Guide To Product Package Box Design


Packaging is more than just a “pretty box”. A complete product package can make your customers go crazy.
A great box design is the easiest way to turn a good product into a better one. Believe it or not, designing a product package is easier than you think. If you are confident, try it right away for free.

Good branding through package

design is very important and will help increase sales. At Naver Store Farm or other shopping malls.
It is easy to see that they are trying to attract the attention of potential customers through a pretty package design that sets them apart from their competitors.
A good package and good branding will increase your repeat purchase rate, which will help you generate stable sales and reduce your marketing costs in the long run.


  • An easy-to-use package design program even for beginners
  • Things to keep in mind before creating a package design
  • Analysis of color meaning in package design
  • About package design fonts
  • Get ready for a great package design

Let’s learn the basics of product package box design!

If you’ve never made a custom box before, don’t worry. Package design is not difficult. It would be helpful to know some basics of package design. I’ll show you the basics of how easy it is to implement your product packaging box design, regardless of your experience level.

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Need a professional packaging designer?

The answer to this question is very simple. Of course, if you can afford it, it is better to ask a packaging designer, but you can design a simple package without a packaging designer.

There are many solutions for product packaging design. In the old days, the minimum quantity to make a box was often over 10,000, and it was expensive to hire professional designers, but these days custom boxes are much cheaper and easier to create.

If you want to hire a professional packaging designer, for example, freelance sites such as Kmong and Sumgo can give you a good deal on freelance package design experts.

If you already have some design experience, doing the box design yourself is one of the best ways to do it. With a few design elements and a well-organized logo, you can quickly create a minimalistic design that is steadily establishing itself as a trend.

What program do you need for package design?

To start designing packages, we recommend using software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator has the advantage of being able to generate vector files if you need to create a 2D image from a scene.
Wondering what the package design will look like in practice? There is a limit to checking whether the font size is visible and the design structure is pretty in 2D. Even packaging design professionals often misspelled text while working. If these mistakes are discovered before printing, it’s not a big deal, but if they are discovered after printing, the losses are enormous.

 Make a box with Packable

you can make a box without any more difficulties. This is because you can add design elements to the development and at the same time check the box design result in the 3D mockup.
How about starting a box design with a packable web editor that can create real-world results that were difficult to check with 2D plots in real-time without purchasing expensive 3D mockup sources or using 3D rendering tools?

  • Things to keep in mind before creating a package design
  • focus on customer
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Description of product use
  • Consistency with design and fonts
  • Influence of packaging design color
  • The brand color at the heart of packaging design
  • Focus on the customer.

Most bosses need to know who their customers are. After carefully analyzing the customer’s gender, age, and economic leeway, consider a packaging design tailored to the customer. For example, McDonald’s red and yellow represent energy and youthfulness that customers can relate to.

The box design should also serve to inform customers of the contents of the product. For example, the color of a shampoo bottle can give consumers a hint about the content of the shampoo.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with your package design.

Products sold in retail are meant to stand out, not just to fit in with the products next to them. Choosing a color that sets you apart or sets you apart from your competitors can make your product stand out and be remembered better. For example, the carbonated beverage companies Coca-Cola and Pepsi have contrasting primary colors, red versus blue.

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The packaging design describes the purpose of the product.

Your package design should subconsciously convey the message you want to send to the buyer. Do you want your product to convey a message that it is comforting, or do you want it to be thought of as a product with a strong sense of fun? Is it about the well-being or is it about security? Does it remind you of luxury or sophistication? For example, Apple’s classic white color is intended to show luxury to customers.

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Maintain consistency with design and fonts

The color should go well with the package design and font choice. Although it may seem obvious, it is not necessary to be too creative and overly expressive. The font you choose should convey your brand’s message to the buyer, and the color of the packaging should also match this message.

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Influence of package design color

Let’s see how color influences and enhances a purchase.

Using color to effectively tell a brand story is an essential part of packaging design. Package design color is probably the first thing that customers see. Color is the most visually influential factor, so applying the right color can be a reason why we have our favorite colors, and knowing how color affects customer psychology can have a huge impact on product sales. It’s important for design.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best color for your product packaging.

The brand color at the heart of package design

If you are thinking about the package design color, choosing the brand color is the best choice. You have already carefully chosen this color to represent your brand and it has resonated with your customers. So, if you use your brand colors, you will increase your loyalty and awareness so that your customers will see you first.

Consider Your Brand and Position

It’s important to think ahead of time about which brands you want to build for which customers in your market. For example, if a makeup product for teenage girls stands out brightly and colorfully, it will be easy to be chosen by consumers, but if the package of a fountain pen for male office workers in their 50s is colorful and cute, it will be easy to be ignored by consumers, right.

Therefore, when manufacturing products and packages, it is necessary to check the needs and wants of consumers by closely observing what market the brand is positioned in and what image the competitors in the same position are displaying.

If you design a package based on this understanding, you will be able to attract the attention of consumers more effectively.

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Choose Typography Well

Choosing typography that reads well is important for your product to stand out! Cute typography is fine, but remembers that it’s difficult for customers to take a closer look at your product or remember the name of your brand if you can’t read it!

Focus on Design Trends

Keeping the same branding is important, but keeping the same package for too long can make you look away from design trends. Consumers who naturally compare many products through the Internet, etc. are sensitive to design trends, so focus on design trends to catch their eyes! You can check the beauty business package design trend of 2020 right here.

Thinking about the Environment

Consumers these days are aware of the environmental impact of the products they buy. So, it’s good to keep in mind that there is a tendency to favor concise, eco-friendly materials over excessive packaging or non-recyclable materials.

Remember that the package is an investment

It is easy to think that investing time and money in package design and branding is unnecessary, but branding is the most basic investment to increase the value of a company. Don’t forget that the package is the first point of contact with your product! Nevertheless, you can find 3 reasons to invest in a product package here.

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