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Medical CRM System
CRM Software in Medical

Healthcare CRM Software

With 5 years of experience in healthcare IT, Archiz provides healthcare CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Get, attract and retain more patients

CRM Software in Medical does not register patients as patients, but as potential customers, potential customers, and clients. It provides detailed images of the development of these relationships and helps to influence the relationship through all communication channels, including websites, chat, call centers, social networks, and conferences.

We help you personalize your offers based on a wide range of patient data profiles based on the effective interaction of CRM and EHR systems. Therefore, thanks to targeted content and active patient participation, you can build successful relationships and promote higher loyalty.

Benefits of Healthcare CRM software:-

Build a 360-degree patient profile

By combining information from multiple data sources, you can know your patient as a patient. Entrance patient demographics, social profiles, behavioral data activity tracking, conversation tracking-phone calls, emails, text messages, appointment messages, medical data, meeting history delivered by other care tools.

Segment your patients wisely

Segment and profile existing patients and potential clients based on location, condition, partner physicians, partners, preferences, past diagnoses, family history, and more. Use this information to keep in touch (automatically or manually) with patients via email, text messages, remarketing campaigns, phone calls, and more.

Integrate your Medical CRM software with your essential care tools.

Get a single view of all patient data by integrating with other hospital management tools that use Archiz (Hospital Information System, Patient Management System, Appointment Schedule, Healthcare Call Center, EMR, and Patient Portal) . Uses APIs and webhooks to achieve bidirectional information exchange between systems.

Why CRM for Essential for Healthcare’s

  • Comprehensive profiling of future and current patients Management Result-oriented management of attracted suppliers Communication Facilitates communication with patients before and after treatment.
  • Improved management of chronic diseases with automatic notifications and alerts
  • Personalization of web content based on site-CRM-EHR interaction
  • Measurable patient experience Automation Email Marketing Automation

Replenish your referral management

Healthcare CRM allows thoughtful, focused recommendation management to build long-term relationships with recommendation specialists, such as primary care physicians, and thus maximize patient flow from referral sources.

Within the framework of holistic profiles, the Medical CRM system will track the full history of interaction with each member of your referral network. This includes scheduling visits via online forms, by phone or fax, and sending automatic meeting reminders. Optimized to attract and retain invited specialists, the results and effectiveness that can be tracked and evaluated using custom reporting panels are linked to staff actions.

Healthcare CRM as a Supplement to HER

While both systems store patient data, provide internal collaboration, and focus on a personalized approach to care, this is the CR Healthcare System.M software that helps increase patient satisfaction and maintain relationships through best practices.

With the integration of CRM and EHR, you can further leverage the data stored in both systems. It displays information extracted from patient records and a history of communication through the channel in the form of a set of key facts used in targeted campaigns and content personalization.


The individual as a patient First care, especially for the patient Used by qualified doctors only. No referral data active High level of manual procedures prone to human errors Outgoing patient communication transferred to the patient portal Little or no measurable understanding of patient-referral relationships

Healthcare CRM

Individual as a client

Customer Service First Communication

Optimized for use by marketing and sales professionals

Complete profiling of patients, referral facilities, and affiliated physicians

Policy-based automated workflow

Automatic notifications are sent to both the caregiver and the patient in both directions (eg appointment reminders or test results)

Automated analysis and reporting, including patient satisfaction monitoring

How We Help

In healthcare CRM solution can do so much more than just swap tacky notes on caregivers’ desks, and our CRM consultants know how to explain the system’s potential with an eye on your budget and project timelines.

Full-cycle competencies

We start with CRM accessing and a free proof-of-concept to support your expectations and requirements. We then take you through the project stages, from Business Analysis to Maintenance, with minimum efforts on your side

Multi-platform CRM

We have the assets and expertise to deliver healthcare CRM solutions across desktop, web and mobile platforms, Also including cloud-based options


We integrate CRM solutions with existing enterprise-level systems such as EHR, PMS, RMS and patient support facilities (online appointment booking, patient portals, live chat, call center)

Website personalization

Visit on, we help you build trust, increase arrangement and stimulate conversion by serving only relevant content. This includes personalized landing pages, promotions, services and educational materials selected on the basis of each visitor’s or registered patient’s unique story.

Our Approach​

  • Data security as the priority, from strict NDAs to HIPAA-compliant data management;
  • Quicker time-to-value due to exploiting to the full the preconfigured, out of the box features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Archiz CRM;
  • Deep customization when applicable, including custom add-ons and tailored workflows;
  • Projects of various complexity, from thousands to millions of active profiles in a CRM system.

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