Go to Boston and Massachusetts What to do and look around?


What to do in Boston and the State of Massachusetts?

The state was the founding state in the United States, home to famous universities that are known throughout the world. Situated on the east coast in the middle of nature and the ocean. Massachusetts is among the most fascinating places which we frequently see in movies or on television. From Boston the capital to the stunning Cape Cod, a piece of paradise that lies between ocean and land, and surrounded by the mythical witches from Salem or the legendary Harvard Let’s discover Massachusetts and the “Bay State” together!

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Boston the capital

A cultural, historical, and economic center, Boston is a completely unusual urban area within the United States. It is a part of the renowned BosWash the urban zone of over 800 km that extends across the entire state of Boston to Washington however, has an individual identity. A historic city which can be explored on foot, it is one of the cities that breathe, where you can feel at peace and free, without being overwhelmed by the huge towers.

To find it, look for the common thread. The Freedom Trail is a path that is traced out on the ground, it’s a big red thread that spans almost 4 kilometers across the city.

It covers all of the landmarks and most important places to visit. Beginning at Boston Common, one of the oldest gardens that are public in the United States as well as the location that was the site of The Battle of Bunker Hill, an iconic site in that Revolutionary War, passing by the federal seat as well as The statue of Benjamin Franklin, the Old Corner Bookstore or the USS Constitution ship, it’s everything you need to know.

In the middle in this historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill is typical of Boston with its traditional red-brick townhouses, cobblestone streets, and the Victorian atmosphere of nineteenth-century England. Beacon Hill is also an extremely expensive and sought-after area to reside in.

Also, if you are walking close to the port, do not forget to try the “Clam Chowder”. This traditional Boston and classic New England food is a type of rich clam soup that’s extremely delicious.

Harvard as well as MIT Two legendary universities

It’s impossible to discuss Boston without not mentioning these two renowned universities. In the nearby city of Cambridge and Cambridge, they exude the highest standards in research and teaching and also have a distinct student environment and a mythical past. Consider this: Harvard is the oldest of American institutions, founded in 1636 and an integral part of the Ivy League, this very elite club that is one of the top eight universities in the nation. The most prosperous university in the world, which draws students from across the globe It is its campus that Facebook found through Mark Zuckerberg. The campus is frequently visit by students who take you in the numerous stories of the daily life of students on campus.

MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) is committed to technology and science. Established in 1861, it is a renowned university that has numerous Nobel Prize winners and world-class faculty. MIT is also an icon of excellence because many characters from the film industry have been educated there like Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory series, Peter Bishop in the Fringe series, Tony Stark in the Iron Man films, or Benjamin Gates in his adventure films, further increasing his fame. Similar to Harvard The campus is also accessible for visitors. It makes you want to return to school does it not?

The Salem Witches

A lot of people are confuse, yet legendary and romanticized as it gets the legendary story about the Witches of Salem was a major shock to the region during the 17th century. The year was 1692. Salem was a tiny coastal city without any history However, the town’s history is altered after hundreds are charged with witchcraft, and twenty are sentenced to death in absurd trials.

It began with three girls who exhibit sudden and disturbing behavior they are unable to speak a language They slither around and lose all social connections. A sort of hysterical calamity for which several witches are thought to be the culprits. In a hostile, heavy environment, ripe for false denunciation, as well as the pressures of conservatism in religion This particular episode in the history of witch-hunting will remain a part of Salem. Salem.

A variety of explanations have been offer to explain this behavior such as religious extremes, child abuse, or a hallucinogenic drug derive made from the seeds of rye Ergot – similar to LSD. The question remains unanswered and the city seizes the opportunity to bring tourists to experience this fascinating and dark tale that has changed the course of history. Many museums that are very interactive with actors performing the reconstitution bring this period to life, like The Witch Salem Museum, the Witch House, or the Witch Dungeon Museum.

Another one not to miss In a different style is the gorgeous historic home that has seven gables. It is one of the most traditional and well-known within the town. Ideal for exploring its gorgeously decorated rooms. Its hidden staircase, and living the life of the newcomers in the new continent.

Cape Cod, between the sea and land

A peninsula that is sunk to the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod is among the places in nature that delight tourist. For travel in high cars limo service Boston to cape cod is best for your travel. Imagine vast beautiful beaches with fine sand charming and traditional ports. A vast nature reserve, tiny towns that have a distinct charm, and lighthouses that dominate the wild coastline… It is an incredible collection of natural beauty that has been preserve and cherish by visitors.

Sandwich, the town in Sandwich is among the authentic and traditional little treasures. It is the most prestigious town in the Cape region, established in 1637 by pilgrims from Europe. Seeking refuge from persecution for their faith. There are beautiful gardens, typical small houses as well as art galleries. And antique stores that provide an idyllic feel to the city. It is also well-known for its historic glass factory, which was established in 1825.

On the eastern shore of Cape Cod. The “Cape Cod National Seashore” is the wildest natural reserve that is protected. It is a vast park that includes dunes, moors, cliffs, and ponds. A unique natural ecosystem that is accessible on foot. Or bicycle on the long cycling path that runs along the cape.

Then, Provincetown is the liveliest town on Cape Cod. While also being it is atypical, creative, and unusual. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city with narrow streets and is dominat by the Pilgrim’s Memorial. A sort of huge tower that offers an unobstructed view.

It’s in Provincetown that cruise ships leave to watch the whales that live in their native environment in the Atlantic Ocean. Shows guaranteed!

Plymouth The symbolic

A bit further the to the south from Cape Cod, Plymouth is an important city for Americans. It was establish in the 1620s by those who had travel from Europe on the fame Mayflower. Plymouth is also the second oldest American city alive today.

To step back in time It is possible to visit the spot where these pilgrims arrived. And also visit a replica vessel that is securely moor in the port. A fascinating historical tour to get a better understanding of the lives of the people. Who decided to flee to begin a new life in a new place.

The Plimoth Plantation is a stunning open-air village museum that retraces the everyday life of these pilgrims. Who settled in the region during the 17th century. An amazing glimpse into a daily life that was anything but straightforward for those times!


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