Finding the suitable curved bath for your washroom

1700 X 850mm L Shaped Shower Bath With Front Panel, Screen, Rail & Flipper Panel + Rimless Close Coupled Toilet & Grey Elm Vanity Unit

Add Luxury and Style in your Bathroom with Curved Bath

The curved bath is a recent trend that provides a highly elegant look to your bathroom. There is a saying that if you have a problem in life, take a bath, and there are only a few problems that it can not relieve. Everyone wants few highly relaxing moments after a long day at work. That is where the need for a bathroom with a stylish bath becomes important. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and work-from-home routine, the whole focus has been on creating peacefulness and tranquillity.

While staying at their homes, people have realized that a peaceful environment in the bathroom can play a great role in their health and well-being. And having a bath can be one of the healthy routines that can go a long way in keeping your muscles relax. Therefore, for a relaxing bath, there is a need for a bath that is designed for rejuvenating bath experience.

Curved Bath a Recent Bathroom Trend. 

You would agree that the bathroom designs have gone massive changes in the last few years. It involves everything from flooring to cabinets, wall-mounted toilets, and vanity units, etc. These improvements were meant to create a better, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom environment. In all such recent development, one of the common trends includes introducing curved bath with soft lines. It creates a simple yet elegant touch in the bathroom that is perfect for any modern style bathroom.

1700 X 850mm L Shaped Shower Bath With Front Panel, Screen, Rail & Flipper Panel + Rimless Close Coupled Toilet & Grey Elm Vanity Unit,Calm and Relaxing Feel of Curved Bath. 

Is your bathroom good enough to offer you an escape from the everyday strains and stress of life? If not, it should, and curved-style baths can also help you with it. We humans feel better when we are in an environment that is near to our soul and inner self. Psychologists believe we prefer rounded styles over sharper things. It may link to our brain processing the curvy style more quickly than others. That’s why any bathroom fitting fixtures, including accessories with curved style and soft lines, feel attracted to us. A curved style bath can be an element that looks great to the eyes because it exhibits peacefulness in its design. When you take a bath in such a shape bath, it signals your mind and body to relax.

Better Use of Space with Curved Bath.

Any bathroom fixtures with curved baths edges can help save space in the bathroom. That is because these create an impression of openness and spaciousness. In addition to that, these don’t cause any problem while moving around the tub as the edges are not shaped, so it may not be harmful if any collide with them. That’s how it is a safer option for everyone in the family, especially children and the elderly. Another benefit includes curved edges; there is no possibility of accumulation of dirt and grime. So, using this style makes it easy to keep it clean.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Modern Space. 

The curved style bathroom accessories, including fittings, evoke a modern style in the bathroom. With their soft feel, you can also use them in all bathrooms as they can also be suitable as timeless classic designs. Due to its shape, it offers a comfortable and luxurious bath experience and evokes a contemporary look. It can easily become an eye-catching piece in the bathroom that is the center of attention of anyone enticing the bathroom. So, from contemporary to modern and timeless class, you can use it in all bathroom types and sizes.

Revamp your Bathroom with a Curved Bath from Royal Bathroom UK

curved bath is a trendy design that is perfect for modern bathrooms. Its curvy shape looks pleasing and peaceful to the eyes. That’s why it can be a perfect choice for anyone looking for a highly relaxing bath experience. Its look is perfect for all types of bathrooms, especially contemporary and modern designs. At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of bathtubs available at reasonable prices. You can visit our website to the one that fits best according to your bathroom’s style and design.

When I first had a round vintage 1700 curved bath in my own home, I can still remember. It took me a long time to find the exact item I was seeking, although I had to compromise in one way or another. I might also find an item that was a little more unique than what I thought. I have gathered some knowledge of the available items out there during my search for a Curved Bath in a vintage theme. Perhaps you will surprise at some of the options you have.

Scan the space

Whenever you are looking for a vintage 1700 curved bath, you need to decide what size you want to have in your bathroom. In many cases, this will be more important than the overall design and colour of the bath. Even if you wish a vintage look to be available, many of these baths will, after all, be refinished. You can fit them in nearly every decor, but you will not provide an enormous bath into a smaller area. That is why you must set your restrictions in advance to the size you will purchase.

Scan the material and worth

The next thing you must look for is what kind of round vintage bath and bath you choose. Some of these will be set for you, especially as you have a round shape in mind. Besides, the available options for the material and design of the whole bath will surprise you.

  • Some of these vintage tubs, for example, can make of strange materials, which require some specialized work to reinstate. However, others are not quite as special and typically made of cast iron; you will find a vintage 1700 curved bath.
  • The restoration of a round vintage bathroom is usually not something people do alone. Some specialists can take care of the specific tasks for you. Sometimes you can have it sandblasted and re-surfaced, like a circular vintage bath which is cast iron, and it will look brand new, even if you keep its vintage structure. Additional materials may take a little more work and specialist touch to do them correctly.
  • I can tell you about these bathrooms because it does not mean they cannot have any modern amenities. After all, they are vintage. Conversion to a spa or possibly a freestanding shower of a full vintage bath and shower is a good choice and something ancient in your home.

Reliability is the key

The round bath is built from ceramic. You are not going to change it anytime soon between construction and design. The vintage curved bath and toilet are round with pre-drilled overflow and drainage troughs. On the other hand, you must drill the drainpipe holes with a hand saw. Whether you are a vintage supporter or want to touch in your bathroom to the elegant Victorian age, the Vintage Bath and the Bathroom are what you like. This bathroom’s stylishness, size, bubbles, flexibility, and durability make it a great addition to any bathroom.

s Double Ended Bath Really A Better Option?

With the focus of bathroom renovations shifting towards improving health and wellbeing, we see more and more people installing a bath in their homes. Perhaps, people who already have a single-ended bathtub in their homes opt for a better option like a double ended bath. As most people are staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people realize the importance of their bathroom.

Many of us now are more concerned about health and wellbeing than ever before. Since baths can be a part of healthy routines, there is a surge in demand for baths. But there are different types of baths available. Generally, these can be single or double-ended in style, which can further divide on the basis of their shapes. The question here arises, why should you opt for a double-ended option while you have single-ended baths available at a bit less price to you.

That’s what we have discussed here in this article. Let’s dig deeper into the topic and analyze what makes the double-ended style a better option.

Know More About Double Ended Bath.

First, we should know the real difference and why we call them double ended bath. As the name suggests, these baths have two ends, but what does it mean? It is all about the shape of the baths. When a bath has slops on both of its ends, we name it a double-ended style. At the same time, single-ended has this slope on the one side. The slop makes it comfortable for you to keep your head and shoulder comfortably on either end.

In contrast, in the single-ended option, you only have one side to keep the head and shoulder because the other side is straight and has taps installed on it. On the other hand, the installation of taps is in the middle on the side or on the wall. So, these two are the main differences distinguish between the two. Another important point is that all the pros and cons of these baths come mostly from their shape, size, and design.

1700 curved bath at the Royal Bathrooms

The clean lines and the round vintage bathtub and shower have been designed to work with any design taste. This bathroom fits in straight if you vintage your stuff, and your toilet centres around Victorian strips and tarnished brass rods. However, this same bath will work for you if you want a classic towel and prefer more contemporary designs. This bath is not an odd design with trends or imagines of handing design. The long-lasting but stylish enough for modern tastes are traditional too. However, you need to turn the antique look on when you like Vintage by adding a conventional Victorian-style theme. Google now!


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