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I woke up this morning and thought of you first! I send you a warm greeting and long for your kiss! This is just one of many good morning sayings on our website. Whatsapp sayings like these and other good morning sayings can be found in the respective categories. Just click on the Guten Morgen Sprüche section and choose the right one from a variety of Whatsapp sayings.

  • Open your eyes, experience the time, a beautiful morning is waiting for you. And someone who really likes you wishes you a wonderful day!
  • I don’t want to disturb you at an early hour, maybe you’d still be happy to hear from me! I would just like to dare something: to say a warm good morning to you!
  • Good morning my little heart, no that’s not a joke! I wish you a nice day and I want to say that I like you!
  • Good morning sunshine, please let me into your heart. I’m thinking of you today because I like you very much!
  • If kissing phones existed, yours would jump right now and give you a big good morning kiss!
  • Hi! I’m a good morning text message! Will take care of you all day so nothing happens to you and make sure you don’t forget the sender.
  • Good morning sunshine, let me into your heart. I think about you all day because I like you so special.
  • A morning e-mail, very short and small, just hops right into your cell phone. Have a nice day Someone who likes you emails you!
  • In the dream you laughed at me, thought it was nice, I woke up now. I like to think of you because I like you! Have a nice day!

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