How Android App Is A Better Choice Than IOS App?

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This blog is especially for those business owners who have finally decided that an app is an important sales and marketing tool and that developing one is crucial for growth and future aspirations. Before you pick up your phone and get in touch with your nearest Android application development company you first need to understand the pros and cons of two reigning platforms or operating systems; Android & iOS.Before offering a contract to the development agency analyze and evaluate your target audience, its geographies and the purpose of the app. Although Android and iOS together own almost 97% of the market share, the difference between their individual shares is huge. Here is the breakup –
  • Android – 70.97%
  • iOS – 28.27%
  • Samsung –  0.43%

Australia, U.S, Finland, France, Germany, U.K and Denmark are some of the countries where iOS or Apple products are quite popular. In contrast, Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia have a soft corner for Android phones. And the reason is quite obvious. While an iPhone has a starting price of $800, an Android phone can be bought for as low as $100. Most of the geographies where Android phones are popular typically have lower disposal income. In other words, the earnings in these places are substantially lower than in the U.S and other Western nations.

It is therefore pertinent for business entities to connect with Android app Development Company after evaluating their audience. This blog will discuss some of the merits of the Android app, and how it is a better choice in comparison to iOS in certain scenarios.

Multiple Geographies | Massive Numbers –

Here are some statistics which should force organizations to ponder the power of the Android operating system.

  1. There are more than 3 billion Android devices present around the globe.
  2. The percentage of Android phone users in Asia, Africa and Latin America is roughly around 83% to 87%.
  3. The staggering number of Android-based mobile phone models reflects its penetration and popularity which incidentally is simply not countable.

If your business is not geo-location sensitive and target audience neutral then Android is your best bet. Even then it makes sense to build your first app around this framework. Make sure your choice of agency is not a niche iOS app development company.

Customized Android UI –

While iOS is extremely rigid in its UI customization options, Android due to its very nature ( Open Source ) offers developers, especially UI designers to play around with various elements and layout functionalities. What does this mean for you as a business app owner – A mobile application which is distinct, easily recognizable and built to your taste?

On the flip side, such customization does take time and at times puts a lot of load on the parent device, in terms of hogging memory and straining resources. Ask any iOS application development company worth it’s salt and it will offer you an insight into the rigidity of the Apple operating system.

Fantastic ROI –

So, whether your business is planning productivity, service, or an ecommerce app, the sheer number of Android users translates into mind-boggling returns. A point to note; in spite of its large share in the phone market, Android still lags behind iOS in terms of overall revenue. The latter continues to maintain a healthy lead with more than 60% share of the revenue generation parameter. This is not a myth. Ask any iOS app development company and this entity will confirm the number.

And hence, if you want to monetize productivity, game, or a niche app, it is advisable to opt for iOS. On the other hand, Android would be a perfect option for a service or an ecommerce business application. Here are the iOS and Android revenue numbers –

Apple Store app revenue –

  • 2017 $38.5 billion
  • 2018 $46.6 billion
  • 2019 $58.4 billion
  • 2020 $72.3 billion
  • 2021 $85.1 billion

Google Play Store app revenue –

  • 2016 $15.0 billion
  • 2017 $21.2 billion
  • 2018 $24.8 billion
  • 2019 $30.6 billion
  • 2020 $38.6 billion
  • 2021 $47.9 billion

Games remain the main revenue generator for iOS as well as Android, accounting for 67% of all app revenue. No wonder then iOS app Development Company in Mumbai and across India are experiencing double-digit growth year on year.

Timeline & Cost –

Android developers exploit JAVA or Kotlin programming framework while iOS developers use Objective-C or Swift development platform. So, what has this got to do with the timeline? A lot actually! Android devices are typically fragmented in terms of screen size, hardware, Operating System flavors and functionalities.

This increases the development tasks and thereby leads to longer release cycles. However, it does grab a large number of users at the same time. Is it then sufficient to say that Android is a better choice? Well, as mentioned above it depends on your application. Consult a top Android app development company for better insights. Organizations, especially startups are better off with Android apps. It simply offers an impressive head start in terms of audience size.

The cost of any app is generally dependent on its functionalities, embedded technologies, and usage of default and third-party widgets. In short, complex applications cost more, and it will be apparent when you, as an entrepreneur, connect with an Android application Development Company for a quotation.

However, a certain category of apps is cheaper to develop using the Android platform while others complement the iOS framework. Business owners planning to build a niche application, without frills or frivolous features can surely opt for Android. Once again, the usual justification is the sheer number of Android phone users.

Final Decision –

The decision of whether an Android or iOS app is better will depend on several factors. Some of these include geography, target audience, functionalities and features, timeline and of course post-launch service and maintenance. In simple words, if your target audience belongs to the developed world, it is imperative that you opt for iOS and therefore get in touch with the best iOS app development company. For business owners who are targeting Asia, Africa and Latin America can blindly go for the Android framework. As mentioned above, although Android has a larger user base, the actual revenues generated from apps and app-based services tilt in favor of iOS.

It may also happen that your business app may have a specific use for Android users in affluent geographies. In such a scenario, you as a business organization need to tweak your evaluation accordingly. However, it is imperative that you connect with only the top iOS application development company.

Avoid these common mistakes while developing an appThere is a point in reinventing the wheel –

This is one of the frequently committed mistakes by existing as well as startup business folks. Imitating a popular app with few tweaks is by no means a radical idea. If your groundbreaking dream is based on one of the popular app models/brands it is obvious you have nothing new to offer. Remember, providing new wine in an old bottle will only dampen your brand value. Even if you offer additional, domain disruptive features it remains a clone of another model. However, established product and service providers have the liberty to draw inspiration from popular apps. Ecommerce apps are a perfect example. They might look like clones but each has a distinct flavor, features, and product and services options. On the other hand, developing a food aggregator app simply makes no sense because the market is already saturated. Such an offering will never excite users.

Ignoring Apple or Android Mobile Users –

No mobile application development company worth its salt would ask you to ignore either user and yet this mistake is committed by most businesses while planning to develop an app. Most of them tend to choose either iOS or Android. This is simply not feasible and a sure shot way towards complete failure. Organizations should conduct research for their target audience and then choose an appropriate platform. For entrepreneurs running on a shoestring budget, a hybrid app development option can work wonders. A cross-platform strategy allows business folks to quickly launch their app, test the market and based on the reviews and associated user data they can either tweak or migrate to a dedicated platform. However, it is always advisable to cover a broad range of users in terms of O.S’s, and therefore it is necessary to opt for a top development agency that offers Android app development and iOS app development services.

UX / UI – The game changers –

Let us first talk about UI or user interface. Today, Android and Apple stores are littered with apps that look stunning, offer brilliant colors and deploy crisp images and animations. And yet, they are a complete failure. The reason; these applications are actually an eyesore. Moreover, the developers have deployed ridiculous and unwanted design elements, turning it into a maze, a complex piece of art rather than a useful, functional mobile application. This is where a Mumbai-based iOS app development service provider or Android developer would make a huge difference.

On the other hand, bad UX or user experience has also been the nemesis of dozens of brilliant apps. Every business organization/startup should ask their employees what they sought in an app, especially for their niche domain/expertise. Even startups need to talk to the masses, discuss their idea, and get feedback on features and functionalities. Remember, an app that is logical, intelligent and works like a typical human mind can go a long way and turn into a success story. App developers should shun unwanted functionalities and focus on a smooth, effortless transition with options to move back and forth conveniently. The end-user objective is the key to a good app. Users who get lost using the application are the ones who will delete the app first.

Security & Storage – Most ignored mistakes in mobile app development

Data and data analytics are two important elements of marketing. It offers an insight into consumer behavior, engagement, and how effective your social media and search engine spending are. Data also offers a plethora of other information such as frequently bought services/products, credit card details and personal information. It is your responsibility to protect these statistics from hackers.

To achieve this, organizations should opt for top-of-the-line encryption algorithms, highly secure hosting platforms and add multiple layers of security such as Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) and update the app as and when a loophole is discovered. An app can easily lose traction once the users realize that their personal and financial information is compromised. Apple store has set up strict parameters for app security and therefore any complacency on your part can get the app removed from their store. As a services provider, you are legally bound to protect user details. Mistakes in mobile app development like the one discussed above can be avoided by opting for a renowned development agency in India.

Reduced mobile performance –

One of the mistakes which businesses and startups commit out of ignorance is the use of memory-hogging and battery-draining API’s and codes which exploit mobile phone hardware resources exponentially. It is only after the app is launched and the download page is flooded with a string of negative feedback that the developers realize their mistake. So, what is the solution? Test the app on multiple devices and platforms. It is better to delay the launch than to get banned by Google or the Apple store. It is also advisable to offer the beta version to as many general users as possible. It is the best way to find out the shortcomings of any mobile application.

It would be even more helpful if the app is tested by a professional. These entities are known to unearth even the most minuscule issue through their proprietary and standard testing procedures. These entities offer test reports which are similar to live market reflections.


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