Holiday Promotion Suggestion To Attract New Customers


No matter if you operate a retail establishment or another kind of business, holiday specials are a guaranteed strategy to draw in new clients. But when every firm is attempting to grab a piece of the holiday pie, you can’t just wait for new customers to find you. You must create a plan.(promotion strategy)

This year, consumers started their Christmas shopping early, thus it’s crucial to start your promotion strategy at the same time.

Here are Christmas promotion ideas to help you draw in new customers and thank your loyal ones.

1. Focus on the issue(promotion strategy)

The first thing you need to do is determine the location of the need.

Do you run a retail business? Consider how many cozy holiday pajamas consumers will desire this year as orders for orders at home continue. Do you take pictures? With a socially remote photo shoot, target all the families racing to take a last-minute holiday card photo.

Promotions that are targeted toward a particular use case will be considerably more effective than a more general holiday campaign.

2. Concentrate on your audience(promotion strategy)

Do you think a corporation or a single client is more likely to require your services today?

Offer corporate discounts and delivery for potted plants if you want to increase plant sales at your nursery. It probably makes more sense to focus your marketing efforts on certain clientele who haven’t been able to get a haircut in months if you’re attempting to attract new clients to your salon.

Depending on what you sell, you can even think about launching several Christmas promotions for both corporate clients and private customers.

3. Share goodwill(promotion strategy)

Don’t merely adorn the storefront window. To let your customers know about your holiday promotions, be sure to spruce up your website, email marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and mailers with themed graphics.

Posting your holiday promotions everywhere you sell will help you successfully spread the word as some consumers reduce their visits to physical stores.

4. Develop your giftability(promotion strategy)

Bring that ribbon out. Your gift baskets and gift cards ought to be presentable enough to tuck into a stocking or place under a tree. This year, there won’t be as many in-person Christmas gatherings, making it even more important. Virtual celebrations will feel more like traditional holidays with the help of festive-looking gifts.

(For ideas, see the incredibly inventive designs done by several local businesses using Square gift cards.)

5. Encourage collaboration (virtually)

This year’s major theme is “togetherness, even when we’re not together.” Consider how you may safely connect local companies and customers. You might decide to donate to charitable groups like a food bank or toy drive while also inviting your clients to do the same.

Or you may inquire about having a socially distant outdoor sidewalk sale with neighboring companies.

6. Put first.(promotion strategy)

Consider things you may provide for your clients if it makes sense for your firm. When consumers pay for a service, they might receive a little bonus, tiny toys or sweets for customers with children, or raffle-style giveaways.

Customers are accustomed to basing their purchasing decisions on special offers because the Christmas season is a period when many firms launch promotions and bargains. This year, capturing people’s attention before they’re ready to buy means starting early and being inventive with your holiday promos.

If you haven’t already, you should start considering your holiday promotion ideas now that December is just around the horizon.

To make things simpler for you, I’ve put together a list of concepts that might serve as the basis for your holiday online push notification campaigns. Let’s get right to it without further ado!

7. Push notification for the daily/weekly deal

In the weeks before Christmas, shoppers are constantly searching for the best offers. Have daily or weekly promotions for particular products to keep customers coming back to your shop. Most essential, send a web push message to notify window shoppers about these offers.

Make sure you carefully select who sees the message if you have to provide more than one promotion at once. Target visitors who have already visited a specific page or product category on your website to improve the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

8. Push notice for a gift guide

Giving gifts is a wonderfully enjoyable experience, but looking for gifts isn’t. Make a holiday gift guide to relieve the stress of shoppers who are scrambling to find the ideal presents for their loved ones.

You can create many gift recommendations for various types of persons your consumers could be purchasing for depending on what your store has to offer. The guides can be grouped by:

  • Gender (he/he, her/her)
  • Position or Profession (mother, father, musician)
  • The hobbies (traveler, foodie)
  • Age ranges (kids, teenagers, seniors)
  • Pricing ranges (luxury, affordable, and presents under $15)

During the holiday season, gift guides are an effective tool because they let you show off your products to customers who are ready to buy.

9. Push notification for colorsale

Run sales campaigns that are a little unusual from the standard to stand out among your rivals. Start with a sale of a particular hue.

A color sale is a fantastic method to highlight the many product categories in your store. And the best part is that this kind of sale may be held at practically every store that sells items in a variety of colors.

10. Push notification with the suitable weather

Create amusing and compelling ads that encourage conversions by using the local weather forecasts. Is the approaching weekend going to be cooler than this week? Run a specific campaign to draw attention to the weather-appropriate products you have in your store.

And in case you missed it, not everyone in the world has to put up with the bitter wind and snow at this time of year. When it comes to this one, be careful to target users according to countries.

11. Push notification for holiday event

You have a fantastic opportunity to meet your clients at holiday events and form enduring bonds with them. Because of this, give careful consideration to setting up a festive workshop or new collection presentation in your neighborhood business.

Consider opening a holiday pop-up shop if you don’t already have one, or applying for a spot at Christmas markets or craft fairs. Of course, you should also let your clients know when and where they may come meet you.

12. Push notification for the holiday collection

You probably want your clients to be aware of your new winter holiday collection.

You can still entice website visitors to check it out even if it’s just a list of items in your store that might be seen as seasonally appropriate rather than a formal winter holiday collection.

13. Push notification for gift set

Due to the fact that they typically contain just the best items the retailer has to offer, gift sets are excellent Christmas presents. Not to mention, gift sets are constantly exquisitely wrapped and prepared for beneath the tree placement.

Play around with the notion of making gift sets if you still have time. Promote them if they are already on sale in your store.

14. Push notification for gift cards

Gift cards might occasionally be one of the nicest things you can give to a stranger or someone you don’t feel comfortable buying for.

If your business sells gift cards, excellent! Remind your consumers that they can buy one (or more). And if your store doesn’t sell gift cards, give it some serious thought.

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