How BEE certification process can market your electronics business

bee certification

Nowadays, the customer is not that stupid. Unbridled access to the internet and desire for low power electronic products has pushed that customers into buying star rated products. It has led to a unique type of race – where every type of electrical or electronic manufacturer is racing towards that five star rating. But it requires the dreaded BEE certification process. 

Once you have completed the BEE registration process, you get the deserved star rating for your product. However, the chances of getting that five star rating totally depends on how much care you have put in efficiency of that product. In many cases, you might not be able to. 

So, through this article, we are going to tell you vhow bee certification process can market your electronic business. 

Going through the BEE certificate registration will instil you with confidence

While the BEE registration process is not an optional one for many electrical goods, it’s something that can even be done voluntarily. BEE certification process has two levels:

  1. The first level is where the brand is registered, and 
  2. The second level where the model is registered. 

Once you get the BEE certification for your brand, you have cleared the first hurdle. At that time, you can use the results of that brand registration to promote your business. You can cleverly use the words like “To be cleared” or  ”promise of higher efficiency without your wallet’s occupancy” to promote the brand’s BEE registration. 

And once you have the BEE model registration, you can input that star rating to further your goals to get the most amount of customers. 

Meeting the BEE certification requirements gives you the test results that you can market on time

How to get BEE certification? You file the application only after you’ve gotten test results through an independent lab. You can use these results to leverage the process of BEE registration in your favour and get the star rating you deserve. 

Once you’ve met the BEE certificate requirements and have gotten the license, you can use the readings to further your marketing goals. As people now are more driven towards content, you can use these results as content and market it through content marketing to make your product more known. 

Vast variety of content can be generated for your product’s website

When going through the process of BEE certification in India, you’d see a lot information about your product just lying around. Curate that information and transform it into content. You can use it as a tool for brand storytelling. People love a good story and seeing your trials and tribulations as you went through the process of BEE certification will give them everything. They will be able to relate to your struggle with their need for efficient product and thus, they will be attracted to your brand. 

BEE certification can help you realize the goal of your business

The goal of a business is not just selling and making profit. Now it’s to achieve sustainable growth and expansion where you can grow together with the people. If you have enough brands and products registered as five star rated products, you’d have the greatest USP that no one else has – every product you provide would be energy efficient. 

If you’re not getting the point, think of the first CFL lights. Those 20 Watts of light sources replaced tubes and gave us a lot more. People around the world bought it because they believed in the product. Your product can be same; it can be the next CFL (metaphorically speaking).


BEE certification or the process of getting star rating of your product is a mandatory process, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have it perks. With the right mindset, and right eye on the right details, you can leverage the steps of the process to create a story around your brand. You can then use that story to propel your electrical product towards nothing but profit. 


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