Fun projects with custom cereal boxes

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There are so many ways one can utilize the custom cereal boxes. I am a firm believer of upcycling the custom retail packaging that makes its way to our homes and offices. Almost everything we use comes packed in boxes. Due to COVID, online deliveries have increased. These orders are also delivered in custom cardboard boxes. I decided to curb littering and involve my kids with different projects that can be made easily out of the custom cereal boxes. It will keep them engaged in productive work. I knew that they will love these DIY projects that I was planning for them. I strongly urge parents to do the same. It will help them build a stronger bonding with their kids. Plus, it will provide both the kids and the parents to work on something together and create memories.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

As my kids hunted through the kitchen cabinets for cereal packaging boxes, we realized something very important. In a four-member family, we were using seven different brands of cereals, which of course had different seven types of cereal packaging. My children were consuming too much sugar. It was not healthy for them. I decided there and then to switch to healthier breakfast options. It was not a problem at all because my husband and I were already having avocado on toast or other healthier breakfast options for a decade. My kids were past the age when popular characters printed on cereal packaging would compel them to prefer it over others. I knew this was the time I started teaching them to buy responsibly. It was also the right time to teach them to make healthier selections. 

We emptied the contents of the half-filled customized cereal boxes into mason jars and proceeded with the DIY projects. We also hunted for other custom retail boxes in our wardrobes and laundry cabinets. We kept the ones that were sturdy to use in our projects. 

We first proceeded with making pocket-sized booklets with custom cardboard packaging of cereals. The four of us used different custom packaging boxes and penknives to cut out squares of eight inches from them. We then cut out squares of the same measurement from paper sheets. We folded the cardboard square and the paper in the middle and brought them all together in a booklet shape. We used a clean brick to place over this booklet for one night. The next day we use our favorite gift-wrapping sheets to cover the cardboard squares to give a unique look to our booklets. We used glue to paste gift paper on these squares. The paper squares were then stacked together as before and everything was stapled in the middle.  My kids love carrying around these pocket-sized booklets wherever they go. I use it all the time to make my grocery lists. 

We found other sturdy custom retail boxes from around the house that we used for making pencil holders. My youngest daughter cut off the lid from a cylindrical custom box and covered it with black suede I had given her for DIY projects. She used glue easily on fabric and custom cardboard packaging. She then used the same glue to stick sea shells and pearls to this. The pencil holder looks amazing sitting on her study table. Because she has made it herself. She makes sure to store all her pencils there. It also motivated her to keep her room tidy. The best part is I don’t have to deal with the endless complaints of lost stationery items anymore. Next, I plan to make mini planters for my garden. It is a great way to teach my kids about gardening and keep them occupied during the lockdown. Other than this, I have a few projects in mind that can easily be crafted from cardboard-based custom boxes all around us. 

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