Golfing The Front Nine At Golf Crooked Creek Near Lincoln, Nebraska


This game was really played on March 30, 2007, and it was the second round of golf for the entire year of 2007. Throughout the golfing year, I typically play once a week and am a bogey player. I’ve never computed a handicap since I don’t play golf very seriously. I like receiving fresh air and being outside, apart from everything. I frequently play golf with two other coworkers who don’t maintain score or always abide by the game’s regulations.
The opening hole is a par four. The orange tees, which are one shorter than the blue tees that are the longest, will be used. Once the season starts, we will begin hitting from the long tees later in the year. This hole is roughly 400 yards long and faces south. The slope to the green is minor. This hole has a handicap of 5, making it the fifth-hardest on the whole course. This may be because you would be fighting against the wind because the usual breezes come from the south. At the first tee, there isn’t much wind to speak of today.
Okay, before we tee off, the bunch in front of us must either be pretty awful or have only recently picked up the game. At least half of the group didn’t make it beyond the women’s tee box as they are starting their round from the blue tees. This round might last a while. The first joke at the tee goes as follows to demonstrate how serious we are: “The other golfer noticed the obvious issue as soon as the player’s shot, which was barely 20 yards off the tee, was complete. After he struck the golf ball, he complained that his fellow duffer was too near to it “You will understand it if you give it a moment of thought.
I hit the tee shot with a driver. I have a 9.5 degree lofted inexpensive copy of a golf driver. It was tailored to me, and early last year, I managed to hit it. I smashed it approximately 250 yards straight down the middle of the fairway. I had 150 downhill yards to the pin as a result. This was the perfect place for me because my 8 iron has a 150-yard range. I smashed the golf ball pin high, but approximately 45 feet left of the green. Two-putted after using a pitching wedge to get within 15 feet of the golf hole. I made bogey on the hole because of this. Average for me, although I thought my position off the drive was nice. My 8-iron had a little pull, which caused the ball to leave the left edge of the green.
Another dogleg left par 4, hole number two is also a par 4. It is the third-hardest hole on the golf course and is roughly 390 yards long. I pushed my 3 wood slightly to the right off the fairway and into the rough as I was standing on the tee. Once more, I was around 150 yards away.

Once more reaching for my 8 iron, I landed short in the sand bunker in front of the green. I’m not the best at playing in the sand, therefore I’m never happy to be there. My eighth iron wasn’t struck very well again, but it was in line with the pin. I swung my sand wedge around 23 feet past the pin after hitting out of the sand bunker. I made two putts to go to eight feet, one to get to three feet past, and one to get to the pin. This resulted in a double bogey for me, which was yet another letdown. It wasn’t all horrible, though, because I was outside in the pleasant weather.

The third hole is a short par four with a dogleg right at the end of the fairway and is protected on the right by water in front of the green. The handicap for the course is 11. In order to avoid the water and allow myself between 130 and 150 yards to the green, I used a 3 iron off the tee. About 136 yards from the hole, I found myself on the right side of the fairway. Exactly what I had in mind! This is the perfect place for a hard 9 iron, so I took it out of the golf bag.

I regrettably dropped 2 directly into the water. On the green, the third shot landed around 40 feet out from the hole. I made a putt that was within two feet of the hole. I calculated that a 7 would be a quadruple bogey. Despite my genuine disappointment, I played well off the tee and made good putts.
The fourth hole is a par 3 that is roughly 130 yards in length. With a 17 handicap, this hole is rather simple to play. I struck the green within 21 feet of the pin with a 9 iron. putted for a par after coming within two feet! Things are improving right now.
A par five hole measuring 415 yards, hole number 5 has a handicap of 9. I struck the cart route with my driver and gained a bit additional space. Eventually, I found myself behind some woods and around 150 yards from the pin. I used my pitching wedge and came within 26 feet of the pin while being on the right side of the green. putt to within seven feet, then three feet beyond. inserted it and suffered a bogie. I must perfect my putting stroke.
The following hole is number 6. A par four, it is roughly 350 yards long. It has a 13th-place handicap. With around 220 yards remaining before the hole, I used my driver and muffed it out into the left rough. I reached approximately 50 yards with a 6 iron. I needed a 32-foot putt to get to the left side of the green with a sand wedge. putt to three feet, then in for a second bogey.
Number 7 is a 320-yard par 4 with a 15 handicap. I shot the ball with a driver and it landed in the centre of the fairway about 50 yards from the green! About two feet from from the front of the green, a pitching wedge landed. I punched in for my opening round par after putting to within one foot of the hole!
The eighth hole is a par three that is 167 yards long and crosses a ditch. It has a disability at position 7. I played into a mild breeze with a 4 iron. The tee shot landed in the rough just past pin high, around 40 yards from the green’s right side. I landed on the green around 40 feet from the pin after using a sand wedge. putted to a distance of 4 feet before putting it in for a second bogey. , A Sports Store specially for Golf apparel, accessories, carts , bags and for Tenis and Football Accessories and apparels.

The ninth hole is the top handicapped hole. Today, the par five measures roughly 495 yards. With roughly 320 yards to travel to the green, I hit a driver and pushed the tee shot out to the right, landing on the fairway of the first hole. About 100 yards from the green, I shot a 3 wood to the left side of the fairway. Actually, the golf ball landed off the fairway in the rough about two inches. To get to the middle of the green and around 36 feet from the pin, I utilised a pitching wedge. putted to a distance of 8 feet and one inch. For a second bogey, I touched it into the hole.
I calculated that I had played the first nine holes at 10 over par. For my golf round, when I anticipate shooting around bogey, this is about usual. Onto the last nine now.
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