Five Business Trends To Undertake In 2022

Business Trends

The economic crisis associated with the pandemic brings difficulties but also generates opportunities to business.

Brazil faced and still faces an economic crisis, political instability, and a pandemic. However, they still show the will to undertake. The labor market has suffered a strong impact from this turmoil. It forces many citizens to try entrepreneurship.

A record increase in the opening of micro and small companies in the country in the first half of 2021. It has been the highest number recorded since 2015. In the first six months, there were about 2.1 million new businesses. It has a increasingly growth of 35% compared to the same period in 2020.

It is necessary to pay attention to specific skills to delve into this universe. “You must not be afraid to test. Take the risk of experimenting. And not be afraid of making mistakes since making mistakes is part of the natural risk of every project. However, it is essential to make adjustments quickly”. This is from a book “Agile Resilience: Learn Agile Practices (SCRUM) to transform your personal and professional projects”.

The book also argues about agile leadership. Besides, it also talks about how to develop a mindset aimed at creating cross – functional teams that are emotionally prepared to solve problems in challenging and unstable times, both in a macro way. It is just like the one we are experiencing all over the world, and more precisely.

Five niche markets below can be excellent alternatives for those who want to undertake in 2022 with the lowest possible risk and good chances of thriving.

Info products

Handouts, online courses, learning videos, e-books, books, music, paintings, drawings, apps, audiobooks, and infographics, among others, are increasingly sought after by the interested public.

“People are looking for more knowledge. If you are really good at some area of knowledge, this is the perfect niche to undertake without any surprises, since the fixed costs in the digital market are infinitely lower than in the use of a physical office, for example. You can outsource almost all the production of the material, focused on sales and content. “, mentions Coutinho.


It’s the last thing people cut back in times of crisis. After all, everyone needs to eat, and more and more people don’t have the time or inclination to cook. Working with food is an ever-increasing trend to undertake.

Working with food requires hygiene, care, and a lot of care in handling the raw material. An essential tip is to look carefully at the confectionery, vegetarianism, and frozen niches. These are trends with an upside bias and the possibility of higher profits.

Providing for local businesses – bars, restaurants, and snack bars in the surroundings – and small markets can also be an excellent option.

Handmade products

After a long period when people thought industrialized product is as more valued, the artisanal product became more desired—a reflection of personalization and exclusivity times. And the search for more sustainable purchases is the order of the day.

The famous homemade products are plastic arts, sewing, customizing clothes and accessories, making toys, ornaments, promotional materials such as invitations and posters, jewelry, personal hygiene products, and cosmetics. Most of the time, the possibilities are endless, and with an affordable initial investment.

Pet business

According to the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet), Brazil has the second largest population of dogs, cats and songbirds, and ornamental birds in the world, in addition to being the third in the total population of pets.

This drives demand for animal care items, such as food, clothing, toys, feeders, drinkers, walks, and so many other options that make up an ever-increasing range. Personalized and unique products tend to gain the public’s attention.


On the beauty world map, Brazil is constantly spend the most money on aesthetic treatments. Whether it is homemade, lotion, and tincture, or treatment with specialized professionals who use the most varied techniques to make customers feel beautiful like never before.

In 2022, the sector continues to be very high, including the increasingly expressive presence of the male audience in this market segment.


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