Holy Landmarks to Visit in Makkah During Umrah Pilgrimage

Umrah packages 2022

Umrah is a Holy deed performed by Muslims and it can also be referred to as “Minor Hajj”. We can perform Umrah at any time of the year and seek the blessings of Allah Almighty. Hajj and Umrah are the religious deeds that are offered by every Muslim at least once in their life. The omnipotence of Umrah is known to have a great influence on Muslims and they feel relaxed spiritually. Umrah can be completed in only one day while the Hajj requires 5 days to complete. Pilgrims from all over the world are allowed to perform the deed of Umrah.

It is quite easy for Muslims residing in Islamic countries to go for Umrah but sometimes it gets difficult for the Muslims living in European countries to go for Umrah as the packages provided to them are too costly. For this, various agencies have been working to provide cheap Umrah packages that are affordable for them to perform Umrah. Such packages consist of different facilities that attract them to avail of the offer.

Cheap 6 Nights Umrah Packages can range from 7 days to 15 days and even the package can be for one month. The services included in the Umrah packages range from 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star facilities depending upon the demand of consumers, and the rates are suggested accordingly. The facilities of cheap Umrah packages are enlisted as follows:

  • Traveling from homeland to Saudi Arabia
  • Bus service to pick and drop from airport to hotels
  • Stay at luxurious and lavish hotels
  • Sometimes meals are also added to the packages

Places to Visit in Makkah During Umrah

            The cheap Umrah packages provide splendid facilities for the Muslims so that they can attain the opportunity to embrace their dreams. Different companies are working to provide the opportunity to Muslims to visit different Holy places in Makkah during their Umrah visit to Saudi Arabia. Some of the places in Makkah that have are important in Islam according to history are discussed as follows;

  • Masjid Al-Haram

The Masjid Al Haram is known to be the largest mosque in the world. This grand mosque can accommodate millions and millions of pilgrims at one time as during Hajj Muslims from all over the world come for executing the holy deed. This place is known to be the most sacred place in Makkah. The most famous cubic structure present in Masjid Al-Haram is known as Khana Kaabah. The well of Zamzam water is also present in the Grand Mosque. People drink and even take baths with this water as it is beneficial for health. This mosque is the most precious and sacred one for Muslims and the desire to visit it at least once in their whole lifetime. It is the same place where Muslims perform seven counterclockwise circumambulations during Umrah that are also known as Tawaf.

  • Mina

Mina is a Valley that is present at a distance of 3 miles east of Makkah and it is also named as City of Tents. This place is beautified by air-conditioned tents that are more than 100,000. Mina is usually visited during the period of Hajj but people can visit the place if they are performing Umrah as well. Pilgrims execute the deed of stoning the devil at Mina as a ritual included in Hajj. Muslims visit this place even during their Umrah tour but mostly Mina is closed so Mina can be seen from a distance.

  • Muzdalifah

This place is a plain ground that lies between Mina and Arafat. Muzdalifah is also visited usually during Hajj but people who go for Umrah can also go to this place and seek the blessings of Allah Almighty by offering prayer at this place. Usually, it has been seen that pilgrims stay late at night in Muzdalifah. They even sleep under the sky and wake up to offer Fajr early in the morning at Muzdalifa and ask Allah Almighty for their forgiveness. There is a sacred mosque as well that is located at the top hill of Muzdalifah where Muslims go for worship.

  • Cave Hira

The famous place known as Cave Hira is also a holy place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was blessed with the initial revelations from Allah Almighty in 610 BC. This cave is present on the Jabal e Noor also known as Mount Al Noor. Pilgrims visit this place during their Umrah tour to Makkah. This is the cave where Prophet (PBUH) mostly stayed to pray for Allah and meditated day and night, being isolated.

  • Masjid e Ayesha

During visit to Makkah, Masjid e Aisha is also visited. This mosque is placed 4.6 miles towards the south of Makkah. The mosque was named Masjid e Ayesha because at this place Hazrat Ayesha was supposed to inform all the pilgrims to wear Ihram according to the instructions provided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Various Umrah Packages include the visit to this mosque and also the pilgrims can visit by themselves to offer prayer and garner blessings of Allah Almighty.

  • Auction House Makkah

The auction house in Makkah is situated in Hilton Tower and it is one of the most worth visiting places in Makkah. Pilgrims after performing the deed of Umrah usually visit the auction house. The decoration and magnificence of this place fascinate people and present a feel of the shopping center. The unique crafts and ancient gems used in the beautification increase the urge of people to bid for the beguiling items present in the auction house of Makkah.

  • Jannat Ul Mu’alla

Jannat Ul Mu’alla is the sacred graveyard in Makkah where the pilgrims usually visit the graves of companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) including the grave of Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubair, Hazrat Abu Talib, Hazrat Qasim, and many other Sahaba Ikram are buried in Jannat Ul Mu’alla. This graveyard is located at a distance of 10 minutes from the Holy Mosque and a lot of family members of the Prophet (PBUH) are also entombed there.

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