Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Missing Tooth

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Missing teeth or broken teeth sometimes become a reason for embarrassment in the public. Some people ignore missing teeth and won’t care about their oral health as a priority. But they don’t know that it can cause major consequences like gum disease and instability in teeth. A missing tooth can badly impact your confidence, sometimes you feel so hesitant to smile. Apart from that, a missing tooth can lead to other major dental problems as well. Although there are many solutions to missing teeth, considering dental implants in San Jose California is the best that you can do with your missing teeth.

1- Bone Mass Issues in the Jaw

Jawbone defines the appeal of the face. If there are missing teeth, then the jawbone gets problematic, even if the shape is not adequate in that case. There is stimulation in the jawline to maintain the shape, but in case of tooth loss, there is no shape. Even it starts deteriorating badly. In some cases, the face shape gets shifted. Moreover, other issues such as instability in the jaw are prevalent. Also, this instability causes barriers to supporting other teeth. 

In that scenario, dental implants can act as a life savior option. Not only do they help close the gap, but also assist in reducing infections as well as misalignment too.

2- Shifting of teeth and moving out 

When you lose teeth or there are missing teeth, then eventually a gap is seen. So in that case, your teeth start shifting to the gap. It means they are getting brittle over time. But with the help of dental implants, you can hinder these things. For your dental issue or missing teeth treatment, you can search for the dentist near me in San Jose. This way you can get your missing teeth treated as soon as possible before it starts deteriorating other teeth. 

3- One lost tooth leads to many lost teeth

A missing tooth has many disadvantages. If you are a public speaker, then you feel low confidence while speaking, if there is a missing tooth. Also, if you are not treating your missing teeth well, then there might be a high chance that you lose more teeth with time.

Remember your teeth work together, to make oral health work. So you have to take care of your gums and teeth. If you find that you have the problem of missing teeth, then you must not wait for more. Regular dental checkups and effective dental treatment resolve the issues of oral problems. In case any other treatment is effective, then your dentist in San Jose can suggest relevant measures. 

4- Gum Diseases Are Getting more influential 

When you have lost teeth, the wound in the gums happens. These wounds lead to gum diseases. As it can have birth to multiple microorganisms. The chances of mouth infection also increase. Gum infections are painful, sometimes it leads to more tooth losses. Apart from that, many heart problems and diabetic issues can happen. Moreover, you lose your confidence as it affects your appearance too.


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