[GUIDE] Best Baby Carriages? Analysis Of The Best-Selling Models

Best Baby Carriages

The baby stroller is the “jewel in the crown.”

It is usually the most important investment and that is why many families ask us …

What should we look for to buy our cart? Why are some so cheap and others so expensive? Is it worth spending a fortune?

I remember that we made comparisons, we visited all the stores we had and, for that matter, we tried different models … And even so, we fell into many errors.

Therefore, to prevent you from making the same mistakes and to help you in “your search”, we have decided to tell you about our experience and carry out a detailed analysis of the best-selling carts.

At first, the whole issue of trolleys will seem like a world. My intention with this article is that, in a few minutes, you have a clear idea of ​​what to look for when choosing your car and know the pros and cons of the best selling baby strollers.

In this article you will discover:

  • Why a stroller is not the most important thing you should buy (even if it seems otherwise now)
  • What to take into account to choose yours and avoid some typical mistakes
  • The pros and cons of the 9 best baby strollers that have had the most success this year
  • 3 key tips many families are unaware of (at the end of the article)

Is everything clear? Well, we started!

4 things you should keep in mind before buying your baby stroller

If you have already prepared your birth list, I recommend that, before you go hunting for the perfect stroller, you take a look at these 4 things. I would have liked someone to mention them to me in his day …

Prioritize the car seat . Most parents make the mistake of giving the cart the highest priority. We visit all the stores in the world because it is what looks the most. But then we settle for an approved car seat (in this article you will see that not all of them are equally safe). My advice is to do it the other way around. Spend your time looking for a good chair as it is key to your baby’s safety.

Make use of the porting. In the first months of the baby’s life (and years), contact with their reference persons is essential for their cognitive development. Carrying not only establishes a strong emotional bond between you and your baby, but it is also much more mobile than the stroller. You can use shoulder straps, baby carriers, scarves … Ideally, it should be your main means of transport.

Look second hand. The car is an element that has a relatively short useful life (about 3 years). For this reason, it is not uncommon to find practically new and half-price second-hand cars. This is especially useful if you have your eye on a high-end stroller. Before launching to buy it, check platforms like Wallapop in case you find the one you like and is in good condition.

Explore inexpensive alternatives. You don’t have to spend a fortune. I tell you from experience. We gave it too much importance and spent more than necessary (although it was a gift from the grandmothers). We are satisfied with our car, but today we know acceptable and much cheaper alternatives.


Analysis of the 9 best value for money baby strollers

Now, so that you are clear about the pros and cons of the best-selling baby carriages and you can choose the best stroller for you, we have prepared this detailed analysis of each of them.


The Kinderkraft Moov interests you if you are looking for an «all in one» to wear from birth, you are going to go through uneven terrain and you have a very limited budget.

This 3-in-1 pack stroller, carrycot, group 0 chair, rain cover, mosquito nets, the bag …

It is true that it is difficult to find cheaper alternatives that include so many things.

The features of the Moov are similar to those of a high-end car. What is the car itself, it has a robust chassis, with 4 shock absorbers to smooth out the bumps of uneven terrain. If your intention is to take it “beyond the asphalt”, its shock absorbers and rubber wheels make it more pleasant for the baby.

The lower basket is large and easily accessible, perfect for families carrying the house in tow (and even making a quick purchase).

What about the carrycot? One of the advantages is that the carrycot transforms into a stroller. That is, instead of having 2 independent elements like most carts, you have everything in one, saving space at home. A small drawback is that it has some inclination (it is not totally horizontal) and the foam is missing thicker.

What about the stroller? It has 3 recline positions and you can put it facing forward or backward. The harness is 5 points, so the baby is well supported.

What about the car seat? The maxi-cosi can also be attached to the stroller, something to be thankful for when the baby has fallen asleep in the car and you want to remove it without waking it up 🙂 It does not come with Isofix, although you can fix it with the car belt and it is just as safe.

The “buts”? You have to be clear about this: you cannot expect an extreme quality product for the price it has. It would be delusional. What does this mean? Well, the materials are going to deteriorate more easily.

For example, although inflatable bike-type wheels work very well for uneven terrain, they are more likely to suffer punctures (and indeed, this is commented by some families who have bought them). If it happens to you, you can fix the puncture with the typical bike patches or go directly to a bike shop and have it done.

I leave you with a short video to give you an idea of ​​the cart:

2. CHICCO LONDON Carriages

The Chico London may interest you if you are looking for a battle cart for sporadic walks, to go to the beach or on a trip. It is quite basic but very inexpensive.

The buggy London Chicco is a favorite choice for families looking for a second car or a shopping trip.

It is designed to hold up to 15 kg (about 3 and a half years old). Although the chair is approved from birth (it can be fully reclined to a horizontal position), it is not very comfortable in this regard. The most advisable thing is to use it from the baby’s year approx.

The best thing about this stroller? It is very light (it will be easy for you to carry it) and its umbrella-type fold is quite compact (106 x 45 x 29 cm).

Note: Although the umbrella closure leaves it quite compact, it is somewhat long (106 cm). Make sure it fits in your trunk or where you are going to store it.

Other interesting points: it is reclining in 4 positions, which is great for when the baby falls asleep. It also comes with a waterproof cover to protect it from the rain and its dual wheels give it a pretty good ride (as long as you go on flat ground).

Worst? The hood is somewhat tight and may not cover the baby well when the sun hits. In addition, the basket is somewhat small and difficult to access.

In summary, it is enough to get out of the way but as an option for the day to day I would opt for other alternatives of higher quality and with better benefits.

The best
  • 4 double wheels (it is comfortable to carry)
  • Quick and easy folding
  • Very economical
  • The hood it carries is very tight, it does not protect enough from the sun
  • Side protections are missing so that the child is comfortable when sleeping
  • Impractical basket: small and difficult to access


3. GO BABY NEO Carriages

The Go Baby Neo is an all-inclusive car (carrycot, chair, maxi-cosi, and countless accessories) that can be interesting if you want something inexpensive and are not worried about having very fair qualities.

This car is, along with the Moov , one of the cheapest 3-in-1s on the market. That is why it is one of the best sellers …

It is valid from birth to 3 years. The aluminum chassis has shock absorbers so that the baby is comfortable on uneven terrain.

Its structure is not very compact, so make sure it fits in the trunk or where you are going to store it (it measures 95 x 60 x 60 cm).

If you are like us who used to go out with the trolley full of junk, your lower basket will be good for you. It has good capacity and is accessible.

The handlebar is adjustable, so it is easy to carry regardless of your height. 

What about the carrycot? It has a mattress included. As with the Moov, it transforms into a stroller, so you save space at home. A small drawback is that it has some inclination (it is not totally horizontal).

What about the stroller? You can place it in both directions (facing you or out) and it has 4 reclining positions so that the baby can sleep comfortably. It would be great if the footrest were adjustable, but it would be asking too much. It has a 5-point harness, which holds the baby very well.

What about the car seat? You can adapt it to the chassis with some hooks included. It is the worst of the cart. Quite better quality, although it is approved as group 0. It does not come with Isofix, but you can fix it with the car belt and it is just as safe.

If you value accessories, this pack is missing a few: zippered fleece jacket, changing bag, sun umbrella, rain cover, group 0 adapters … We also appreciate the basket, which has a good size to store everything you need. we usually bring parents (which is not little 😉).

In short, for the price, you can not expect much quality, but it can fulfill its function if you use it wisely. Of course, if you are going to move by public transport, it would not be the most suitable baby carriage …

The best
  • Very economical
  • Very large lower basket
  • Good suspension for going over uneven terrain
  • It comes with many extras (rain cover, bag, umbrella …)
  • Very fair qualities (especially the maxi-cosi)
  • It is quite bulky
  • Very little variety of colors available



The Hauck Shopper may interest you if you are looking for a 3 in 1, you want to use the stroller for more than 3 years, you are not a very tall person and you have a very limited budget.

Hauck is a German brand of baby products. The Germans are known for making good products so, although this trio is very basic and of fair quality, the chassis is robust and the chair does its job.

It is one of the cheapest trios on the market, although keep in mind that it does not include any accessories such as rain covers or mosquito nets (it would be too much for that price).

Its star point is that the stroller holds up to 25 kg, something unusual in conventional strollers. Therefore, if you are looking for a stroller to use up to 4 years of age , it is an alternative to consider.

The stroller is quite compact (93 x 52 x 35 cm), perfect if you have just enough space in the trunk or at home. 

Something also interesting is that the front part has damping and the wheels can lock when you cross uneven terrain (dirt, sand …).

What about the carrycot? It has good padding although it is not excessively large. As with the previous ones, it has a slight inclination towards the handlebar.

What about the stroller? The backrest can be reclined to lie down and the footrest is also adjustable (although somewhat small). The chair can only be put one way, something to improve. Another issue is that the handlebars are not adjustable, so if you are a very tall person, you may find it somewhat uncomfortable.

What about the car seat? It can be attached to the chassis of the stroller so that you can transfer it from the car to the stroller without having to pick it up (useful to avoid waking it up). And, although it is not compatible with isofix, you can fix it without problem with a seat belt. The downside is that it is something small (it will not last more than 1 year) and it is missing that it is more breathable.

The best
  • One of the cheapest 3-in-1s on the market
  • Robust chassis (holds 25 Kg) and the stroller can serve up to 4 years
  • Good buyer reviews
  • Large capacity storage basket
  • Fairly fair qualities
  • The stroller can only go in one direction
  • Maxi-sewed something small
  • It is missing that the handlebar is adjustable



The Hot Mom stroller may interest you if you are looking for a 2 in 1 with an innovative design, with high-end stroller details but at a reasonable price.

The Hot Mom has a futuristic look that makes you stop when you see it on the street.

One of the things that stands out the most about the cart is that it has a 360º turning platform, that is, the base of the cart can rotate in different positions:

It is useful? Well … It may be funny for certain situations: in a restaurant for example, where space is very tight; or also to better access the lower basket.

What else does this cart have? The 4 wheels are cushioned so that it is easy for you to handle it on uneven terrain (dirt, sand …). It also has an adjustable handle, perfect if you are going to use it for people of different heights.

Note: even if the product title says 3 in 1, it does not include the maxi-cosi. The brand offers it as a separate accessory.

Another thing that parents who buy it tend to like a lot: it has a good lower basket, perfect for storing all the junk that we usually carry around and even for making a quick purchase.

What about the carrycot? It has a suitable size, a good sun visor and comes with a mattress included so that the baby is comfortable. It is a good height to take out and put the baby (although for short people it could be a bit excessive).

What about the stroller? The backrest is adjustable in 3 positions, reaching the horizontal position, perfect for the little ones to sleep during the walk. It also has an adjustable footrest and a 5-point harness with a front protection bar, to keep you safe. It comes with a rain cover and mosquito net, something to be appreciated.

The truth is that the cart looks suspiciously similar to the Stokke Xplory, but for half the price. And I doubt that the difference in quality is so much …

As points to improve, the trolley is somewhat heavy and the folding is not as compact as would be expected (you have to fold the structure without the seat).


The Bugaboo Camaleon 3 Plus pushchair is designed to give you plenty of power. It may interest you if you want a 2 in 1, you have fallen in love with the brand and its designs and you have no budget problems.

Bugaboo is one of the best-selling brands of high-end strollers. It is a Dutch brand and has been manufacturing baby products for 20 years. It is common to see their carts in the city, in the parks … It’s even in the soup!

We are going to analyze your star cart in more detail.

The first thing to highlight. From Bugaboo they trust 100% in the quality of their pushchairs: by entering this Bugaboo page, you can register the model (no matter where you bought it) and they give you 1 more year of warranty. That is, you would have 3 years in total.

The car is not the lightest, but it is easy to maneuver and has good suspension to go on uneven terrain (it is adjustable on the front wheels). The basket of this model has been redesigned so that it can store up to 22 liters, very useful to put the baby’s groceries or toys.

The adjustable handle makes it very comfortable for people of very different heights (perfect if you are going to use it for many people: couple, grandparents …).

Another interesting point: it allows you to invert the handlebar, that is, to make the big wheels go forward. This is useful on uneven ground with dirt, sand, etc.

What about the carrycot? The carrycot is very well cared for. It has good padding, it is very long, the hood protects from UVA rays and repels water.

What about the stroller? Supports up to 17 Kg (about 3 years). It is reversible, you can take it facing you or forwards and it reclines to a horizontal position so that the baby/child can lie down. Includes rain cover but not mosquito net.

Its main drawback is its price. It is excessive for what it offers and you pay for the brand to a large extent. You have to be very clear to make such an important outlay.

Be careful: the price of one color to another can vary a lot. Take a good look at all options before deciding. You can save many euros euros

Another point to improve: they could have included the maxi-cosi. But if it’s any consolation, the structure of this Bugaboo is compatible with most models on the market.

My advice: if you like this stroller, the first thing I would do is look for it second-hand. If you want to buy it new yes or yes, at least think that it withstands the passage of time very well so, when your baby no longer works, you could sell it and get back a large part of what it cost you. 

The best
  • Robust structure, you could sell it when you finish using it
  • Very comfortable for people of different sizes
  • Good cushioning and reversible handlebar to carry it on all types of terrain
  • Extendable 1 year more free warranty
  • It is missing that it includes the maxi-cosi
  • It would be expected to be more compact
  • Excessive price



The Maclaren Quest arc stroller may be of interest to you if you are looking for a stroller to use around town or to go on a trip, that holds a lot of cane and does not have budget problems.

When you go to a park, take a look at the stroller models. You will be surprised to see that a high percentage are Maclaren strollers. What is special about them?

They are not cheap carts. But it is true that they are very durable and resistant.

It is a cart that is often used a lot in the city, although it is also quite comfortable if you go on a trip and want a more compact and lightweight alternative.

The Maclaren Quest is designed to be worn from birth to 7 years (although support could be short at 4-5 years).

Be careful: in theory, it is suitable for newborns (it reclines in 4 positions up to horizontal), but I do not advise it. Rather, for when the child can already be seated and hold his head.

What else interesting things does it have? It is very light, it only weighs 6.2 kg, so you can carry it from one place to another without effort. It folds umbrella style and, although it is a fairly compact fold, consider its length (113 cm) if you are going to store it in the trunk.

Its handlebar is adjustable in height, so it adapts well to different heights. And special mention is made of its waterproof hood with sun protection, which gives you the peace of mind of enduring downpours.

Aspects to improve? Its wheels have suspension, although it is not the most comfortable cart to go on uneven terrain. It also does not have a safety bar, although its 5-point harness fastening system is sufficient.


The Britax Römer can be a good option if you are looking for a spacious stroller for big babies, which is compact when folded and you want to carry it around town on a daily basis.

Britax Römer is a renowned German-British brand.

They have been producing baby equipment since 1996. They manufacture their products in Germany and they are very committed to safety.

Its Agile M stroller model is robust (holds 22 Kg) and is characterized by being spacious, perfect for big babies. It has a large backrest, adjustable footrest and a good sun canopy.

Be careful: there is an error in the product description. It puts 3 in 1 but in reality, only the stroller comes. Britax carrycot and maxi-cosi can be purchased separately. Keep this in mind 😉

It stands out because it takes up very little folded space and folds easily, with one hand.

The backrest is adjusted with a lever (much more robust than the strap) and reclines to the horizontal position. It is appreciated that it comes with a protective rain cover and coasters.

As aspects to improve: it is somewhat heavy and, in some cases, the front wheels can make some noise. This usually happens when they accumulate dirt or dirt, for example. Solution? Clean and grease the bearings.

Lastly, the chair is not reversible, you can only carry it in one direction.

The best
  • A brand with some recognition
  • Reasonable price-quality
  • Robust structure (holds 22 Kg)
  • Takes up little space
  • It is missing that the handlebar is adjustable in height (if you are a tall person it can be somewhat uncomfortable)
  • The chair is not reversible (you can only carry it in one direction)



The Baby Jogger stroller interests you if you are looking for a stroller for day-to-day life that can hold everything, that is manageable to travel and you do not have budget problems.


We could say that the Baby Joggers are mid-range strollers for their price. However, if we see benefits it is clear that they are top cars.

The families that buy them agree that they are very well finished and almost indestructible carts 

Where does it stand out especially? In that it is very compact when you fold it up. If you are going to travel by plane often or you have very little space in the car, it is brutal. It also comes with a bag so you can store it. A detail 🙂


It is a fairly wide stroller, perfect for big babies. It has to cushion on the front wheels and, although it is designed to be carried on any terrain, in my opinion, it is a rather city cart.

The chair reclines by means of a strap to an almost horizontal position. It also has an adjustable footrest and a nice sun canopy.

If you want to see more step chairs, in this article I analyze the 9 bestsellers of this year.

Important: the stroller is designed to be used from 6 months to 4 years (22 Kg). If you want to use it from birth, you can add a compatible Baby Jogger carrycot.

As aspects to improve, it would be nice if it included a front protection bar (although you can buy it separately ) and that it was reversible.

Extra: 3 more tips for choosing your stroller

Ok, at this point we have seen some things to take into account when choosing your baby stroller. But you still have many doubts …

Here are 4 tips to help you make your final decision.


#Tip 1. Know the maxi-Cosi well

The Maxi-costs / Group 0 / Eggs … (and surely some other name will leave me) are placed in reverse to minimize cervical damage to the baby in the event of a frontal impact.

In fact, it is recommended that children travel in reverse for as long as possible (at least 4 years).

There are different sizes of chairs. You will often hear Group 0, 0+, 1, 2, and 3. Each group corresponds to a range of height and weight. The seats that come with the car are Group 0/0 +, which means that they are worth from birth to 9/13 Kg, respectively.

If the chair that comes with the cart is Group 0+ (about 13 Kg), when the time comes, you only need to buy one more chair that includes groups 1,2, and 3.

By the way, although most pushchairs allow the maxi-cosi to be attached, it is not recommended that babies spend a lot of time in them. It is not an ergonomic position and it is intended for traveling by car, not for walking.

Oh, and run away from the approved carrycots. Unless your baby is premature and requires special conditions prescribed by your doctor, the carrycot should not be used for travel.


#Tip 2. Test the cart before you buy it

Whichever stroller you choose, the ideal is to try it before the baby is born to see if it fits you.

Some families have had to return it because “they didn’t get hold of it” (the wheels don’t turn well, you bump into them when you walk, it costs a lot to close to put it in the car, it doesn’t fit in the elevator …).

If you can’t try it because you can’t find it in a nearby store, you can order it online through Amazon (or through a birth list ). You have a month to try it and, if you are not convinced, you can return it and they will refund your money.

What I tell you is valid for any car you choose, but especially for high-end baby carriages. If you are convinced of investing in a high-end car (such as the classic Bugaboo, UppaBaby, etc.), try it before in a specialized store and ask the sellers. You learn a lot


# Tip 3. Consider that your stroller is reversible

You will see that most strollers are fixed, that is, the baby/child can only look out (facing the world).


In the first years of life, it is especially important that your baby feels close to you.

Going outward makes you lose sight of yourself and some studies suggest that it could impair your communication (verbal and non-verbal) and negatively influence your mood.

For example, in this interesting study, 2,722 babies under 3 years of age and their mothers were analyzed with 2 types of strollers: facing outwards or towards their mothers. This is one of their conclusions:

The infants’ heart rates decreased when the stroller was oriented towards the mother and they were more likely to fall asleep in this orientation.

That is, babies feel safer and accompanied when they have you in front of them. Something totally understandable …

This is less delicate in older children, who may ask themselves to look straight ahead to have our same vision.


To end…

I hope the article has helped you understand a little more this infinite world of carts.

Remember to give the porting the importance it deserves. Contact with your baby favors a multitude of hormonal processes that unite the two of you and stimulates their cognitive development.

Oh, and if you use a stroller and your baby is still small, try to position it facing you.

Finally, repeat with me one more time: the cart is not the most important item to choose from your birth list (although we will not deny that we are excited il).

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