Future of Artificial Intelligence in the World


In computer science, there is a branch called artificial intelligence. As the name suggests it is not a natural language. It is created by merging human intelligence with robust machines to perform intelligent tasks.

The history of AI is not even a century older. It started in the 1940s when Warren McCullough and Walter Pitts published a paper that proposed building a neural network. Since then there was no looking back.

Many experts published research articles that led to the development of the first neural network computer in 1950. The first AI lab was started by John McCarthy at Stanford in 1963. 



All over the world the tech companies are researching this technology and bringing new innovations. Big data, robotics, IoT( Internet of Things) emerged from this technology and we are still looking optimistically forward to more such new concepts. Artificial intelligence works on simulations that are based on human intelligence and performed by machines. It has changed the way the world looks towards problem-solving, completion of routine and monotonous work, reasoning, and planning. 

Arend Hintze who is a professor of biology and computer science at Michigan State University categorized artificial intelligence into four parts. This has helped to understand the barriers between humans and machines.


  • Reactive machines (Type I AI):

These machines possess basic types of intelligence which do not have space for memories or the capacity to use past experiences to make decisions. The chess game which was once very popular is based on this principle only. Meghan who is studying data science and machine learning courses with TangoLearn says that Deep Blue by IBM was used in playing grand chess tournaments. It could have predicted the possible future moves of its opponent. It ignored the present situation of the game and chose the next move from what is predicted. Google’s AlphaGo is another example that was using a neural network for game development and was not able to predict future moves.


  • Limited memory (Type II AI):

These AI machines use past memory or experiences to inform future decision-making. It is used in some models of racing cars also for observing the speed of other cars. The observation was not momentary rather it took some time to prepare the analysis. This helped cars to change lanes, identify turns and signals.


  • Theory of Mind (Type III AI):

The machines can understand creatures, objects, and people. As per psychology, the theory of mind deals with emotions and feelings which humans and animals possess. To understand how communication is made these machines are programmed to know how societies are formed and people exchange ideas. This leads to sharing of knowledge in the social environment with an intentional approach. When AI machines will move in the human settlement it is important to understand these sentiments and interpret the outcome. Without understanding these factors it will be difficult for them to work together and adjust according to the behavioral patterns.


  • Self Awareness (Type IV AI):

The AI systems should be able to represent themselves by creating a representation. Rohan who is a computer engineer by profession and looking for the best fish finder says that humans have consciousness about themselves. This stage is a further extension of the theory of mind type. The in-depth research is conducted and tools are under construction to explore the relationship between learning, memory, and ability.  It will help to relate decision-making mechanisms with past experiences as a base. Humans want to construct AI machines that are self-aware and can be equally intelligent like them. It is an important design element that these machines should be capable enough to analyze the present situations to be effective.

Artificial intelligence is leading as compared to other technologies.


It is helpful for giving assistance in operation theatre to doctors in highly developed countries. Expert guidance is available on a real-time basis. It is also contributing to enhancing the patient experience by a personalized approach.


In the business houses, the routine and monotonous work are being handled by AI so that the manager can use his skills and time in other productive areas which are of organizational importance. It will increase the speed of repetition to speed up the process.


In educational institutions, lectures and topics are present by robots specialized in AI features. It is helpful in creating digitized books. Tutors are also taking advantage to provide classes online. The best part is they are available round the clock. The resources are accessible at any point in time even from remote locations. 


AI systems are used in manufacturing units to automate the process so that less manpower can be used. Supervisors are appointed on the floor to monitor these robots. In case of any technical glitch is observed it can be corrected at that time only. It has helped to increase the production by two folds. It helps in the smooth functioning of technology in the workspace.


The AI lashed robots help in pick, pack and drop parcels according to real-time requirements. Amazon is a leader in incorporating these technologies and gained a competitive edge in the e-commerce segment. It has helped in reducing physical injuries to employees and increased the efficiency of the automated system.

Supply Chain:

The distribution has also been improved due to AI in use. The optimization of delivery channels has increased. The use of drones, traditional transportation methods, and a mix of these strategies has created a revolution in the effective supply chain management system. The real-time access of location of the vehicle, planning of mid-way pick and drop has made flexibility strength of transporters. It has also contributed to reducing carbon footprint.


Artificial Intelligence Future Applications

Looking after the varied application of artificial intelligence we can clearly foresee its future prospects. It has touched every aspect of a common man’s life without being physically present in front of him. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ascent, Freenome, Facebook, Quytech, Cloudminds, Osaro to name a few are spending billions of dollars annually to go the extra mile in their research. AI has disrupted other technologies. Due to this new markets are emerging. Even the superpowers around the world are exploring possibilities of using AI in army, security, and space research. The R&D departments are implementing pilot projects so that AI can be fully introduced. Despite being so hopeful for the future there is a community that has valid concerns over the excessive use of AI.


Artificial Intelligence Affect on Market

People will be facing a more difficult time managing their finances and meeting daily needs. They believe that one day will come when these machines will overtake this planet and regulate our lives. AI is witnessing an evolution period. Humans are progressing technologically. We have to make sure that it should not overpower the human race. We can see that these discussions are creating fear. They do not hold any serious concern in the near future.

Humans have the capability to think differently and not machines. The mundane jobs will definitely be out of the market but it will create new requirements and new skills for the market. These machines still need human intervention to proceed as they have certain limitations.

Artificial intelligence has given the world a fresh new perspective of specialized intelligence over humans’ generalized intelligence. As we are growing so are our needs and the same way the data relates to various functions. The AI models help them to extract the information which is of use and serve the community better.


Final Verdict

In today’s time, AI skills are most demanded by employers, and the candidates with such skills are hired immediately. With new technology, new courses are coming up:

  • skill-based and
  • certification-based

It is creating new opportunities for people to adopt challenging careers. The advancements in computing, designing of models which can enhance problem-solving skills, analytics to support decision making and automation are few areas where AI is going to excel in the near future. It has a lot more stored in it which is yet to show to the world by the experts. The new technologies which are ready to emerge under the umbrella of AI are far more fascinating for tech-savvy and exciting. Though we are not experiencing its real side now, soon it will take over to be part of life without which life is not possible like masks and sanitizers during a pandemic. It will be new tech normal for even a common man.

As the industry is growing, we are working to make products that affect our industry in a positive way. We have made enhancements in the health industry, education, and living standards. Today we have grown to the point where there is every possibility to create the environment and each required thing for our betterment.

With the improvement of machines, the industry has changed a lot. Have you found it to affect your business life. Do share your views in comments about the benefits of AI in our industry and let us know your findings on this.


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