How Amazon Sellers Can Avoid Hefty Losses With Image Optimization?


Amazon is adding thousands of new sellers with each passing day which has made selling products on the biggest retail platform even more challenging. Amazon sellers are nowadays trying every possible thing including efficient data entry for Amazon store to be able to sell more and stand apart from the competitors. But it seems that sellers sometimes miss on very basic things in order to invest their time in unique and not so popular marketing activities on the platform.

Product image optimization is one such thing that few sellers have been neglecting and the result is that they are facing hefty losses in return. Product images play a vital role in increasing the visibility of your product pages and achieving good conversion rates, therefore using high quality, detailed, and optimized images is crucial. There are big chances that you might be losing tons of Amazon shoppers on a daily basis, just because your product images are not attractive and engaging which is ultimately making your customers divert to your competitors.

Since online customers cannot touch or use the products at the eStore physically, therefore, their purchasing decisions rely mostly on the product images. This makes it extremely important for the sellers to optimize the product images in a way that they not only look attractive but are also informative and can represent the product in the best possible way. In this blog post, we will discuss how image optimization can benefit Amazon sellers and help them avoid hefty losses while selling products on the biggest retail platform.

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How Sellers Can Leverage the Benefits of Image Optimization and Avoid Hefty Losses?

Image optimization has numerous benefits that can help Amazon sellers improve their customer’s experience, sell more on the Amazon store and ultimately avoid the hefty losses that they might be facing. Sellers can either optimize images manually or can outsource them to the Amazon listing optimization services providers.

Some of the benefits of product image optimization are listed below:


Get High-Quality Product Images

Image optimization helps Amazon sellers to achieve detailed and high-quality images that can not only grab the attention of the target audience but will ensure that they visit your Amazon store and purchase required products. Sellers have two options to optimize a product image, they can either optimize the product images on their own or can outsource the work to the Amazon image editing services providers who will work on the image size, resolution, background, etc., and will optimize the images as per the Amazon standards and guidelines. This will help you in attracting a larger target audience to your store thereby increasing your conversion rate and minimizing unwanted losses in the business.


Reduce File Size & Download Time

One of the other benefits that Amazon sellers can benefit from Image optimization is that they get reduced file size and download time. If done correctly, image optimization definitely reduces the size of your product image to a great extent, and that too without affecting the quality of the image. Smaller-sized images on your product page will help your audience to view more relevant and useful content on your Amazon store, as the product pages will take less time to load. Also decreasing the file size with image optimization will also help in reducing the downloading time for the users, which will again improve the shopping experience of the customers and will help you sell and earn more.


Improve Website Performance

One of the other benefits that Amazon sellers can leverage from the image optimization process is increasing the visibility of your website/eStore and its performance. It has been proved and verified that high-quality and small-sized images play a vital role in improving the overall performance of your website or Amazon store. Websites with small-sized images take less time to load in comparison to the websites that have larger size images. Big size images occupy a lot of space on a website or an eStore which will ultimately slow it down, whereas if optimized correctly, small-sized images can improvise the performance of your website or eStore without making any extra efforts.


Improve Customer Experience

Image optimization is not only crucial to converting your poor-quality images into detailed and high-quality images but it is also necessary to improve the overall shopping experience of your target audience and your potential customers. As discussed above that the products images that are optimized correctly save a lot of space on your product pages and allow the websites to load at a faster speed, so this will make searching products easier for your customers at your store which will no doubt improvise and improve the user experience. The most important thing is that your customers won’t have to wait for a long time while the products are being loaded on your store.


 Attract a Larger Target Audience

One of the best ways to attract more customers to your Amazon store is image optimization. High-quality and optimized images can help you stand apart from your competition and attract and engage your customers to make them pay a visit to your store. Since online customers cannot use the product, images play a vital role that can make or break a deal. High-quality and detailed images help your customers to get insights into your products and make quick purchasing decisions. Also, image optimization improves the overall shopping experience of your potential customers, which makes it highly advisable to implement for your product images.


Convert Visitors into Potential Customers

Image optimization for your product images plays a vital role in converting random visitors, who usually come to browse the products,  into loyal customers, which can help you sell and earn more and avoid huge losses in your Amazon business. It is not that you need to make extreme efforts in order to optimize your product images in order to convert your viewers into customers as you can even outsource the work to the Amazon listing specialist in the market that will optimize your product images to make them attractive and engaging. Asking Amazon listing specialist to optimize product images is always a better approach as you get high-quality results that improve the quality of your product images and avoid unnecessary product quality issues that customers face with unoptimized images.


Improves SEO

One of the biggest but lesser-known advantages of image optimization for Amazon sellers is that they get improved SEO of their product pages. Product images that are optimized as per the standards and guidelines of Amazon play a vital role in improving the overall visibility of your Amazon store and increasing the ranking on your product pages on the search engine. Also, image optimization improves user engagement and minimizes the bounce rate which helps Amazon sellers to avoid unnecessary losses.


Image Optimization Tips For Amazon Sellers

Following are a few of the many image optimization tips that sellers can keep in mind while optimizing the product images for their Amazon store:


Keep Image Title Descriptive & SEO-Friendly

Image SEO along with efficient data entry for Amazon store is one of the most important parts of the image optimization process as the ranking of your product images on the search engines highly depend upon your image name and title. Therefore, sellers need to include relevant and important keywords in the image title to ensure that when the users search for products on Amazon, they can easily get your products in the top results.  Also, creating SEO-friendly and descriptive image titles will help the search engines to recommend your products to the users who are looking for similar products that you have in stock.


Carefully Optimize Your Alt Attributes 

To ensure that the browsers render your images sometimes it is better to use alt attributes instead of simple text for your images. Besides this, Amazon sellers can also use alt attributes in their images instead of plain text for enhanced web accessibility.


Shoot From Multiple Angles

As we all know that online customers can not physically use the product and rather depends on product images to make purchasing decisions, it is always wise to provide an in-depth view of the product to the customers so that they can easily decide whether they actually want to buy the product or not. Therefore sellers should take product images from different angles and even provide the inside view of the products in the product images if accessible. Providing product images that have the entire view of the product will help the customers to make wise and quick purchasing decisions which will ultimately improve the customer’s shopping experience.


Reduce Image Size

It is true that random visitors won’t wait for more than 2 or 3 seconds to get an eCommerce store to load if it is too slow and would rather jump to other websites or stores to search for the products. Therefore, if you have images that are bigger in size and are rather slowing down your website or store, it is time that you need to reduce the size of your images to boost the loading speed and minimize the bounce rate of your visitors. There are several ways to reduce the size of your product pages and one of them is by using using the “Save for Web” command in Adobe Photoshop. Sellers can use the said command to set the image to the lowest file size possible without impacting its overall quality.



Amazon sellers can either perform image optimization manually or can outsource the process to the  Amazon image editing services providers to opt for various image optimization services including clipping path, background removal, drop shadow, invisible mannequin, etc.


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