Get Real-Time Train Status With RailMitra’s Smart Tools

Get Real-Time Train Status With RailMitra's Smart Tools

Indian Railways is used by thousands of people to travel long distances. It is the most economical and practical approach for touring a remarkable country like India. However, there are times when trains are delayed, and the final destination takes longer to reach than anticipated. You can avoid calling the helpdesk and getting worked up by finding out how far the train is from its destination. If the train is late, you can use your smartphone to learn about its latest position. It is a good practice to keep tabs on the train live running status with the help of applications and websites offered by providers like RailMitra.

Live Train Position and Running Status

You need to know where your train is right now if it’s running late or on time, and when it will arrive at any station it’s going to. It’s possible to figure out the current status of trains in India via the internet on your computer or mobile device, or through one of the offline channels and techniques available. Moreover, you can obtain this information via text message. All the channels display the same information using various user interfaces, but each of them acquire their data from the Indian Railway enquiry system. Accuracy, information display, and technological proficiency are the three differentiating factors for all these channels.

Details Revealed by IRCTC Live Running Status

Following is a list of data observed while tracking train live running status:

  • Predetermined train schedule
  • Train traversing between two stops
  • Running status, including the current delay situation of the train
  • The train’s current whereabouts are (the last station passed)
  • The precise arrival and departure times at each intermediate station
  • Scheduled arrival and departure times for each station along the route
  • Schedules for trains arriving or departing in the next two to four hours (anticipated and real-time)
  • Country-wide train cancellations and reroutes for the present and the next day

How to Figure Out a Train’s Current Position?

Learn the precise location of your train, whether it is running late or on schedule, and when it is expected to arrive at any given stop. Following are some means to gather all of this information:

  • Through the Indian Railways online portal, you can follow the live running status of any train.
  • The 139 service lets passengers connect to Indian Railway information services through SMS and voice. Use the format- <SPOT train number> and send a phone message to 139 to learn where the train is.
  • If someone doesn’t want to send an SMS, they can call the voice portal 139 by dialling 1-3-9 (no STD code is needed). By choosing option three after confirming their language option one can find out when their train will arrive or leave.
  • Using the AI-powered RailMitra tool to get live information about your trains. It’s a terrific resource that operates on both computers and phones.

On-Time IRCTC Train

The Shatabdi and Rajdhani are given more attention than other trains. Indian Railways does its best to ensure these trains run on time.

Rajdhani Trains

These luxurious trains connect our country’s capital city, New Delhi, to several other significant Indian destinations. They stand out as some of India’s fastest trains, with top speeds of 130–140 km/h (81–87 mph). They don’t stop very often.

Shatabdi Trains

The AC Shatabdi trains are long-distance trains that run during the day. All Shatabdi express trains make a round trip (go back and forth) on the same day. One of the fastest trains in India runs between New Delhi and Agra cantonment at a top speed of 150 kph (90 mph). There are also 3-tier AC berths on some Shatabdi trains. They also only stop at a few places.

Jan Shatabdi Trains

They are the inexpensive version of the Shatabdi Express. It has both AC and non-AC compartments. It can go as fast as 110 km/h (68 mph). There are only so many stops.


These trains are as fast as the Rajdhani Express and connect India’s major cities and state capitals. They have air conditioning for first class, AC 3 Tier, and AC 2 Tier. Some of them have Sleeper classes that don’t have air conditioning.

Superfast Trains

More than 100 to 110 km/h, these trains move (62–68 mph). The train tickets cost more if you want to go fast.

Intercity Express Trains

Short routes between important cities will be served by these trains. Both the Express speed and the Superfast Express speed categories include these. The most famous and well-known Intercity Express trains are the Deccan Queen and the Flying Ranee.

The RailMitra service allows periodic monitoring of all the trains’ current operating status, as mentioned earlier. Its online train supervision tools are freely accessible for all, regardless of the device platforms. Now, you can travel without hiccups using RailMitra’s instant and precise train enquiry service.

Tracking Your Train With RailMitra

Rather than searching multiple websites for train enquiries, you can use RailMitra to access all the information you need about railways in one convenient location. It offers a fantastic tool that you can use to monitor trains online. RailMitra’s real-time service reveals accurate data on the current location and condition of trains. Both the website and the mobile app make it easy to track down your train at any time. Continuous upgrades have made RailMitra a comprehensive rail app for all your train-related needs, guaranteeing a pleasant journey.

You can explore a train’s whereabouts if you know the train’s number or name. Your device will show the specific location of the train, as well as its expected arrival time and any delays that may occur. RailMitra’s train tracking technology uses an AI-based algorithm to pinpoint the precise location of a train. RailMitra’s reliable GPS tracking mechanism keeps us informed about the status of the train no matter where we use the app. Not only can we find out where the train is and when it will arrive and depart, but we can also see whether there will be any delays and what platform it is most likely to stop at.

Use RailMitra to Locate Where Your Train Is

All you are required to do to locate your train is follow these directions:

  • Download the RailMitra mobile app.
  • Within the app, look for “Train Live Status” under the “Rail Tool” menu.
  • The next step is to input your train number.
  • Pick your train’s name when it shows up.
  • Click the most suitable choice from among these: yesterday, today, or tomorrow.
  • Select “Check Live Status.”
  • It will reveal the outcome on your mobile device’s screen.

A major chunk of the population in India relies on railways since they are the most traveller-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. The ease of booking a trip has increased since online reservation systems were first made available. Looking up the train websites/apps will help you learn the routes. Having a travel schedule also makes it easy to plan other events, not just vacations.

Additionally, if you need to board the train at the station, knowing the whereabouts of your train will be of great assistance. So, save your priceless time by researching your train’s schedule with a rail app, before heading to the station.

Get the most recent data on the train live running status with the help of the RailMitra app. You can also check the train’s timetable, PNR status, fare, and seat availability to organise your trip better.

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