How and why it is key to have good car storage services

car storage
car storage

The managed car-storage business in the UK is now worth more than £19 million a year, with nearly 15,000 cars currently in facilities around the Uk. With all of this in mind, it can be said it is hard to work out who may be best to do this service for you. The storage facility should appear clean and well cared for. This will reflect how your car may be cared for. If it looks good, it usually means it will be good too. All of this is going to be key. Even more key if you are going to get the best overall service in line with your needs.

The typical costs you can be sure to expect

Each car storage space will have different prices and ways to pay. Some units may require an upfront deposit, while others will offer a month-to-month plan. Vehicle storage costs also vary according to the size of your vehicle.

The need for having good overall security

Security is an essential feature to consider when selecting a car storage unit. If you want that extra protection for your car, look for a vehicle storage facility that is constantly lit at night, video-monitored 24/7, and can only be accessed with a key code.

Never rule out the idea of using a gps tracking device

Take advantage of the latest technology by adding a tracking device. Not only will this give you piece of mind, but you may get some rate-relief from your insurer. These devices use GPS to track any movement of your car. You can configure them to send you an SMS or email if and when that happens.

Be sure to look over your car well before you put it in to storage

When you put your car or motorbike undercover, it is important to ensure you have given some attention to cleaning and drying thoroughly. If there are small repairs or imperfections to rectify, consider resolving these issues before you store. Check your oil and fluids. If you are storing through the colder months, it is wise to have fresh antifreeze, oil and brake fluid in your vehicle. Wash your vehicle, remove rubbish and clean internally. Drying with a chamois is important and ensuring your underbody is dry as best as possible before you store your vehicle is preferable. In winter ensure that the underside does not have any salt from treated roads.

Overall – what you need to take into close consideration

Storage facility quality is not only determined by the security systems implemented, it is also determined by the physical and environmental condition of the facility. While you have your car in storage you want to ensure the facility meets construction standards so there is no risk of damage to your vehicle from wild weather. The car storage facility needs to be climate controlled. This is to ensure your vehicle does not overheat or go too cold in storage. A poor climate will affect the performance and functionality of your vehicle.


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