Foods that Helps in Longer and Strong Erection


There are some criteria that foods that are selected for having a longer and strong erection must fulfill. First of all they should increase blood circulation in the body. Second, these foods also have to increase testosterone and libido in the users. Without testosterone increases, there will be no desire for an intimate session, which also leads to erectile dysfunction.

Blood circulation at the cellular level creates a strong and longer erection. Those who are not able to get an erection, fail to get sufficient blood flow in the pelvic area. The low libido results from low testosterone levels, which creates problems in erection. Erection problems are cured by generic Cialis 60 mg within 60 minutes, with capacity to retain erection for a longer period. But the permanent cure is with natural remedies and the best natural remedy is increasing consumption of foods that help in keeping longer and stronger erection.

These foods are:


The dietary nitrates in spinach and other green vegetables are changed into nitritines and later in the gut this gets changed into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that dilates and relaxes blood vessels. It makes room for more blood flow in the body. The increased blood flow towards the pelvic area in male organ ensures a stronger erection. The stimulation triggers blood flow towards the male organ. It ensures an erection.


The tiny seeds inside the hardcover of these fruits ensure both erection and increases in testosterone levels.  The fruit has antioxidants and nitrates. Nitrate widens the blood vessels to deliver more blood and oxygen to the body to enhance performance in an intense physical activity.

There are other benefits of the juice which support a longer and stronger erection. The long term use of the fruits cuts down the artery plaque by 30 %.  When the level of nitric oxide increases, the blood pressure comes down .It also lowers the bad cholesterol levels, thus supporting the smooth blood flow to overcome any erection difficulties.

Brazilian nuts

This nut is the single richest source of selenium for testosterone levels. Just 5g of nuts is enough to fulfill all our daily requirements of selenium. In mid aged males, it is reported that low testosterone level is behind erection difficulties. In addition to testosterone levels, the male also sees improvement in sperm quality and motility. At the same time, this nut promotes nitric oxide in the body, as it is high in L- arginine amino acid. Nitric oxide removes contraction in blood vessels to promote smooth blood flow.


Berries of every kind are considered good for heart and blood pressure. Any fruit or food that improves heart function lifts erection levels ensuring long and stronger erection. The flavonoids and phenols are erection boosting ingredients in berries. Anthocyanin protects artery walls and keeps them flexible for smooth blood flow. It also stimulates the release of nitric oxide which widens the blood vessels to supply greater flow of blood towards the male organ.


Natural nitrates of beets are converted into nitric oxide to clear the path of smooth blood flow towards the male organ. Beets have one of the highest natural nitrates as an ingredient. Beet consumption will increase nitric oxide in the bloodstream to overcome any erection resistance.  It will also reduce dependency on Sildenafil citrate 200mg to overcome higher erection resistance.


Without adequate energy and stamina there can be no use of longer erection and stronger erection. Saffron acts as a natural aphrodisiac that pushes drive and enhances the performance levels in bed. Use saffron as a taste enhancer in smoothies, desserts and sweet items. Along with other food items, you will enhance physical capacity to last long.


One of the best foods for health, oysters has zinc for boosting erection health along with magnesium, copper, and selenium. Without healthy testosterone levels, even a smooth blood flow may not be adequate for the drive. Without drive the mind is not excited and without involvement of mind, there will be no movement of blood flow towards the male organ.


Food is the best natural remedy for a lot of heart problems including erection and low drive. Increase intake of mentioned food items along with nuts, green vegetables and support the push of foods by exercises. Stop smoking, alcohol and fatty and oily food. Not only you will improve your erection health, but overall health gets a tremendous boost.


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