Glamorous Matha Patti designs for 2020 brides to flaunt


Being a bride isn’t a cakewalk as all the eyes chase her wherever she goes, eyeing every little detail from her wedding outfit to accessories, footwear to her make up for everything we noticed by everyone’s on her big day for all the right reasons. Weddings mark the beginning of a new journey in her life. And to make it memorable, she wants to dress up her best, put on the best accessories, and simply she wants everything to be in a place that is perfect. For that one particularly special day, shopping sprees seem as if it would never stop. If your hunt for your wedding outfit has completed then congrats! A big task is done. Now, the next big challenge is to choose jewelry that goes with your wedding outfit. That seems a tough task, no?

Don’t worry, let’s break the process. First, narrow down your choices and find inspiration for the kind of jewelry you want. The kind of earrings, neckpieces, math Patti, etc you want for your wedding. You can also shop for single pieces of jewelry individually and pair them together to achieve your desired look.

In this article, we have presented a list of matha Patti design ideas that will steal your hearts for sure. In case you were living under a rock, then let me tell you it is an important part of Dulhan wedding jewelry that is used for adorning the head and temple. Or simply it is an elaborated version of a traditional jewelry piece called maang tikka. So, let’s begin with the list without any delay.

15+ Matha Patti design ideas for 2020 brides to flaunt:

1.Red flower design center with teardrop motifs on the Patti

Source: shekhar ghosh photography

2. Medium-wide Matha patti with gold, kundan and pearls

Source: Ramit batra

3. Multi-tiered  math Patty with small jhumki hangings

Source: Picsurely

4.Wide square pattern matha Patti with a round gold tikka at the center

Source: Pinterest

5.Golden matha patti with Pearl motifs

Source: thestyles_bysha

6. Thin strapped matha patti with hues of pink, green, and golden with a flower-shaped center tikka

Source: Rajevan photography

7. Flamboyant headband style stunning matha patti for the princess-sy feels

Source: Pinterest

8. Multi-layered Kundan work matha patti

Source: the photo diary

9. Kundan gold matha patti with a borla design tikka at the center

Source: paisley pop shop

10. Stunning Golden Matha patti which has more than three tiers

Source: Journeys by vivek

11. Double-layered matha patti which has borla and pearl chains as a second layer

Source: Pinterest

12. Diamond single-tiered matha patti for a classy yet minimalistic look

Source: The Lightsmiths

 13. Massive teardrop center on a thin chained Patti

Source:Anoop  padalkar

14. Borla style pearl motifs at the center on a single chain for minimalistic brides

Source: Pinterest

 15. Chaandbaali pattern tikka on a golden kundan patti

Source: Fotowala

16. Matha patti which has two chaandbalis in it

Source: Pic catch media

I hope some of these must-have already made a place in your gallery in the screenshot folder. No matter what design you pick, with a smile and confidence, you can rock your D-day.

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