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Home Loan

Insta Loan Services has plans for a home loan and financial support for every type of customer. Furthermore, if you are looking for good services and maximum property value, then Insta Loan services are an absolute choice. For the purchase of financial assets, Insta Loans offer housing loans. 

You can also borrow this money to buy, remodel, renovate, or extend your home and pay it back over time. Home loans are secured by the property, and if you don’t repay the loan, the lender can seize and sell it to reclaim the amount. Also, there are parameters used to determine the maximum loan amount.

Features and Benefits Of Home Loan

Here are some important aspects and advantages of home loans that you get from Insta Loans.

  • Straightforward Application.

Applying for a loan typically requires a long time and effort. You’ll also need to fill out a number of paperwork and forms. Every process with Insta Loan Services, on the other hand, is simple. You have to submit a brief application form and submit it together with the needed papers.

  • Flexible Repayment Tenure

Depending on your loan, you will get a loan repayment window. In addition, the Insta Loan Services will determine the repayment duration. It will be adaptable, allowing you to plan your budget and prevent financial difficulties.

  • Professional Support

There’s no doubt that banking and related activities like loans, the entire process can sometimes be quite confusing and tiring. Therefore, with Insta Loan Services, you get hardworking relationship managers and total time and satisfaction. Furthermore, you can have all your questions and concerns addressed at any time throughout the entire process. Moreover, you can receive support anytime after the application is complete and know anything regarding processes like repayment, interest rate, and others.

  • Minimum Interest Rates.

You can get home loans with a minimum interest rate per year if you are employed or self-employed. Furthermore, Insta Loans customizes home loan deals with no hidden fees and loan consolidation at a low-interest rate. 


Before applying for housing loans, make sure you meet all of the important criteria to speed up the application and verification process. The eligibility for salaried and self-employed people has been separated by Insta Loan Service, as shown below.

Individuals with a Salary

  • Age: The person’s age applying for a house loan is the first factor to consider. You must be at least 21 years old to apply for a housing loan as a salaried individual. Furthermore, if you are a government employee with a pension, you can apply for a home loan until you are 70 years old. Also, if you work for a private company, you can only apply until you reach the age of 60.
  • Employment: When it comes to employment, an employee of a public sector undertaking firm, a government institution, or a public corporation such as a private limited company or a limited company can apply. Furthermore, you can also apply if you work for a proprietorship firm, such as an individual proprietorship or a HUF, a partnership firm, such as an LLC, a multinational corporation, or a proprietorship firm-run institution.
  • Documents: You’ll need to supply your KYC documents as well as your last two years’ tax returns. In addition, you’ll need an application form, six months’ worth of bank records, pay stubs, and papers related to the property you’re using as security for a home loan.

Self-employed Individuals

  • Age: You must be at least 23 years old and no older than 70 years old to apply for a home loan. Furthermore, if you are a CA, a certified doctor, or an architect, you can easily qualify for a home loan. Furthermore, if you are a lone proprietor, a business owner, a partner in a partnership firm, or a corporate director.

Documents: You must submit your application form, KYC papers, six months’ worth of bank statements, two years’ worth of ITRs, and collateral documents.


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