Facts you should know about blackout curtains

thermal blackout curtains
thermal blackout curtains

As days become longer we seek for more outdoor activities. It is therefore important to have a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh for the next day. Waking up from a sound sleep keeps one active for the whole day. Light, noise, temperature are the major physical factors that affect one’s sleep. So a guard is required against them and blackout curtains are the best solution. They eliminate the light and noise creating a perfect sleeping environment. They help to save energy and reduce the electricity bills as well. So if you are up to buying new curtains for your place, especially for your living room and bedroom opt for blackout ones for their practical features and refreshing overall look. In this article, we’ve summarized everything you need to know about them to let you know what you’ll miss not having them.

History of blackout curtains

These are not a new invention and have been known to man since WWII. At that time they were used for a totally opposite purpose. Britain used them to make the interior’s light less visible from Nazis. Nazi’s planes were likely you hit the buildings from where see any light coming out. Although the war ended long ago, the curtains are still in use. They were initially made from successive layers of thick and dense black cotton, which now has been replaced by modern-day fabric materials. Their blackout properties have also been improved so much. Nowadays, they serve much more than just blocking light. 

How do they work? 

Their construction is responsible for all their features. Unlike ordinary curtains they aren’t made from a single piece of fabric instead have two to three layers including backing. They are made from an opaque fabric material like polyester & microfiber on the facing side having a rubber, foam, and polypropylene backing. These layers can be 2-pass or 3-pass. 2 pass refers to double layer, where an opaque fabric is simply backed by an insulating and dense material, whereas 3 pass refers to triple-layered, where a layer of colored foam is applied on the facing, then a black foam layer which is hacked by a third foam or rubber layer. It is worthy to mention here that 3 pass curtains are more effective than 2-pass and effectively block light and noise, whereas the 2-pass do not. 

They are classified as thermal, ring top, pencil pleat, and 3D thermal blackout curtains based on construction and working,. 

Are they toxic?

When people know their miraculous advantages, the first question they come up with is, are they safe to use? Well the answer is it depends on the construction materials used. We know that they’ve been made from synthetic materials and chemicals containing VOC which is hazardous because it is released in air in form of gas or vapors that can cause serious health damages but VOCs used in blackout panels are not much harmful in case you are not over sensitive. There are many materials inside your place already containing VOCs and many other chemicals like wall paints and compared with them blackout panels are quite safe. With these 90×90 curtains you will surely not have a severe headache like one you get after a paint. So go ahead, they are safe to use for all age groups.

Benefits & uses

These drapes are probably the most useful ones and here’s why?

Block light and noise

After a tiring day you are supposed to rest fully but imagine street light coming to your place through a window and interrupting your sleep? Or you work at night shifts and sleep during the day? How are you supposed to manage the amount of light? Researches show that the human body does not relax in the presence of light because it keeps one active and secrete more of the excitement hormones. Sleeping in light has proven hazards on one’s health for instance putting on weight. So sleeping in a blackout is recommended & nothing can provide you with the perfect blackout expect blackout panels. As stated above they are constructed to block light up to 99.9 %. Their dense and thick fabric also blocks noise and unwanted sounds up to a certain extent say 33%. 

When combined, both of these features greatly improve one’s sleep and aids him/her to wake up fresh and active for the next working day.

Protect privacy 

Nowadays where privacy invasion has become so common, one needs to have a permanent solution against it. Provided that they block light from entering one’s place, they also hide everything inside and make the interior appear dark from outside hiding everything inside. Where no one can see through the windows no matter how hard he/she tries. This feature magically helps when you have large glass windows and French glass doors. 

Save energy & maintain temperature

These drapes are heavy and dense enough that they effectively block the thermals and draughts from entering the place. Also, thanks to their backing which blocks the energy escaping through windows. Having glass windows and doors make your interior look beautiful but also invite more sunlight. Where glazing increases the heat inside the place escaping much of the energy from inside as well. So you are likely to have warm places during summer and cold during winter. Having a good blackout panel set will dramatically improve the temperature inside. They’ll make your place ideally warm during the winter and cool during the summer, preventing energy loss up to twenty five percent and blocking draughts and thermals respectively. This’ll save you quite a handsome amount of money on domestic bills.


With the history, construction, and benefits stated above these curtains are the best treat to one’s windows. They come in many beautiful colors and textured surfaces that add glamour to the interior. So you are likely to beautify your place and enjoy the benefits at the same time. 

The only thing that’ll hold one back are the high prices. Compared with ordinary curtains they cost quite much but aren’t they worth having? Decide yourself.


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