Handy Tips for Organizing the Best Surprise Birthday for Your Kids


Whether it’s a first birthday or a sixteenth, making your kid’s birthday as special as possible is on top of every parent’s priority list. Birthdays are an important event in one’s life and we often like to commemorate them as a way to create beautiful childhood memories that we cherish later in life.

But planning a surprise party is a completely different thing. Nowadays, having a piñata, balloon and cakes won’t cut it to the best birthday parties list that your kids were hoping for. Log in to Facebook or scroll down on Instagram and you’ll see kids jumping in a jumping castle while there’s a feast laid out on the table.

So, what to do? How can you make your kid’s birthday an unforgettable memory (in a good way) for them without working yourself into overdrive or causing your bank accounts to have a meltdown? Well, everything is possible if you know the trick. And worry not, we have a few tips up our sleeves that will definitely work out for you!

Set a Budget

First things first, budget. When organizing a fun-filled day (with nonstop entertainment for kids) it’s important to know how much you intend or are willing to spend. Considering this cost, plan out the things that you want to include in your party. By having a firm grip on the budget, you can avoid the situation from spiraling out of control as well as prevent yourself from having a panic attack when you see the bill.

While deciding the budget make sure to account for the decorations, the cost of the venue, food, birthday cake, entertainment, and of course the party bags. This is why you won’t have to face any nasty surprises when you are paying the bill.

Prepare the Guest List

The next one on our list is picking out the right company. Making a guest list goes side by side with setting the budget. You don’t want to fall short on supplies during the celebration and you also don’t want too much supply only for it to go to waste.

Create a guest list during the initial stages of planning keeping in view your kid’s preferences. Moreover, having a guest list gives you a clearer picture of where to host, how much the cost will be and whether you will be catering for adults along with the children. You can even plan the entertainment section such as games and other activities according to the list.

If you’re hosting only a kid’s party, you can go with the activities that will keep them entertained. Whereas when adults are present, you will need something extra to serve them as drinks.

The Venue

Hosting a party at your own home is definitely a cheaper and cheerful option but you will have to tidy up later by yourself. So, unless you have some help, it’ll be quite a bit of work (children leave a mess).

Having your party at some local restaurant or a similar venue will ease the burden of catering off your shoulders but will add to your overall cost as well as your budget. Another favorite venue is parks, which are ideal for summertime parties. You could plan a mini-Olympics or organize a treasure hunt! Likewise, you can consider different deals for birthday parties in Dubai that many parks offer. Choosing them will not only be economical but it will also take the whole planning burden off your shoulder.  

Choosing a Theme

You definitely put yourself in a higher level of the fun factor if you go for a full on theme party. Nothing makes children get excited for more than getting their costumes and ensembles ready for a party. Now, we all know the pain of watching movies like Frozen, Moana and Hotel Transylvania a gazillion times so why not make use of it for a theme?

Apart from the little Elsa and Olaf kids jumping around, it gives a clear idea for the decorations of the venue. For example, a Frozen-themed party would have frosty decorations with snowflakes and white foam balls (and hopefully a mini-ice castle in the corner).

The Birthday Cake

Now that you’re all set in the budget and guest department, it’s time for the most important decision…. the cake! Of course, you can go to a local bakery and buy a simple cake (which sounds really sad by the way) or you could learn to DIY your own cake! Cheaper and quicker! But if you don’t want the hassle of making the cake, you can always call on a professional.

Another way to make a birthday more exciting? A cake that you will never forget. Nowadays you don’t have to go from store to store to find the perfect cake, you can reach out to the amazing online professional bakeries and have it delivered to you!

Games and Entertainment

This part has an endless pool of options to choose from, ranging from clowns, DJs to a jumping castle. Inviting an entertainer can be costly especially if they charge per hour. But hearing the beautiful laughter from the bubbly kids is always worth it.

If you choose to hire a professional entertainer, be sure to book early as they are mostly not available at the last moment. You can even arrange some nature camps in your backyard with obstacles that the kids have to go through in order to reach it. Nothing can make the kids excited like going through an obstacle course.


It’s not like we’re preparing a course meal, but children do get hungry at any given time so it’s important to be ready or else bear the wailing.

At a home party, simple snacks are the best option. Have a variety of sandwiches, cut out cute biscuit shapes or create a DIY sandwich buffet with buttered rolls, cucumber, ham, and cheese. Or perhaps snacks like mini sausages, carrot pieces, breadsticks and dips, and mini pizzas.

We know that you want to go all out to make your kid’s special day a lot more special. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and start planning for the big event!


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