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House Cleaning
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One of the most effective ways to maximize your time is by following the 20/30/40 rule. This method suggests spending no more than 20 minutes per room and then moving on to the next room and returning to finish up the remaining tasks. This strategy will keep you on track and encourage you to clean efficiently. Read on to discover the other 30 Efficient House Cleaning Tips. Now that you’re organized, you’re ready to tackle the mess!

20/30/40 rule for house cleaning

A common way to clean efficiently is to follow the 20/30/40 rule. This means that you should spend no more than 20 minutes cleaning any one room, and then move on to the next. Then, come back to finish up any remaining mess. This simple trick keeps you on track and encourages you to clean efficiently. Listed below are some great examples of how to use this rule in cleaning your house.

Plan ahead of time. Make a schedule and prioritize tasks. This way, you’ll know where everything goes and how long each task will take. Without a schedule, you may get distracted and spend too much time on one area. Additionally, you’ll be more efficient with your cleaning supplies. Don’t over-use them – use only what you need and not more. Having a schedule and checklist will keep you on track.

Using baking soda to remove lingering odors

When you’re cleaning your house, tackling both dirt and lingering odors is essential to achieving a fresh, odor-free environment. Commercial air fresheners don’t do much for the environment, so make your own odor-neutralizing spray from baking soda in a spray bottle. The best part about this homemade solution is that you can make as much as you need, which is great news for the environment!

Another great use for baking soda is in carpet-cleaning. While many solutions simply mask the smell, baking soda actually absorbs the particles that cause the odors to occur. When it comes to carpet cleaning, baking soda is often used as a carpet deodorizer. Simply sprinkle the powder throughout the carpeted area and leave it to work for a few hours. This way, the baking soda can absorb the odor and neutralize it.

Another common use for baking soda is in kitchens and bathrooms. If you have a trash can in the kitchen, it can quickly become a stale smelling mess. While this product can’t remove odors caused by bacteria, it can quickly eliminate unpleasant smells. Baking soda, also known as bicarb of soda, can be used to deodorize sinks, toilets, faucets, window screens, and even garbage cans.

Using a squeegee to lift embedded hairs

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you can use a squeegee to remove embedded hairs. The rubber on the squeegee is a hair magnet. Short strokes will collect trapped hair in a central area. Plus, it won’t leave any residue behind. And it is gentle on fabrics. Here’s how to use a squeegee to remove embedded hairs:

Rubber dish gloves will protect your hands while you clean. And because pet hair can stick to rubber, wearing them will attract clumps of hair. While a vacuum can’t remove pet hair from carpets, rubber squeegees can remove embedded hairs from a wide surface. They also help you pick up clumps of hair.

Using a wood-floor cleaner

One of the most effective ways to clean wood floors is to use a soap and water solution. If you have a dry floor, you can use a broom or vacuum to pick up water and debris. A damp mop can help you clean the floor with the right amount of cleaner without harming the wood. For best results, use a microfiber mop as it can control the amount of moisture it uses to clean the floor.

Lemon juice is not a good choice for wood floors, as it has an acidic effect that damages the finish and dulls the floor. Instead, use a premade wood-floor cleaner such as Bona Floor Care Kit. This product is safe for use on wood floors and is also pH-neutral. It also has a scrubbing pad for easy cleaning. also works well with a spray mop.

It is important to note that a wood floor cleaner may not be suitable for all types of hardwood floors. You must first experiment with the cleaner on a small section of the floor before you use it on a large surface. You can also use it on your baseboards, cabinet doors, and crown molding. Make sure to use protective gloves and nonslip rugs when cleaning wood floors. To avoid damaging the floor, always keep your pets’ nails trimmed.

Using a garbage disposal to pick up broken glass

If you have a garbage disposal, you might want to avoid using it to pick up broken glass. The glass will shoot out, and you may end up with a dangerous mix of other things in your disposal. To keep yourself and your disposal safe, follow these simple steps. Using a garbage disposal to pick up broken glass should be avoided at all costs. Read on for helpful tips on how to remove broken glass from your disposal.

To safely dispose of broken glass, first wrap the pieces in a clean, thick trash bag. It is easier to roll the trash bag inside the first one than to try to stuff it into a second one. Next, use the hose attachment on your shop vac to pick up the broken glass. A conventional rolling vacuum will only crush the broken glass into smaller shards and lack suction power.

Clean your home from top to bottom

Start by dusting the top of your furniture. Usually people don’t pay attention to dusting the top of their furniture, but it actually ends up getting everywhere. Consequently, you should dust the top of your furniture, including the cushions and the pillows. Use a microfiber rag to dust hard floors and a vacuum to clean windows and mirrors. To make sure that you don’t leave any streaks, disinfect all surfaces.

Next, you should consider cleaning the outside of your home. If there are any cobwebs on the windows or on the outdoor furniture, you should wipe them down to get rid of them. To make the cleaning process easier, create a schedule for yourself to follow. Then, commit to it. It’s easier to do something you love than to feel overwhelmed. If you’re new to organizing, you can use a DIY website for tips and tricks.

Next, you should clean door jambs and light plates. Wipe these surfaces weekly with a damp microfiber cloth. Similarly, light plates and door jambs should be cleaned regularly. For more detailed cleaning, clean and sanitize the knobs and handles of your light fixtures. You should also clean your furniture, light fixtures and curtains. Once you’ve cleaned these surfaces, it’s time to tackle the top of your home.

Pick one task to focus on

Before you tackle the next house-cleaning project, decide which task is the most important. For example, if you have a lot of photos and artwork, it is best to dust them rather than attempting to wash and dry them yourself. Then, vacuum the floors and fluff up furniture cushions. Pick one task to focus on when doing house cleaning in 2022 and get started today.

Take a short walk through your house and note specific tasks in each room. You may want to clean out the refrigerator, oven, or floors, or you may want to take a deeper look at furniture and deodorize them. Prioritize your cleaning list and start with the most important room first. If you’re not sure which room needs more work, prioritize the tasks in ascending order of priority.

Use a desinfecting wipe

Better Homes & Gardens has just released its winners of the second annual Clean House Awards. These awards highlight innovative products, tools, and cleaners that make house cleaning easier and safer. The winners will be featured online and in the April issue of the magazine, which will be available on newsstands March 11. Editors of the magazine tried over 100 new products and ranked them for effectiveness. The winners were announced March 11.

Disinfecting wipes are effective at killing 99% of germs and allergens. They can be used on stainless steel surfaces and hardwood floors. They also kill 99.99% of common household germs. These wipes contain plant-based ingredients, like lemongrass and clary sage. These wipes are safe to use on food contact surfaces and are EPA-approved.

Clorox disinfecting wipes have a strong formula that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. Their pouches are more convenient than the canisters and use 70 percent less plastic. Another brand of disinfecting wipe is Lysol, which claims that their wipes can kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. They also have antibacterial properties and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including hard surfaces and painted walls.

Vacuum floors

The vacuum you choose should be powerful enough to pick up the widest range of debris. A good vacuum has a high suction power, and it can effectively pick up pet hair and dust from all floor surfaces. You may even find that it is able to clean your carpet without having to use the automatic roll brush. You should choose a model with a large dust canister to fit all types of floors. Dyson and Shark are two of the most well-known names in floor care, and they have a huge range of vacuums for every floor type.

Choose a vacuum with a good suction power that can handle the different types of flooring, such as tile or hardwood. A floor vacuum that is equipped with a powerful suction power can help make your rugs last longer. The airways of a canister vacuum are also tightly sealed to help eliminate allergens and irritants from your carpet.

Clean windows

Clean windows only a few times a year. To make the task more manageable, divide each window into two sections – outside and inside. Also, you should clean the edges of the window – so you do not end up with streaks. If you do get a streak, it means that the window is dirty on the inside. If this is the case, you can use a different method for cleaning the window.

Window cleaning is usually easiest in the early morning, but you need to check the weather and the time of day in your area. As a result, dust accumulates around the windows over time. Remove blinds and curtains and sweep or vacuum the corners. You should also clean the window sills. You can use a solution of water and vinegar to clean the window grilles. Do not use soap and detergent since they leave streaks on the window’s surface.

While window cleaner robots do have a variety of features, the one that affects the cleaning quality is the motor. The motor determines the suction power, the speed of movement, and the noise level. The more powerful the motor, the better, especially if you have many windows to clean. The top-quality models are quiet while mid-range ones are noisy. Make sure to check the suction power and other specifications of the robot before you buy it.

Vacuum furniture

If you want to save money while still maintaining a clean house, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner that converts from a hand-held vacuum to an upright one. You can also purchase an attachment for your upright vacuum that allows it to do additional tasks like cleaning under furniture. A vacuum that can turn into a handheld cleaner is also available for a good price at Bed Bath & Beyond. Black and Decker offers a vacuum that can be used as a steam mop and a vacuum. Target has a 20 percent discount on Black + Decker vacuums.

Efficient House Cleaning Tips

To keep yourself motivated while cleaning your house, follow some Efficient House Cleaning Tips. First, divide the work into different tasks. Clean rooms one by one and spend no more than 20 minutes on each one. Move on to the next room, clean it, and come back to it for the leftovers. After all, the cleaners will thank you for the effort!

Make cleaning easier by buying a spray or cleaning mops. You can also use the hot water from your washing machine. These tools will make your work easier and save you time. The spray will help you clean things easier since they won’t stick to them. Cleaning these areas before you use them again will ensure you get rid of any dirt and bacteria that may be lurking around. You can also save time by keeping your home free of clutter.

To make the cleaning process easier, you should have the right tools and cleaning supplies. It is better to have reliable cleaning products than to spend a lot of money on those. If you can’t find the right cleaning supplies, try using natural cleaners, which work just as well. You’ll be surprised at how effective they are! It’s time to clean your house! Take advantage of these Efficient House Cleaning Tips and make it as efficient as possible!

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