Guide to Launch a Singaporean Hawker Stall Company


Guide to Launch a Singaporean Hawker Stall Company

Hawker stall centers are reflective of Singapore’s culture. Singaporeans enjoy their local food. Hawker stall companies in Singapore have promising prospects for the future to satisfy this increasing need and rising demand. If you decide to plunge into this profitable industry, then this reference to beginning a Singapore hawker stall company is for you.

Singapore has a strategy to create itself as the Asian region’s gastronomic city. With national associations understanding this value, incentives for food safety are in place to ensure that hawker stall businesses in Singapore. It has every opportunity given to them. The Singapore government recognizes that hawker stalls are very much an essential part of the landscape of Singapore. It believes that every opportunity must be given to help keep the train running.

Here are the actions you will need to take to know how to start a hawker stall business in Singapore:

1. Protecting Your Premise

Before you can secure a Hawker Stall license and manage your company, you will first need to guarantee a premise for your hawker stall as for starting a home-based business in Singapore.

2. Need Your Stall’s Food Handlers Registered

All food employees must get a food license before they start work. The food handlers must also be registered with the NEA, and for any F&B establishment, this requirement is required. You will need to include the names and descriptions of the licensed food handlers in your business when you are preparing for your hawker stall license.

3. Obtain your license for Hawker Stall

Under the Environmental Public Health Act, all entrepreneurs planning to start a Hawker Stall company in Singapore will have to apply for a Hawker Stall License. This license is a prerequisite to guarantee that you comply with the hygiene and food safety standards. This is necessary if you are going to run any enterprise that sells beverages or food. The government provides a license for those to run a hawker stall. Instead, you may need to apply for a Food Stall License if you run a food stall located inside a private food store. For this license application, only applicants over the age of 21 who are either a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident will be valid.

4. Meet Guidelines on environmental health

If your stall breaks guidelines and you refused to comply with the environmental health laws, you will be in danger of penalty points. The NEA establish a Points Demerit System. The system ensures that the stall owners comply to the food safety requirements. You would be prevented from applying for another license to run an F&B company if your license is canceled.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) introduces a program known as Incubation Stall Program. It aims to support potential hawker stall owners by offering them the support they need to get into the market. Under this scheme, 13 stalls in different hawker centers are currently open. If the applicant is successful, stalls will be offered for six months at 50 percent of the estimated market rent.


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