How Bathing Aids Provide a Relaxing Experience


For people with disabilities, the soothing experience of a shower can result in a nightmare. The wet floor and tiling can be hazardous for them, and undertaking precautions can be worth it. And for that, they can use bathing aids such as bath pillows, grab rails, bath hoists. These aids make it safe, comfortable, and easy to get in and out of the bathroom. They provide strength to the ones for whom standing is difficult.

Overall, using them can provide elderly/disabled and others with a relaxing experience. 

Here’s how:

  • Grip

It is common for elderly or people with arthritis to find it challenging to hold narrow objects such as a toothbrush. Exerting force on the taps to open also gets tough for them/you.

And thus, there are gripping aids that provide extra grip in holding objects or twisting the taps. 

Tap turners, for instance, can assist you in twisting taps. They fit quickly with the tap and have extended prongs that provide extra leverage to turn. They are best for classical taps that require additional force to turn on and off. You can also go for ceramic disc taps. They don’t require force and so can be a better option in the bathroom.

You can also use built-in handles for holding toothbrushes and other bathroom equipment. There are purpose-made foam tubes to insert a brush. They increase the diameter of the brush, making it easy to hold.

  • Support

One of the bathing aids that provide support is the grab rails. 

You can fit them near the toilet, shower cubicle, the bath, or next to the sink. Using them can provide extra support. For example, while using the washbasin, you might have to stand longer to wash your face or brush your teeth. If you have difficulty standing long, it can become challenging. The addition of rails near the sink can provide you with a leaning point to hold while carrying out activities. 

You can also use rails in the shower cubicle with textured grip. They would provide extra grip even with wet hands. 

For poor eyesight, there are high visibility red rails, curved rails for mobility support, etc.

Also, there are perching stools. They are these long stools that lift the weight off the feet and legs. They provide support to the people for whom standing for an extended period of time is challenging.

  • Comfort

Who doesn’t need comfort while bathing?

Unless you have a stiff neck or shoulder and comfort seems like trouble. But did I tell you that even with stiffness, you can relax and have some soothing experience?

It’s possible with bath pillows. They provide relief and prevent soreness, enhancing the bathing experience. 

They come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and comfort levels. 

For example, PVC or fabric mesh, whether you need a pillow to support your neck or the one for lower back pain. And then, the comfort level. There are cushions with gel or foam. Foam provides more comfort, whereas gel offers durability. 

You can choose one for head support, ergonomically designed, for travel, or so on. There’s no end to comfort products.

  • Mobility

Bathing aids such as bath hoists help in mobility around the bathroom. They enable carers to help someone with limited mobility without manual handling. They do the job of lifting and lowering easily. Carers can operate them mechanically or electrically. 

However, electrically bath hoists are a preferable option. They have in-built motors that make the entire process effortless. If you go for mechanical, it may require some degree of manual work. 

Some of the electric hoists also come with a mobile base with detachable seats. It means you can use them to move a person from one room to another after a bath.

  • Safety

Slipping on wet floors is a common cause of accidents in the bathroom. But you can prevent yourself from the accident by equipping the bathroom floors with non-slip mats. 

The non-slip mats create high friction and help everyone from slipping. You can use them as conventional or bathing mats.

For larger areas, you can use stay put mats. They are made of special PVC foam and can be used even on traditional flooring where other mats don’t work. These mats can be easily cut in the defined size and are suitable for machine wash.

Summing Up

Bathing aids can aid you with every kind of activity in the bathroom. Whether you’re looking for support, safety, or something else, there are products to make sure that bathing gives you comfort and not stress. 


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