Harness the Power of Your Partner Network with Through-Partner Marketing


As partner-delivered solutions continue to increase, Vendors become more removed from customers. It is therefore crucial for Vendors to find ways to invest in marketing initiatives that leverage those partnerships. Through-partner marketing (TPM) is an important marketing strategy that empowers businesses to expand their reach, cultivate partner loyalty, and foster a thriving partner ecosystem.

What is Through-Partner Marketing?

Through-partner marketing is a collaborative approach to marketing where Vendors empower partners through automation to reach more customers. By working with these partners, businesses can access new markets, reach fresh audiences, and generate more qualified leads.

Benefits of Through-Partner Marketing

There are several advantages to using TPM, including:

  • Increased brand awareness for both the vendor and its partners
  • Enhanced lead generation as a result of greater brand recognition and traffic
  • Boosted customer lifetime value

Getting Started with Through-Partner Marketing

If you’re interested in implementing TPM, here are a few tips:

  • Identify the ideal partners. Consider which partners would benefit most from marketing automation and support. Think strategically about potential high-value partners and invest accordingly.
  • Develop a proactive, integrated strategy. This strategy should incorporate cross-functional support across your organization and align your partner marketing initiatives with your overall marketing strategy.
  • Craft a dynamic content strategy. Develop a steady stream of fresh, engaging content to keep your partners and their customers engaged.
  • Prioritize communication. Maintain open communication channels with both your internal teams and your partners.
  • Leverage automation. Don’t burden your partners with tasks they don’t have the resources to manage. Utilize marketing automation tools to streamline processes.

By following these best practices, you can create a successful through-partner marketing program that propels you toward your business objectives.

Partner Marketing Services from AscendX Digital

AscendX Digital delivers Through-Partner Marketing as a Managed Service. We are experts at through-partner marketing with many years of experience.  When you work with us, you benefit from our expertise, and you never have to worry about disruption from churn on your team. We can have your solution up and running in as little as 60 days – months faster than if you did it on your own, and you can realize better outcomes since we know what works.

You can trust AscendX Digital. We are recognized by Canalys as a top channel agency for the partner ecosystem. Get in touch with us at ascendxdigital.com and let’s talk about Through-Partner Marketing Services for your business.


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