GMAT Exam Preparation Course


The GMAT is a general English language test. This will help you determine a student’s level of readiness for admission to most business schools abroad.

The GMAT is designe to assess the mathematical, verbal, and analytical abilities of candidates who want to study at a foreign business school as accurately as possible.

The advanced GMAT

The advanced GMAT allows you to identify the skills needed for higher education abroad in management. The text structure consists of several steps that must be successfully passed, in the first step, students are required to write an essay on a chosen topic. This is based on an assessment of analytical skills. In the second stage, mathematical knowledge and verbal skills are assessed, and in the third, the ability to find appropriate solutions for specific situations.

Today, the GMAT is the priority test for admission to most business schools abroad. To pass successfully students must start preparing in advance.

With practical experience and tremendous success, Star Academy Nmdcat Fee Structure knows exactly what the GMAT is and is ready to help students from Ukraine. Stars Academy experts provide the highest-quality GMAT preparation system that most American students actively use.

A well-designed online learning process consists of the following steps:

  • Passed more than 6000 tests
  • 180 hours of high-quality practice
  • A system of lectures prepared for future students
  • Training with teachers who will be able to answer all questions that appear during training.

The GMAT test preparation system is designe so that each student can create. Their schedule and choose the best time to pass the test. All lectures are accompanied by bright and understandable presentations. To listen, students only need an internet connection and headphones with a microphone. High-quality online learning is not only practical and effective. but also convenient.

It is important to note that the GMAT Anywhere course is designe for 3 months of intensive training and the price for this type of study abroad program is $949. High quality by listening to the lecture material and completing practical tasks.

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