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Move on to the first phase of your easy makeup look from leveling out your skin tone, now that your complexion is fresh. Only use as much coverage as you need. You can go back and touch up areas or color correct imperfections. Reach for a tinted moisturizer to level out your skin tone. Here are some ideas down below which you can order online and one of the best makeup products in Pakistan from the skin to eyes for our daily makeup guide.

Even Out Your Skin Tone

Apply concealer to any imperfections or dark circles that require additional attention. For a seamless, natural look, choose a pigment-rich product that isn’t matte or cakey. There is a wide range of Olay cosmetics in Pakistan. Apply concealer to blemishes and smoothes it in with your finger or a cosmetic sponge. 

You’ll need less concealer to hide blemishes and hyperpigmentation if your color corrects them first. Swipe the Brus beneath your eyes and spread it with your finger or blend it with a cosmetic sponge if you have dark circles. If you have oily skin or need to hide a flaw, use a translucent setting powder to prevent shine during the day. 

Apply it in a circular motion with a fluffy brush to ensure that it goes undetected. Use a cream blush to warm up the apples of your cheeks for a delicate, natural flush.

Makeup without foundation

The effect of nude makeup is like that of a newly cleansed face, but better. Start with a clean face and use a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to conceal blemishes and uneven tone. Remember that a heavy base will not achieve the desired effect! Apply a sparkly or matte eyeshadow to the upper and lower lids. Apply a brown eyeliner or go without. A mascara and a sheer lipstick or basic lip gloss to finish can also be helpful as one of the best makeup products in Pakistan

Wear your strongest lip color, red hot, maroon, wine, or whatever hue you prefer, to allow your lips to be the focus. Use lip tints instead of lipsticks if you’re not feeling confident. Alternatively, dab on lipstick in the middle of your lips and diffuse the color by blending outwards using a fingertip or lip brush. Keep the rest of the face nude.

Make Your Eyes and Lips Prominent

Move on to boosting your features now that you’ve evened out your skin tone. Make sure you’re performing your minimal makeup look in a room with plenty of natural light to avoid using too much product. We also recommend looking for “multi-use” products, which can be used on the cheeks, eyes, and lips, to save time. Half-Baked Urban Decay eyeshadow is a sparkly champagne eyeshadow that will make your eyes pop and look wide awake. Sweep the shade across your entire eyelid up to the crease, as well as the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bone, with an eyeshadow brush.

have a steel grey or black eyeliner pencil for additional definition. Choose this step if you want to take your minimal makeup look from day tonight. A couple of coats of silky mascara will lengthen your lashes. Apply a couple of coats of a dark brown hue to your top lashes and a single coat to the base of your bottom lashes for a softer finish. Choose a tinted balm that matches the color of your lips.

Look for vibrant colors and new Ideas

Choose a single bright color and wear it in a variety of shades, bright on the lips, and lighter on the eyelids and cheeks. You might also concentrate on one feature of the face, such as the eyes or lips while leaving the rest of the face unadorned. With graphic eyeliner, it’s all about letting your inner artist out. 

Remember how you started the smoky eye look by going over the eyelid and crease with an eye pencil. Use this similar technique with liquid or gel eyeliner for a simple graphic eye. As you get to the middle of the eyelid crease, remove the eyeliner. Follow the instructions above for a smoky eye to create a glitter eyeshadow makeup look. As the final step, apply glitter to the inner or outer corner of the eye. 

On the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and brow bone, add a shimmer blush or highlighter. Apply creamy lipstick or tinted lip gloss on your lips.

Smoky Eye Makeup

One of the best Olay cosmetics has a complete collection of liners available online in Pakistan. Keep your lips natural or wear a lighter shade of lipstick. Use a black or brown eye pencil to draw around the upper lid, near the lashes, to achieve the smokey eye look. As you approach the outside corner, make a cat-eye. Draw a line from the end of the cat-eye to the crease of the eye. With your index finger, blend the lines. 

Repeat these processes until you achieve the desired hue. Fill in with a nude, brown, or black eye shadow, starting at the outer edge and blending towards the middle.


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