How a business can outsource to couriers


Depending on your needs, a couriers can offer you many services. In detail, a courier service offers you fast, efficient, and fully tracked deliveries. Working with an experienced delivery partner can help you improve the product, look big and trustworthy and it can also ensure you are able to retain your clients for longer also. Many businesses find it easy to distribute products in bulk through traditional distribution channels. For example, through wholesalers and retailers though they need a courier to help them move their items around and this is also where a sameday courier can add no end value to a supply chain.

More and more companies are outsourcing their transport to couriers

Small businesses and startups will ponder this question when they’re just figuring out their business model, but it is also an important decision that behemoths must consider — especially now that everyone is realising the massively untapped opportunities that lie in the delivery space. Traditional brick and mortar stores have started offering home delivery services. U.S. supermarket chain Kroger recently announced a partnership with British automated online grocery service Ocado. Target has partnered with online delivery marketplace, Shipt. This is to launch a same-day delivery service. Also, Walmart is working on bringing online grocery delivery service to 100 metro areas by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, Amazon has gone the other route: deploying its own fleet of delivery sameday courier vehicles and personnel in key cities across the United States and Canada.

There are some great reasons why to outsource to couriers

The problem with home delivery service is that it isn’t fully commoditised (yet). There is a huge customer service aspect that is personal and unique to every individual company. This is often considered way too important to be outsourced. Everyone is familiar with the “UPS experience” of being told that your package is going to be delivered between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Or worse, receiving that dreaded missed delivery notice on your front door. This is even though you took the day off to stay at home and wait for the delivery. Imagine how this kind of customer experience reflects on your company. Despite all of this, there are still some good reasons to outsource your deliveries. Couriers can be a godsend, literally.

For starters, you don’t need to worry about logistics. You already have more than enough on your plate — you’re running a business, you’re hiring new employees, and you want to focus on keeping your customers happy. With so many startups providing delivery-as-a-service, the delivery experience has already drastically improved compared to what traditional couriers offer. The other aspect is the elasticity of cost; a third-party can do it for much cheaper at lower volumes, and you can scale up that delivery service as your business grows. This allows you to avoid a large capital commitment upfront. And finally, if you can ship your packages using a third-party delivery service allows you to scale up quickly and offer your products nationwide.

You can save money

By hiring a courier service, you will no longer have to use your own fleet to manage the deliveries that need to be made. This can help save on vehicle expenses such as gas, maintenance, and repair costs. In addition to vehicle costs, your company will also save money. This is as they will not have to hire more personnel for these deliveries. Also, you can focus on more important day to day tasks. This is all while the courier service handles your deliveries.

As a business you can get back to focusing on what it is you do

As mentioned before, when you let couriers handle your firm’s deliveries you are freeing up more time and energy to focus on other facets of your business. With less time to focus on deliveries, you can turn your attention to the core of your business. You can make your firm the company you know it can be. No matter if you are a business with customers or work in the business to business industry, couriers really can help you.

You can be sure of a reliable service for your clients

Ultimately when you are looking to outsource your delivery needs, you are going to go with a courier service that is reliable. With a reliable delivery service, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they will handle every delivery with the utmost care, make sure deliveries are made on time, and allow your business to bring in more revenue. This is done if the courier operates outside of your business’s operational hours. This is all as your customers are not limited to making orders when your business is open. Orders may be placed and delivered throughout any time as the courier service you hired now allows you to have continuous shipping of products.

You can also cut any of the major risks that come with this service

The moment you hire a third-party vendor to handle your deliveries and warehousing, the liability is shifted to that company. You are not responsible for any kind of damage or misplacement of the packages. Upon hiring, each delivery is secured from damage or loss by the courier service. In other words, they have to be more careful while handling shipments because if anything goes wrong, they are responsible. They will know all there is to know too when it comes to areas like health and safety, compliance and risk too. In this sense, the service will be run in a way for it not go wrong.

Best of all, your clients will get better overall customer service

Customer experience and brand reliability are the two most important factors when customers continue to use a business for their product or service. With faster operations, consumer demand can be met sooner, and therefore keeping customers happy and satisfied. As SME businesses grow, it’s also important that providers around them are also able to increase resource to the business as it evolves, in order to continue providing a great level of customer service. This is vital for you when you choose couriers to work for you.

The convenience of having a courier service to safely take care of collections and deliveries means that staff can focus their efforts and attention on core activities and provide a more valuable service to customers. Using a courier service also means you can reap the benefits of innovative technology. This is all without footing the set-up costs for your own business. For example, with the use of secure online tracking, customers can be provided with an accurate time. This is so they can see when their goods are expected to arrive. They will also get better insights into when you or your suppliers will receive the goods. You’ll be aware of exactly when to expect the goods. Therefore, you will be able to assure your customers that a product will be provided or service carried out.


The company you hire should treat your customers as their customers. Once you have earned their trust and confidence, you can’t afford to lose them. It is the duty of the company you hire to maintain professionalism and ensure that customers stick to your products. When you pick trustworthy couriers, you can have peace of mind that none of your customers will be unhappy. The benefits described above certainly prove that outsourcing courier services is perhaps the best decision any business owner can take. It not only reduces costs, but also removes the burden associated with delivery and shipping. Couriers can be the best investment you will make for your business.


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