Google and Samsung partner to work on iFixit’s self-repair program


Google and Samsung partner to work on iFixit’s self-repair program

Google announced its partnership with iFixit, similar to Samsung, for an endeavor to offer original spare parts for the Google devices, marking its first-ever collaboration with DIY repair specialists iFixit. The announcement came on Friday, April 8. This partnership would help the Google Pixel device owners to repair their devices on their own, replacing the damaged parts with the original Google parts from iFixit. You will now be able to get the batteries, cameras, and displays for your Pixel phones with the deal currently on air in the regions, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other European countries the phones are sold. You will be able to get the parts later this year, as informed by Google.

The availability of the Pixel spare parts will include all of the Pixel phones that have yet been manufactured and sold in different versions. So, Google’s all ailing pixel devices may now reclaim the pink of their health with the incorporation of authentic spare parts. Contrary to this, Samsung has limited the range of its smartphone devices to get the availability of the spare parts with iFixit ranges from the phones launched back in 2020, probably its Galaxy S20 and versions higher than that. However, Samsung has plans to exceed the devices that may later be able to get the repairable Samsung parts.

For Google to get its customers to stick to using the Pixel devices until the software support prolongs, it’s necessary to get the repairs for the devices easier. Meanwhile, Google Pixel 6 device has promised its customers to offer Android updates for up to three years and security updates for up to five years. In this way, the users may continue to use the phone till late 2026. If this gets possible, the phone would require a repair or a battery replacement at least once in its lifetime. The collaboration with iFixit is, therefore, Google’s way to ensure the availability of authentic spares to achieve its purpose.


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