Cheap Custom Boxes
Cheap Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are a perfect packaging solution. They can address all your issues by streamlining your processes and creating an ideal package exactly according to your branding requirements. Great product demands fantastic packaging. It has been seen many times that the way you package a product can make or break its success. A wonderful product packaged poorly can create a big bomb. Therefore, your packaging decides whether your product will be a hit or flop when entering the market.

If you were stuck anywhere, the use of cheap custom boxes can help you in streamlining your packaging process. Recent research reveals that 40% of shoppers are of opinion that custom branded packaging makes them share their experience with others. However, the box manufacturers are in a continuous effort to design packaging more cheaply and effectively keeping their budget maintained. Here are some of the best tips you can use to streamline your business for cheap custom boxes.


The size is the most important factor to ensure that your packaging is streamlined as far as possible. It applies to both the shipping boxes and display packaging. Designing a perfect sized packaging can make your product just fit inside. It is your choice whether to want to design a custom box exactly according to the product’s dimension or keep a margin of one to two inches to provide necessary cushioning materials. If the items are extremely fragile it is, better to add-on some filler packaging. However, in the case of the products that require no cushioning, creating a larger sized box and filling it with excessive packaging proves ineffective and well as costly.


There are hundreds of possibilities to design the packaging for a single product. The easiest way is to use a traditionally shaped custom box having side flaps to ensure a safe closure. Such type of packaging makes your product perfectly fit in with little or no movement. You may also use inserts or different types of filler packaging to enhance the level of protection if needed. Another effective way to streamline these cheap boxes is to consider the product shape and modify its packaging accordingly. For example, you would not like to package a thin long curling iron in a round-shaped hatbox. Neither do you want to put it in an unusual or an oversized box? Just by following the contours of the product, you may develop a perfect sized package for your curling iron. The box can be long and rectangular similar to the dimensions of the product. You may design it with closing flaps, a removable lid, or a sleeve depending upon your box design. In this way, you can create a sleek, protective, and affordable package by using minimal raw material.


For packaging and shipping larger items, the box manufacturers near me offer various add-on options to enhance the level of protection. A customer will be a delight to see a handle integrated into the packaging design for ease. Similarly, the use of inserts for fragile items can provide a good box opening experience sidewise keeping the products safe. The use of attractive filler packaging is another interesting way to streamline your customized cardboard boxes. They arouse the interest of customers by differentiating your brand from several others available in the market. Introducing other add-on options like transparent windows, die-cuts, gloss/matte lamination to design your wholesale boxes can make a great contribution.


Whether you want to design a product package or a shipping box, it should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of transition. For example, instead of designing a thin paperboard packaging, using a double wall tuck end box is a better option. The name indicates its characteristics that it consists of two walls thereby increasing its sturdiness. Its sleek design and professional display make it ideal to be used industry-wide.


Another important tip that will never make you stuck is to implement functional and easy to use packaging designs. For example, the most important thing to be considered while choosing a box for your products especially a display box is that it should be highly durable to hold several items as well as easy to open. Nothing can be more frustrating than struggling hard with a stubborn box and still it is unable to open. Such type of packaging spoils your brand image, troubles the retailers, and makes you lose hundreds of customers. Easy to use packages are the best way to streamline the process. It does only facilitate the employees who pack the products into the box but also the customers who are anxiously waiting to open it. Pillow boxes and gable packaging are good examples of it.


Custom packaging is cheap but provides unlimited benefits to the manufacturers. This makes them design their product boxes uniquely and innovatively. One of the most effective ways to streamline it is to use a variety of effective and affordable printing techniques. Digital and offset printing are used industry-wide these days. They produce the best results even for large order sizes. If you have a large-scale business with a wide product range and want less variation in your packaging, offset printing is best to consider. These techniques have solved the issue for new businesses who are concerned about where can I get cardboard boxes. Varieties of companies are available in the market to provide you with a custom printed and branded solution and highly cost-effective rates. They offer you interesting customization concerning a variety of printing techniques, producing top-notch results at every step.


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