Fixing HP Printer Error 49 on All Devices

Fixing HP Printer Error 49 on All Devices

HP LaserJet printers are the best their category, but sometimes they might not work as intended. When a printer breaks, your workflow is disrupted, and that is not good. You must take hard measures to fix all the errors that occurred in the printer.

And today, we will talk about one such error, which is error 49, the error 49 occurs in most LaserJet printers. It is communication code errors on the printer. You may get 49.x.y.z error code, where 49 indicates that this error is a firmware error, and the last bits represent variable values.

Let’s look in-depth about this type of error and what we can do to Set up an HP Printer without any error. 

There are two types of error 49 on the HP printer, and here is the list. But you must know that HP extensively tests their printers before release to reduce the occurrence of the error, and the normal users don’t encounter this error frequently. 

Intermittent error – When your error 49 occurs for some time and then start working fine. When your printer starts behaving badly for some time and then start working again, you can turn on and off the printer to resolve it. 

Persistent error – The persistent error won’t clear even after the turning on and off. 

Let’s look at the cause of this kind of error on your HP LaserJet printer

Reason for Error 49

This type of error occurs on your printer when you perform an action that this firmware is not capable of performing. Or the firmware is not designed to handle that action. Here are the examples:

  • Files with unsupported printer commands
  • Using a third-party tool not capable to print
  • The processing of concurrent jobs, network traffic, etc. in a specific environment

These could include your HP printer driver to go nuts and not work at all. When there is a communication gap between the printer and software, you are going to see this kind of error. But you don’t need to worry, and you can solve that pretty easily. 

Here is the solution to this kind of problem in your LaserJet printer.

The solution to Error 49

The solution includes various steps, and you must try all of them. If one if not working, then you can proceed to the next one. Here are the HP printer troubleshooting steps for error 49.

  • Turn on and off the printer a few times to see whether the error is resolved or not. 
  • If the problem persists, you must print the event log and see how often error occurs.
  • If an error is occurring more than once in a week, make sure that Auto Recovery is enabled in the printer.
  • To enable auto-recovery, follow these:
    • Settings to General 
    • Select Auto Recovery option and then select Enabled

This will solve the error 49 in your HP LaserJet printer. You may need to Printer Align properly to make sure it works fine. If an error occurs again, follow the same steps listed here. 


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