Guide to Prepare Statement of Purpose

Guide to Prepare Statement of Purpose

A Perfect Guide to Prepare Statement of Purpose?

Are you aspiring to Study Abroad? Do you know which other important document you need other than your academics? As per the AOEC India Experts Statement of Purpose plays a vital role in securing admission to Universities. Here is the Guide to Prepare Statement of Purpose.

Statement of Purpose or statement of intention is a form of a letter that recruiters use to learn about students and the reasons they would like to take an academic program. It’s a crucial criterion for selection in university applications. This article will look at the fundamentals of writing a statement of purpose and the best way to create an effective A Statement of Purpose to impress members of the Admission Committee.

For countries where IELTS is not required, Statement of Purpose plays a major role in getting admission to University.

When you intend to study abroad, to achieve that dream, you need to implement a lot of steps with complete finesse so that your application stands out among the rest. It is an entire journey that you go through till admission, and it contributes to your knowledge and personality. One of those crucial steps that every student studying abroad will have to undertake and proficiently implement is your Motivation Letter to the universities you are applying to. The motivation letter gives the university an insight about yourself, and you better draft it in a manner that impresses them. It’s your journey, vision and needs to be outlined to the university in writing! Understanding your dilemma on drafting the perfect motivation letter for yourself, we bring you the super tips and tricks! Don’t miss them for sure.

What is the word “Statement of Purpose” mean?

A Statement of purpose (SOP) can be described as a letter or essay that focuses on your experiences and abilities as a student. The goal of this essay is to convince admissions officers that your strengths and achievements can lead to a brighter future, provided you have the right direction.

The SOP you write should provide readers the answer to three of the following questions: What kind of student do you consider yourself to be? Who do you hope to become? How will taking this particular program assist you in becoming the person you want to be?

Here are some Super Tips and Tricks for writing that perfect motivation letter to get you shortlisted for your dream course abroad!

What is vital about an SOP?

A well-written SOP serves two purposes:

  • It inspires recruiters to impact your career.
  • It could make your application stand apart from the rest and also help the recruiter become acquainted with you as a person.

SOP is a document in which you are entirely free to write because there is no universal standard.’ There isn’t any format or style of writing you have to adhere to.

What is to be included in the SOP?

The specifications of an SOP are broken into various components:

Part 1:Your introduction.

A properly written SOP should begin with a short introduction about yourself. What are you studying currently? Which interests do you have? What are the reasons you apply to this program over any other offered through the institution? The admissions committee needs to discover the answers to these questions within the initial few paragraphs.

Part 2:Your current activities.

After you have studied these fundamental topics, it is time to dive into the details and reflect on your current activities. What course or project are you currently working on? What are the relevant skills you’ve acquired from these endeavors? How do they relate to the future you’re seeking? If you’ve earned any awards or taken on numerous responsibilities, you must be aware of them and share what you have learned from them.

Part 3: Show you’re unique

The reason a recruiter goes through an SOP is to know what makes a candidate stand out. Before you begin writing your SOP, decide what is your distinctive selling point is. What is it that you can do differently over your competition? After you’ve selected the answer, then highlight it in your document. It could be academic or non-academic talent, but it must be highlighted subtly.

Part 4: Describe the future you want to achieve.

The essential aspect of an SOP is explaining what you hope to achieve in the future. As I said, the primary purpose of an SOP is to motivate the recruiter. The best method to accomplish this is to explain how this program can change your life. Do not write a creative story; instead, concentrate only on facts.

After you’ve figured out what you need to include, let’s examine the things you should be wary of.

What should you avoid doing when you write the SOP?

Do not make your SOP excessively long. The ideal length of an SOP should be between 800 and 1000 words. This can vary according to certain universities, but in the absence of any specific requirements stated, you should make the length of your SOP 1.5-2 pages in length.

Do not overlook Grammar checks. Grammatical and structural mistakes are among the most common mistakes when creating an SOP. Please don’t send your SOP without having it read through at least two to three times. It is also suggested that you test English tools such as Hemmingway and Grammarly before submitting the letter.

Do not use the same SOP as mentioned before; the SOP isn’t an all-purpose solution. Many applicants try to use the identical SOP to apply to different universities by changing the words. This is not advised. Instead, for every single application that needs an SOP, create a new one.

Don’t list all your accomplishments. While you might have received awards in various areas, only include those that pertain to the course. If you’re applying to a Computer Science program, achievements in cooking or art aren’t relevant.


The most important thing to be aware of when creating your SOP will be to make it clear to the admission committee why they should select your application over thousands of other applicants. This is an opportunity for you to leave lasting impressions on anyone who reads your application.


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