Fitbit Ace 2 – Kids Fitness Tracker Review And Guide In 2021



For the past two decades, the proliferation of wearable exercise trackers has been non-stop, but they have mainly targeted adults, spenders, in general. However, tech giants sought to dominate the market for fitness monitoring devices like Fitbit Ace 2 smartwatch or activity tracer.

They even started targeting teens, considering that these teenagers are potential buyers, even though they also rely heavily on their parents to spend on those gadgets.

Fitbit Ace 2 Design:

Visually, Fitbit was designed to separate the Ace 2 from the original Ace. Inspired by the first Ace Fitbit Alta, the Ace Fitbit takes the chunkier form of the Inspire.

Fitbit has tried to make the ace line more attractive by adding different colors for children under 10 years of age. The Ace 2 has two color-combinations: a cool watermelon peach color with teal clasp, and a blue-Ple da “night sky” color with a neon yellow clasp.

However, children over the age of 10 may find the powerful Ace 2 case color “too bright” for their ace. If this happens, the plain royal blue and purple wristbands of the first-gen Ace may be a good match for older children.

Both Fitbit Ace versions come with a grayscale or monochrome OLED screen. With a resolution of 72 pixels and a 0.72-inch screen, real estate resolution came a slight improvement with the Ace 128.

The Ace 2 comes with 19 different watch face options to choose from. It is above the 10 that the previous generation had. There are more improvements. These animated watch faces are child friendly, an improvement over blonde watch faces from the previous Ace version.

Fitness track:

However, the main reason for the Fitbit A2 is functional tracking. This device also serves as a very useful reminder because it motivates children to walk at least 250 feet per hour. When the hour is almost over and the child does not reach this goal. It vibrates again and reminds him to move.

The device accepts your child with a congratulatory message every time they reach the 250-step goal.

Parents and other Fitbit users involved in the family account can take part in the challenges and create daily activity goals for the child.

Like good fitness trackers, the Ace 2 comes with the ability to track your child’s sleep. But it is not optimal due to its lack of heart rate monitoring. However, the monitor can still detect when a child is asleep and can track how long they have been asleep, as well as the time they throw and turn during the night.

The recommended bedtime number for children under 13 is 9 to 12 hours, and the default setting of Ace 2 is 9 hours. As with any setting on the device, you can change this setting to suit your needs.

This tracker is intended to help your child achieve their sleep goals. You can set a bedtime reminder to go to bed at a regular time. You can also set an alarm to wake them up slowly by shaking the device in the morning.

Fitbit Ace 2 Waterproof:

A big difference for water sports lovers is a boon. Ace, although a very capable device, is only splash-proof. On the other hand, the Ace 2 has a water resistance of up to 50 meters underwater and is comparable to other adult-variant Fitton models in terms of waterproof rating.

However, this seems to be an unnecessary feature of the Fitbit Ace Line, as these devices do not measure swimming scales like some other water-repellent fitness trackers such as Charging 3, Versa, or Ionic. Added waterproof feature for kids to wear the device in the swimming pool.


Many Fitbit fans have been waiting for the child version for a long time. So when the original Ace was launched, the love for the device was very high. Since it only took a year for Fitbit to release the second Ace model. People mistakenly think that Fitbit 2 is always a better version.

If you are on a budget, this new Ace 2 is a little smaller than the previous Ace.

If kids love to play in sloppy pumpkins, swim, and powerful bunnies, go with Fitbit Ace 2. It is designed to take care of young children. Who are rude and physically active but do not take care of their equipment.

Stay with Fitbit Ace if your child is a pre-teen and already conscious of gadget care. The first generation Ace is only splash-proof. But mostly lacks fancy sensors in the form of a 3-axle accelerometer, vibration motor, Ace2.

For children around 13 years of age, it is better than any other Fitbit line (such as Inspire HR). Because it does not have the unique features of heart rate monitoring and the Ace model.


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