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eyebrow tattoo
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Eyebrow tattoos can look like a natural or artificial extension of your natural brow. They are permanent and typically require two sessions, each lasting two hours. They should be spaced at least four to eight weeks apart to allow for adequate healing of the top dermal layer. Alicia Rose has worked with celebrities and international social media platforms to create the perfect eyebrows for their clients.


If you’d like to get your eyebrows tattooed, micro-blading may be a good choice for you. In Perth, you can find highly trained professionals for this procedure. A consultation is free when you book another appointment. During this consultation, your brow artist will map out the shape, texture, and color of your eyebrows. The artist will then use tiny needles to create the perfect brows. Professionals at Equinox Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic Perth use medical-grade pigment, tiny precision tools, and a high-grade topical anesthetic cream.

The micro-blading procedure is fast and safe. The perfect eyebrow tattoo will draw attention to your eyes and give your face a natural lift. The procedure also reinforces your existing eyebrow color, adding thickness and shape. Before the procedure, the artist will apply an anesthetic cream to your face to make it more comfortable. After this, he or she will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

When getting micro-blading for eyebrow tattoo Perth, be sure to do some research beforehand. Read reviews online or ask for before-and-after pictures. You should avoid waxing your eyebrows a week before your appointment. Also, avoid alcohol and caffeine on the day of your appointment. These can cause excessive bleeding and make the cosmetic tattoo pigments not hold in the skin.

While it’s possible to have micro-blading performed at any brow tattoo Perth artist, you should do thorough research before choosing a technician. A good micro-blading technician will be able to create natural-looking brows on any skin tone or hair color. Some brow artists may specialize in thick, blocked brows, while others prefer a fluffy, natural look. You can find this out by looking at their social media profiles.

Microblading for eyebrow tattoo Perth can be a great choice if you want to avoid a full face of makeup. You can even choose between feather touch and powder brows, which closely mimic your natural brow shape. A Phi Artist from Phi Brow Academy in Perth will use the latest technology to create your dream brows.

To get the best results from your micro-blading in Perth, you should choose a highly qualified and experienced specialist. A good specialist will match your brow color to your face. Depending on the type of procedure you get, you should avoid working out for six to eight weeks after your micro-blading. You should also avoid products that contain retinol or other chemicals that can make your skin extra sensitive.

Alicia Rose completed a cosmetic tattoo training program in January 2015. She also regularly attends Masterclasses around the world to stay abreast of the latest techniques.

Powder Brows

Eyebrow tattooing in Perth can be performed by a specialist at Alison Jade. She is an experienced brow artist who works with realistic feather strokes and powder brows to create an attractive tattoo that suits each individual. She offers a range of different tattoo designs that are perfect for each client’s needs.

After getting a powder brows tattoo, it is important to take care of your new tattoo. You need to keep it clean and protected from the sun and moisture. This tattoo will heal more smoothly and evenly if you protect it from the elements. However, you should avoid extreme exercise for the first week or two.

The feather touch brow is a variation of the powder brow and is perfect for people who are looking to enhance the symmetry of their brows or have oily skin. This technique involves using a small machine to disperse fine dots of pigment onto the skin. The powder brow is then blended into the pigment for more definition. The shading can be done manually or by machine, and Martina will advise you on which method works best for your skin type.


The pigments used in a cosmetic powder eyebrow tattoo are certified vegan and sterile. The practitioner uses single-use EO gas sterilized needle cartridges and follows strict hygiene practices. The client is also required to approve the design prior to the procedure. There are two numbing creams used to minimize discomfort.

The procedure is relatively inexpensive and is a great way to create a more natural look. It is also less painful than other methods of tattooing and requires only minimal preparation. The process takes about an hour or two, depending on the individual’s skin type and quality. A professional tattooist can perform this treatment for anyone, including those with sensitive skin.

Microblading, also known as micro-blading, is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing. Microblading uses a hand tool to create realistic-looking hair strokes on the browline. Powder brows are also an excellent option for those with oily or mature skin as they create a soft, makeup-like look. They can be adjusted to look soft and natural or bold and intense.

Powder brows tattoo is a popular procedure, and the results are permanent and look great for several years. The process involves using oil-based pigments, which should be hypoallergenic. The pigments are deposited in the epidermis and dermis of the skin. For the best results, you should schedule a consultation with a qualified tattoo artist and select a color scheme.

Nano Brows

When looking for an eyebrow tattoo in Perth, Nano brows are a popular choice. These tattoos are created by inserting pigment into the skin with a single needle. This process is similar to micro-blading, though Nano brows are much healthier for the skin. The result is a tattoo that will last longer than micro-blading. The best part about Nano brows is that the procedure is safe and suitable for all skin types.

Before the tattooing process, the artist will apply a topical anesthetic, such as Zensa, to reduce pain. The client may even fall asleep during the process.

Because Nano brows are semi-permanent, you may need a touch-up procedure every twelve to 24 months. The pigment used will fade over time, but touch-ups can extend the color’s longevity. Touch-up appointments will only take half the initial appointment. If you decide to go through with the process, Nano brows can last years.

Another benefit of Nano brows is their ability to correct previous eyebrow tattoos. The ink used in Nano brow tattoos mimics the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. This makes Nano brow tattoos a popular option for clients with hair loss. These tattoos are also ideal for people with oily skin.

After your Nano brows appointment, you should make sure to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Aftercare for this tattoo is essential to the aesthetic outcome and successful healing. Aftercare for Nano brows should include keeping the skin clean and dry.

Nano brows can last up to two to three years and are less traumatic to the skin. These factors include the numbing agent, water wrung from your brows, and even your blood. A good micro-blading artist can significantly reduce the risk of this happening.

Aftercare should include following the instructions provided by the artist. Aftercare instructions should include avoiding pressure, rubbing, and exfoliation of the area. This can cause premature pigment loss and scabbing. A good way to take care of your new eyebrow tattoo is to follow the directions carefully.

Microblading can be a good choice if you’re looking for an eyebrow tattoo that’s permanently permanent. It uses the same process as tattooing, but is much less painful and produces finer hair strokes. If you have light or thin skin, you may want to consider Nano brows. You can also opt for micro-blading if you’re looking for more natural, fuller brows.

Both procedures last about one to two hours, including the numbing cream, designing the eyebrows and healing time. After the procedure, the eyebrows will look natural for up to 3 years.


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