How A Law University In Gurgaon Can Help You Secure The Best Job Opportunities?


Want to serve the country with the help of Law? For, to bring about change in society by complying with serious laws, you can pursue a degree in the law field from the best Law university in Gurgaon that indulges you in legal education for a better future in the Law world. 

You must be aware of the fact that the study of Law opens multiple career opportunities for students. This is the reason why today’s generation is choosing this course. The course requires a high quality of education with specified   skills such as impressive communications skills, confidence, logical reasoning, analytical and argumentative skills. Moreover, the students who choose Law as their career must have to dedicate and show patience to achieve their goals.  

So, let us start by knowing what Law is? Which skills are required? What is the importance of legal education? And so on. 

What is Law?

The Law is an education that provides knowledge among people about the philosophies, principles, and theories of Law. It is the foundation of modern countries and their citizens. It became an interrelated aspect of social development. The main motive of legal education is to create professional lawyers for developing countries.  

Importance of Legal Education

Legal education has had a vital role in society since ancient times. History is evidence. In old times, kings and rulers used to rule the kingdom and had the right to hear the verdict. As time passed, the value of legitimacy grew more to control crime and it is pretty sure that in the future the scope of Law will extend more. That is why it is prime to know about the importance of legal education before entering the world of Law. 

You Will Acquire Various Skills

Selecting a Law degree in a school of law as a vocation is quite good for you as well as for the nation. The Law degree when done from a private university helps you develop and polish some special skills. Below is the list of the skills you will acquire:

  • Communication Skills: The skill of good communication is the main aspect that a course in Law requires.  
  • Analytical Skills: An analytical skill in the course of Law requires analyzing the issue of a case. 
  • Argumentative: The skill of argument is especially required in this field to argue with the opponent for a particular case. 
  • Writing: Writing skill is also an important factor in legal education. 
  • Time management: Managing time is an effective skill in the profession of Law to manage different cases. 
  • Research: A case requires proper research or study to know the whole story about the case. 
  • Technical & Interpersonal Skills: An interpersonal skill is an efficient skill that can interact with other people whereas a technical skill is for using programs and applications.

Top Law Courses after High School

After completing +2, there are top courses of Law to train the students in legal education. 

The following are the courses provided by a university that an undergraduate can do after high school.

  • Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) (Hons.)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Legislative Law (BBA LLB) (Hons.)

Not only these but there are various other courses as well that you can opt for after high school. Some universities accept applications for the following Bachelor’s degree combined with LLB: 

  • Bachelor of Socio-Legal Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Technology

Eligibility Criteria for Graduation Degree in Law

For the Law degree course, a minimum qualification specified by a school of law in a university is 10+2 with a minimum of 45% marks. The age limit for the general category is 20 years and for SC/ST & OBC, the age limit is 22 years. The period of the course is 5 years.

Top Law Courses After Graduation

  • Master of Law (LLM)
  • Master of Legislative Law in Business Law
  • Master of Law in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  • Master of Legislative Law in Constitutional Law
  • Master of Law in Corporate and Securities Law
  • Master of Law in Corporate and Financial Law
  • Master of Law in Criminal Law

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s Degree in Law

You can pursue an LLM course from the Best Law university in Gurgaon, after acquiring an LLB degree with a minimum of 50% marks, and the period of the course is 2 years.

Available Career Opportunities for Law Graduates

There are many career options in the world of Law that you can opt for based on your skills, knowledge, and experience. Below are the 7 career choices explained in detail which you can pursue according to your qualification:

  • Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyers help agencies to act under their company’s rules and regulations. The Lawyers are in charge of helping their clients with all legal procedures of the company’s management. 

As a lawyer, you must assist your client in submitting all legal documents related to their issue, and advise the client to claim all the liabilities, business transactions to present them in court. 

  • Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is in charge of criminal cases of their clients and represents them before the court. A local court, high court, and the supreme court are the courts for presenting the cases related to crime. The lawyer argues with their opponent or client’s opponent in front of the judge and also presents evidence and witnesses related to their clients. 

The field of criminal lawyer requires skills like competitive, argumentative, research, and many more. They must have to represent their client’s case as strong to make them win the case. 

  • Civil lawyer

Civil Lawyers work the same as criminal lawyers do but they handle non-criminal lawsuits. When a litigant hires them, they take charge of the lawsuit. The lawyer is responsible for many duties such as talking with other lawyer and judge parties, representing the case, hiring expert eyewitnesses, and so on.

A Civil Lawyer can specialize in excise law, taxation law, divorce law, etc. 

  • Judicial Services

The legal and judicial are the most respected posts or professions in India. They conduct court affairs. The judicial lawyers give their final decision after observing back-and-forth the case of both parties according to the legal situation. 

  • Legal Journalist

The service of legal journalists requires the ability of writing. They attend the court trial and give the information or facts directly to the public. 

The journalists write and publish the articles online on social media, websites, etc., and on offline platforms such as magazines, newspapers, etc. 

  • Legal Analyst

The legal analysts are in charge of reviewing various issues when making guidance on them. They are responsible for helping lawyers to collect evidence, legal documents, and research on tasks. The analyst works during normal business hours but sometimes he/she has to work overtime also. He travels to other places to research some difficult cases.

A legal analyst is also known as a litigation analyst and paralegal. The analyst has basic knowledge of the Law, management, research, legal documentation, etc. 

  • Legal Advisor

The legal advisor has to advise their clients about legal issues, prevent Lawsuits, and handle regulatory and contractual problems. They have to negotiate with different parties to survey contracts for their company and resolve the controversy. They usually advise the executives of a company and solve arguments to avoid facing any difficulty for the company. 

Some special skills that are required for a legal advisor such as management, research, negotiation, etc. 

Other Opportunities

There are many other opportunities that students can choose as a profession:

  • Administrative Lawyer
  • Commercial Rights Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Case Manager

Why Choose Law as a Profession?

Although the Law Profession is a challenging course in India as well as in other countries, that does not stop students from choosing Law as a profession. Many students want to dive into this great field as it enables them to fight for their as well as others’ rights and makes them aware of their civil rights to serve the country and contribute to social development through the Law profession.

All in all, you have all the great reasons to join this degree at the best Law university in India, especially in a Best Private University in Gurgaon and attain a promising career thereafter. Just go ahead and make your move now!


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