talents emerge out from the bars and become independent. A homemaker is not just meant for the home, if her potential get wings then she can be on the peak of success.


What is Women Empowerment?

We often come across the term Women Empowerment but what is it? How can it help the women? So let me throw light on this term — Women Empowerment. Women Empowerment is the awareness which you spread among women so that they can identify their hidden talent and can utilize it for a good cause. There are many women who are well experienced in a variety of jobs but they are not aware how their skills can bring success to them. So, women empowerment is the medium through which a spark of “yes, you can do it” is provided to the women who lack self confidence so that the spark burst out as a lava in the heart of every woman in the form of “yes, I can do it”. When one woman gets this empowerment, she tries to motivate others of her type and this process continues and today we see the results of women empowerment in almost every sector.

           women empowerment

Who is a homemaker?

Nice question and I feel really proud to answer it. Homemaker, as the name suggests that a person who make your house a real house to happily live in, is a homemaker. I have seen my mom and she is a wonderful homemaker. So every mother, grandmother, sister or wife is an amazing homemaker who makes you feel heavenly in your home. Some people look down on homemaker that they only reside in home and don’t know anything more than household jobs. They say that the job of a homemaker is really simple. But let me tell you friends that it is a job of 365 days without rest, without any salary and making the house a paradise for her family members. 

who is a homemaker

The only salary she receives is the smile on the faces of everyone. Just imagine a house without a homemaker. It will be worser than hell. So now you decide whether the job is easy or hard? Yes, she resides in the home but she knows how to experiment with spices, whether there is dust in any corner or not, how to manage the family budget along with giving all the joy to her kids. In one word, a homemaker is an all-rounder — a chef, a doctor, a tailor, a teacher, an accountant and many more. She is a multi-tasker and does every task with utmost precision. If this multi tasker homemaker gets the appropriate platform then think the opportunities waiting for her. So now you understood why I took so much pride to answer this question.

Why a homemaker needs to be independent?

A bird looks nice flying in the sky, not inside the bars of a cage. A flower spreads the fragrance in the garden, not after plucking it up. Similar is the case with a homemaker. When she has the powers of a superwoman, then why to curb her skills inside the house? Let her skills get a platform where she can showcase the best of herself which will make her an inspiration for others to admire.

homemaker needs to be independent

The ways through which a homemaker can become independent — 

There are many opportunities waiting for a homemaker. These opportunities are the torch bearer in the success journey of the homemaker. So let me enlighten you homemakers with the wide-ranging scope of having a bright future ahead. There are as follows — 

  • Starting with food blog — If you are a homemaker, then for you cooking is the most fundamental skill which you have. You know the art of mixing of spices and add a new flavour to each dish. So why not make your dish public and let others also learn from you. Write the blogs in your free time and keep your audience engaged by posting recipes of new dishes. This will bring you profit.

food blogging

  • Day care center for children — In today’s busy world, both parents are working and earning so there is no one in the house to look after their kid. As a homemaker, if you love the company of kids and know what it needs for the well development of children then this opportunity is all yours and it is the low investment business plan too. daycare center
  • Online Earning Platforms —  There are many online websites which provide a platform to women to showcase their skills. The women are paid for the services they provide. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more are a wonderful platform for women to start their career with by making a profile. de’HoFoo is the best platform for transforming a homemaker into a home chef. Many women are educated but they are not allowed to go out and work. So they can utilize their skills online to make money. online earning platform
  • Online Survey — A decent amount can be earned by housewives by doing an online survey in their free time on their cell phones. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes for the survey to complete for which they are paid too.  

online survey

  • Freelance writing — Freelance writing is also among the great business ideas for housewives. A homemaker with good writing skills can start maintaining a daily dairy and can write for local clients at first. Then after gaining more experience, they can write for international clients as well and make more money.

freelance writing

  • Event planning — A homemaker who can manage and organize a house so well can be the reason of an event to become success. A women’s creativity if implemented can make things go perfect. So planning a event like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries is a nice job and a great source of income for the homemaker. event planning
  • Beauty Parlour — Beauty is the inborn talent of a women. A beautiful lady with a beautiful brain is the most talented human on earth. A woman has the skills of beautify herself so what if these skills are applied on other women too who are obsessed with their looks? This is a wonderful job for a homemaker and they can do this job sitting in the house and make money.

beauty parlour

  • Catering Services — It’s now time for the homemakers to turn their skills into a business. Taking catering orders for parties and weddings can bring name and fame to a woman. It is becoming a great source of income for a woman. 


  • Teaching Services — There are many women who have a great knowledge but was unable to pursue the higher education due to some family issues. So, they can spread their knowledge by teaching kids with the education they have. teaching
  • Hand-made crafts and jewellery — Today there are many websites which require women to make some home decorating items or jewellery for the public from items which are becoming obsolete. It will make a homemaker creative and will also recycle the things for a good cause. 

handmade crafts and jewellery

  • Baking — People love bakery food and when it’s perfect to their taste they demand it more and more. Women who love to bake cake, cookies and pastries are now winning the hearts of a majority of people. Children specially love to eat cup-cakes and for a perfectly made cake people can pay any amount. baking
  • Blogging — If you are a homemaker and getting bored sitting in the house then you can start with blogging. There are many themes in your home from where you can start your blogging journey and become a famous blogger. This will not only keep you engaged but will also make you financially stable.


  • Interior Designing — Women know the art of beautifying a house so that it looks pretty. A happy mind resides in a beautiful environment. So, now it’s time to put your art to build a wonderful career for you as an interior designer. 

interior design

  • Pet Sitting — As a homemaker, if you are a pet lover and love the company of pets then you can start pet sitting business right from your home. It is a fast-growing business nowadays.

pet sitting

  • YouTube — YouTube is becoming a great platform for budding artists, chefs, singers, actors and many more. Become a youtuber and post your cooking, singing or dancing videos and earn dollars daily. Not only making money, it provides you the opportunity to become popular worldwide.


  • Fitness Instructor — Today, everybody is concerned about their health and want to main a good health with proper diet. So, in this scenario, if you come as forward as a fitness instructor, then people will want to get in touch with you more and you will be paid well.

fitness instructor

  • Homemade goods — Today being healthy and get quality things just as home is very difficult. People always look for homemade products which will be not be harsh for their health. So as a homemaker, if you start a business to sell homemade goods to people then nothing can be more profitable than this. You can make some laddoos, pickles, spicy potato chips or some dry desert which can be kept and use for a long time. Or you can also sell some skincare products which are herbal based and good for daily use. Also, you can make attractive clothes for people and sell.

home made goods

de’HoFoo as a wonderful platform for homemakers

In spite of all this career opportunities, I would suggest you to become a home chef. The reason is that you don’t have to put in extra efforts. Just need your skills of cooking with new dishes every day and that’s it de’HoFoo is here to make you the cooking sensation. de’HoFoo provides the best platform for the budding cooking stars to become the home chef. It’s aim is to provide healthy and delicious dishes to people that means Ghar Ka Khana, Direct Ghar Se. It has given the platform to many homemakers and now it’s your time to shine.



In today’s world, it is very essential for both men and women to become independent. Men always get a chance to showcase their talent and get ahead but women are either restricted or they behind thinking about their family. Let’s motivate every homemaker and become the torch bearer to pave the way for them to become independent. I got remembered of a beautiful phrase by Emma Stone-”I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” On this beautiful note, I would ask every homemaker to come forward breaking all the bars and fly as high as possible where their dreams carry her.

independent woman




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