Guide to Shopping Perfume Online

perfume shopping online

People are often represented and remembered by the perfume they wear. Due to this reason, we often say that scents trigger memories. What you wear and how you smell tells a lot about your personality. Hence, wearing the best perfume according to your personality is essential. 

Irrespective of this fact, one thing that often comes to our mind is how to buy perfume? As a beginner, it gets tough to shop for perfumes. Why? Because you don’t know anything about it. And, it becomes a part of concern when we think of shopping for perfume online. Whereas, shopping for perfume by visiting a perfume house is like therapy, and later in life, one starts to enjoy doing it. 

As per research, it has got discovered that the hundreds of bottles offered to sniff by the salesperson calm our minds and trigger happy moments of life. After smelling them, you might go back to those childhood days or to that first love. Although it seems to be calming, we still want to shop online. Well, the only reasons behind it are time and a hectic schedule. While working in a closely hectic work schedule, we don’t get time to do window shopping, due to which buying perfume online comes in handy.

Keeping the same in mind, we are here to kick start your perfume shopping journey online. Today, we will offer you detailed tips on how to shop perfumes online.

A Brief Guide about Buying Perfumes Online

Shopping for perfumes online is tricky, especially when you are just starting to learn about the basics of perfumery. As per a master perfumer, the perfume journey is like an art, and without the right amount of knowledge, one can never nail it. In addition to this statement, let us start our guide from the basics of perfumes.

# Understand Different Notes and Discover you Notes

For starters, if someone asks you about your perfume notes, you will not be able to answer. Well, it becomes noticeable because as a layman we never try to evaluate what fragrances we enjoy. For this reason, we can say that understanding a set of different notes plus their classification in perfumes is required. And keeping the same in mind, let us tell you in brief about different types of perfume notes. 

What are the different types of Perfume Notes?

Perfume notes are the fragrances that are used in perfume making to deliver any type of scent. The fragrance used in perfume is never one; it is a combination of various smells. Additionally,  all the complimenting fragrances get combined in a bottle of perfume you buy. However, all these fragrances are called notes in particular.

The perfume notes get typically distributed into three categories in a perfume composition. Understanding the composition of perfumes will help you put your preferred notes on a chart where they are required to be. The three categories under perfume combination are:

The Top Notes– Top note is the lightest of all and the first to be recognized after spraying.

The Heart Notes– They appear after the first note has disappeared. It is also considered the heart of any perfume due to its resemblance to base notes.

The Base Notes– These are the longest-lingering notes along all. Base notes work closely with heart notes to offer you your signature fragrances.

After understanding where all these notes get settled in the perfume composition, it becomes essential to understand what different kinds of perfume notes are and figure which ones suit you? To understand this, one needs to get familiar with a word named “Fragrance Family”. You might have heard people talking about this word but what it means is something that you don’t know.

Fragrance Families are different families which cater to notes of similar fragrances. The world of perfumes has four primary families – Oriental, Woody, Fresh and Floral. All the fragrances get divided under these and their subfamilies. Additionally, these fragrances get distributed over a wheel known as the fragrance family wheel.

Moving forward, let us tell you how to determine what are your notes among all while buying perfume online. Well, before doing this little activity, go and get yourself a notepad and pencil. Start by smelling all the fragrances around you, flowers, fruits, spices, herbs, plants, and figure out what you like. Your preference can be as basic as floral to as edgy as leather. Note down your choice of fragrance and then place them in the fragrance family chart discussed above.

# Choose Your Brand

Choosing the right brand is also very crucial before starting to buy perfumes online. The brand name not always guarantees you quality, and some unknown brands can offer you something worth every penny.  The ideal way of choosing perfume brands is either by searching on google about the best options or having hands-on experience. Go ahead and ask your acquaintances about their preferred brands. Make sure to widen your search by opting for some smaller brands as well. Why? Because sometimes, small brands can offer you quality and affordability.

# Decide Your Perfume Concentration

The next thing on our list to do is deciding upon concentration. There are various perfume concentrations that one needs to understand beforehand. You might have heard about Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette. Well, they are the commonly known ones. Eau De Parfum gets usually manufactured by big perfume houses and comes quite expensive. However, expensiveness is all worth it because all that money invested pays off because every spray lasts you all day long. On the other hand, Eau De Toilette is a pocket-friendly option for all tight-budget consumers. Eau De Toilette will last you for 4-5 hours and comes as a perfect option for college-going students.

# Natural Perfumes or Synthetic Perfumes

With the recent shift from synthetic perfumes to natural perfumes, we all had been thinking twice before buying. Initially, the trend of organic was only popular in food items, but now it has everywhere. From beauty products to perfumes, nothing gets left behind. However, we understand that it might be new to you, and keeping the same in mind, let us tell you briefly about natural and synthetic perfumes.

Natural perfumes are the new age choices and get made with essential oils procured from nature. No substance like alcohol or chemical get used in these compositions, and they are cruelty-free. Apart from this, they create an aroma that is loved by all and deliver positivity and peacefulness. Hence, when a buyer chooses natural perfumes, they save the environment.

# Product Description

Whenever you are ordering perfume online, always try to look into the product description mentioned. Product description tells a lot about the quality of scent and its fragrance. For instance, fragrances that write fresh are from fresh fragrance families and work best for the outdoors. On the other hand, floral will be soft, sweet, and easy to smell. Hence, keeping a note of it beforehand always works.

# Packaging

Moving forward, let us discuss packaging. Packaging is one of the essential characteristics in buying perfume online because we all have a misconception that good-looking bottles contain well-scented liquids. However, sometimes it is not correct. Perfume aesthetics shape out as per the buyer preferences. Because a tempting bottle with great aesthetics will not stand avoided by anyone. Due to this very reason, you may want to judge a perfume by its scent and not by packaging.

Apart from this, packaging also enables the buyer to identify what kind of perfume is it. Scents get made with colors, and these get added keeping in check the type of fragrance it carries. Hence, lemon-colored scents are known to bear fresh perfume liquids.  On the other hand, pink-colored scented perfumes are often fruity and floral.

# Opt for Perfume Samples Online

Choosing perfume samples is like a trial ride before taking the actual drive when ordering perfume online. Hence, choosing from them is one of the safest and convenient options to try various fragrances in one scent set. Also, it will help you discover whether the brand offers quality products or not. Skin allergies, longevity, and other things can get tested beforehand to avoid post-buying consequences. And thus, we say that apart from being travel-friendly due to their smaller size, perfume samples are worth the try.

# Test your Notes on Scent Matcher Tool

Scent Matcher tools are one of the best options to know what notes will work according to your personality. Many big perfume brands offering perfume shopping online have started developing this tool on their website because it helps customers buy perfumes according to their choices and personality types. It is nothing but a Q&A that asks you about your various preferences, lifestyle, and personality, and by evaluating everything, it offers you notes that will work perfectly on you. Irrespective of the fact it is not 100% true, buyers like to have a little glance at their personality through the tool.

Once you start keeping hold of these pointers, you can always shop for perfume online. However, we know that it is quite a lot to digest, but one good read can help you for life.



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