Get rid of QuickBooks Error C=184 with simple methods

QuickBooks Error C=184

QuickBooks users come across various issues while working on the company data file or preparing a report due to QuickBooks Error C=184. It occurs when the software meets any corruption with the network data (ND) file. If this error gets resolve correctly on time, it can also be a reason behind data damage in the QB company file.

Users have reported many times that whenever they click to open the company file or QB report, they often get Error C=184 in QuickBooks. So we have described in this blog the most prominent methods to get rid of this error permanently.

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Reasons behind QuickBooks Reports Error C=184

Knowing the reason provoking the QuickBooks Error C 184 is very important to be able to fix it with ease. Check out the reasons that may lead to this error.

  • When ‘.ND’ (network data) gets damaged.
  • Corruption with the ‘.TLG’ (transaction log) file is another reason for this error.
  • Also, it occurs when the reporting dates of QB Desktop don’t match because of the leap year.
  • Improper installation of the software may bring up error code C=184 in QuickBooks.

How to Resolve Can’t Open Company File Error C=184?

Different techniques can be used to fix the Can’t Open QuickBooks Reports Error C=184 depending on the root causes. We have defined processes if there are issues with ND or TLG file has occurred. Also, we have delivered advanced steps for error resolution when you don’t know why the error happened.

Method 1: Fixing Damaged Network Data and Log File

The QB Error C=184 can occur due to infected ND and TLG files. You can resolve this error by renaming these files. The below-provided guide will help you to perform this method:

  1. Open up the folder in your c drive where all the QB company files are stored.
  2. Find the files include ‘ND’ and ‘TLG’ extensions in this folder.
  3. Hit a Right-click on these files one by one to select the Rename option.
  4. Add “.OLD” at the last of the filenames and hit enter to rename QB Network Data and Log files.
  5. Afterward, open the QB application on your workstation and then the company file.

Check if the above steps eliminated the glitch or not. If the same error persists, If the error comes up due to a network or log file, then you need to try advanced troubleshooting to resolve this technical error C=184 when opening the company file.

Method 2: Advanced Instructions to Fix QuickBooks Error C=184

If the above solution could not resolve the error code C 184 in QB, try this additional solution to settle it.

  • Copy the company file from the QB folder in the C drive and paste it into a different
  • location, such as the desktop.
  • Now, the path of the company file in the software requires to be changed.
  • Go to the new location where you saved the copied file and open it directly from here.
  • If the file is opening, the error has been solved.
  • In case the file is not opening, rename it by adding ‘.OLD’ at the end of the filename.
  • Again try to access it.

There are various methods to resolve Error C=184 in QuickBooks. But before going to fix this error, you need to understand the root cause behind the failure. If the error comes up due to a network or log file, we have specified methods for that case. Read our blog to fix QuickBooks Error C=184 with ease.

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We hope the troubleshooting will be helpful in eliminating QuickBooks Error C=184. If you’re still unable to access the company file data and getting the same error code, contact a technical specialist. Call us at +1(800) 314-0226 directly to get in touch with our certified QuickBooks Support experts.



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