Health And Hydration Made Simple, Carbonated Water Machine

Carbonated Water Machine

Drinking sparkling water can help curb dehydration, leading to dry mouth, fatigue, and headaches and reducing your overall daily performance. Chronic dehydration can lead to digestive issues and further complications with your heart and kidneys. With our carbonated water machine, we introduce the future of home hydration.

If you struggle to drink regular water or have young ones at home that never want to hydrate as much as they should, sparkling water can be your ideal solution.

Enjoy a fresh glass of carbonated water right at home with the best-carbonated water machine on the market. We focus on giving you complete control over your water temperature and giving you sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Superior Filtration and Sparkling Water with Our Carbonated Water Machine

We ensure superior filtration with our ultimate filters. Each one is created with the best raw materials for industrial level filtration, with naturally occurring high-end filtration materials. Our plant-based renewable carbon is one of the superior ingredients in our filters. Each filter begins with a thermally activated coconut shell carbon to create a micro-pore structure. This structure is ideal for filtration.

The powder is then compressed into a uniform block for maximum retention of pollutants. When it comes to filtration, the larger the surface area, the better. Each ultimate filter contains 350 grams of compressed activated carbon with a surface area of 1,050,000m2, an area equal to that of 345 soccer fields.

It gives you nothing but purity with every glass, keeping you stress-free when it comes to hydration for your entire family.

The Taste of Bubbles Without the Worries, Carbonated Water Machine

Carbonated water is better for you and the young ones as a healthy replacement for the sugary sodas you would otherwise consume. Sparkling water does not contain any calories or sugar.

With our carbonated water machine, you enjoy a fizzy beverage at home without the extra expenses. Carbonated water also does not affect your tooth enamel like other sugary sodas, which can cause your tooth enamel to break down. Studies suggest that sugary sodas are 100 times more damaging to your teeth than carbonated water.

Sparkling water is also beneficial for your digestive system; it does so by improving your ability to swallow. Carbonated water can also positively impact your bowel movements and keep your gut healthy.

The most significant health benefit of drinking sparkling water is that it can help you lose weight. Carbonated water can make you feel fuller than you would with normal water. Carbonated water forces food to remain in your stomach for longer, helping with digestion. It enables you to curb overeating and keeps a check on your calories consumed. Carbonated water has “empty calories.” You will lose weight more quickly than you would otherwise by eating less.

Drinking carbonated water can help you stay more hydrated throughout the day, with all the same benefits as regular spring water. There is no need to settle for bulky, store-bought boxes of sparkling water and store them. When you can get a fresh glass of sparkling water at the touch of a button right at home with our carbonated water machine.

Head to verykul website and start your journey towards the future of hydration, a seamless experience with the most helpful kitchen appliance.

Enjoy the pure refreshment your body craves. It is perfect for refilling water bottles and mixing up sparkling spritzers—even tea and cocoa, all at the touch of a button.

Bring home the ultimate soda maker and unwind with on-demand sparkling water. Instantly mix up your favorite mocktails and cocktail recipes. Get an assortment of recipes available at verykul website to get you started.

Switch to healthier hydration with ice-cold water, instant hot water, ambient water, and even sparkling water on demand. Boost your mental and physical performance without worrying about the harmful additives in bottled beverages.

Get things heated with piping hot water on demand, helping revolutionize your cooking experience, from jump-starting your pasta and veggies to helping thaw frozen foods.

The carbonated water machine replaces the need for four appliances to help streamline your kitchen without compromising the aesthetic. Our technology makes it easy, from initial setup to changing the filers or CO2 cartridge, so you never run out of your favorite sparkling drinks.

Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, we offer a 3-year warranty, giving you the confidence, you deserve in your home hydration system and ensuring the best quality and durability.

Our CO2 cartridges can carbonate up to 125 16-ounce sparkling drinks. Our ultimate filters can go through 350 gallons of water, replacing 2,800 16-ounce single-use plastic bottles.

The pollution these plastic bottles cause can be seen on a global scale. Sixty million plastic bottles are trashed every day, and the earth is covered with plastic bottles from packaged beverages. We toss 1 ton of plastic into the oceans every minute, and 8 million tons of plastic are thrown into the oceans every year. The irony is that it takes 3 liters of water to create a single-use plastic bottle that can hold only 1 liter of water.

It shows how unsustainable our current hydration model is. The future of your planet needs us all to be more sustainable with our choices, including hydration. Our carbonated water machine gives you all the comfort while being sustainable for the environment.

We can save 1.5 million barrels of oil every year by switching to a home hydration system instead of buying single-use plastic bottles never recycled. Only 10% of the bottles ever make it to the recycling center.

It is the same no matter what bin you throw it in. 72% of plastic bottles are not recycled, and 73% of glass bottles are not recycled. Countless amounts of energy and fossil fuel are wasted making and transporting plastic bottles.

Switch to a healthier hydration solution with this carbonated water machine for your family and the planet.

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