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1: Book Your IELTS Exams And Let Us Cover The Exam With Use Of Proxy(exam experts , Location Is Not A Limitation We have proxy experts in all test centers Around the world.

2: Book And Attend The Ielts Exam, Provide Us With Your Candidate Details And We Secure You A Pass By Score Manipulation in our database system.

3: Provide Exam Registration Requirements, Sit Back and Let Us handle Entire Certification Process.

Note!!! Certification without an exam does not mean the exam is absent and with each option mentioned above, you are guaranteed 100% pass. All our certificates are 100% verified and Original. We do not produce buy IELTS Certificate without exam as they serve no purpose.

Alert!!!! Note not all agencies advertising online are real there are so many fake organizations advertising on social media like Facebook instagram and twitter in the name of providing ielts without exam in which all are fake there will take your money and provide you with nothing, Make sure you trust the agent you are working with. We are 100% genuine and working with us is risk free for we are examiners working to get this certification and help candidates who can’t reach the tasks.

We issue IELTS results slip For migration in a country like USA, Australia, Canada, UK one should know the English language. If you want to migrate to any English speaking country you need to clear this International English Language Testing System certificate (IELTS). This test is helpful in knowing your efficacy in the language and it also helps to examine the language skills, fluency in the language and communication with other people.  or other countries abroad? If your answer to both these questions is “Yes”, then let me tell you that you have come to the right place. We are examiners and database partners working with the BC and idp database systems and can help you get your desired scores in the ielts examination with no issues and you will be able to verify it online before you start using , All our certifications are issued by the BC and Idp database system , From us  we enable  you acquired  IELTS score card online with no examination . Yes! From us, you can have buy IELTS certificate online. We are a pioneer in this field and have years of experience in providing original IELTS certificated online. So, from our IELTS certificates, you not only get to buy IELTS certificate, but also buy registered IELTS certificate, buy original IELTS certificate and buy valid IELTS certificate.

Buy Covid-19 Vaccination Card for sale online without taking the vaccine. Counterfeit vaccine cards and what are being billed as Covid-19 vaccines are now for sale online

Meanwhile, vaccine certificates or proof of vaccination cards; are created and printed to order; the buyer provides the name and dates they want on the certificate and the vendor replies with what Check Point said resembles an authentic card.

The counterfeit products are being marketed to people who need to board planes, cross borders, start a new job or other activities that may require someone to give proof of vaccination.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) logo, including a picture of an eagle, is featured on the top right corner of the fake vaccine cards, just like on the real ones. The Check Point spokesperson said the company estimates “vendors are capable of pumping out fake vaccination cards by the thousands, if not thousands, based on requests.

If COVID vaccination information cards will be just as common to see in public as face masks, you’ll want to be prepared. Just to acquire a Covid-19 Vaccination Card for sale without taking the vaccine worldwide.

I don’t need to talk too much. You all know how dangerous the vaccine is. Hurry up and get your card. Delivery guaranteed maximum 24-48hrs worldwide to get a card

All versions include basic information about the vaccine recipient, the manufacturer and brand of the vaccine administered the date of vaccination, where it was administered and identities of health professionals who administered the vaccines. Filipinos get your international covid yellow cards to travel abroad from us without the jab and keep your DNA unchanged


Contact: We produce and offer covid 19 vaccine cards to those who need results but not willing to take the vaccines. With our services, you can do the following:

  • Travel ● work our services are: ● registered ● checked and Verified in all System online and we also provide a legit QR code. Get your cards now and keep your DNA unchanged.

Get your vaccine cards without vaccine 100% legit and save. We only receive payments after our clients are 100% satisfied. Your health status is completely updated on data base this is done without you having to take a vaccine.

STAY SAFE: Say No to SARS-CoV-2 inoculations. Under no circumstances should u accept to take the SARS-CoV-2 inoculation it is dangerous.

Are u in GERMANY











OR any other Europa


All Vaccine cards i sell are registered by doctors and pharmacies NO HACKERS. So 100% safe and secure



The certificate we issue out is authentic or legit and all your details will be in the database, but the only difference is that, you will not be vaccinated. When all your information is been sent to us, and we come out with your legit certificate, within 48hrs, your information will be in the database. Wherever it’s been scan in any European countries, it will be found in the database like any other certificate.



Are you Ready to live, work or study in Australia or Canada? Buy your IELTS certificate now with us

We can help you obtain high scores in IELTS Certificates online without you attending the exams. All our certificate are registered and can be verified online, you can use these certificates for Universities admission and any immigration use. The regions we cover are UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India, Pakistan,

Philippines, Jordan, Australia, Asia, Eu(UK), Canada, Italy, Ireland, Germany, USA etc.

Because the business is risky, very little information is provided to the public and details of the certificates are only provided to paying clients so Contact us for more info. We are confident in the quality of our services, but if suddenly you are not satisfied with the result of our work, we will refund you all the money for the work. Sometimes it happens that we do not fully satisfy our client and we have to refund the money paid for the work.

Here we produce original data based registered ielts certificates, which can also be used anywhere, for any purpose without any problem as a result of this, almost all our clients are most noteworthy. We are the best in the provision of original data based registered IELTS certificate, without clients writing any exams. seems like a joke because you can’t believe, even more you are the one to choose your band score

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