Explore the Chance of Renting a BMW in Dubai, UAE

BMW Car Rental Dubai

While travelling in a luxury car, it is necessary to enjoy comfortable trips. Many people in the world are aware of BMW’s singularity and uprightness. This is because you can drive this car while you are travelling on any trip. People in Dubai recognize Lux Motors as the Best Luxury Car Rental Agency, from where you can obtain a BMW for rent. Therefore, Lux Motors is the Best BMW Car Rental in Dubai.

If you are looking for all the features of luxury, style, and performance in a single car, then the BMW is an ideal choice. The range of Sedans, Coupe’s Convertibles, Hatchbacks, and SUVs has impressed everyone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The smooth style in the car models of the BMW gives you a distinctive presence on the roads. Its unique headlights, along with the kidney grille, create a different look. BMW cars are also having fresh technological features. This makes it convenient for the passengers. As a result of this, they enjoy a fun driving experience.

The BMW features reliable and powerful engines. These engines are known for their efficient performance. BMW cars also feature premium interiors that provide comfortable seating. This gives the car a luxurious and clear look. This car is also having enough space to carry luggage, along with providing flexible seating arrangements. Irrespective of being a tourist or a resident of the UAE, you can rent a BMW from Lux Motors. Being the best BMW Car Rental in Dubai, the rental procedure at Lux Motors is fast and straightforward. In the first place, the Automobile Industry acknowledges BMW as one of the most reliable luxury cars as result of its spectacular features and specifications.

Features and Specifications of the BMW

The grille’s perpendicular size is one of the most prominent things in the BMW. The new corporate fascia of this car has giant kidney grilles.

The Functionality of the BMW

The BMW consists of three powertrains. It begins with the base 745Le plug-in hybrid. It uses a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder.

Secondly, the company has manufactured BMW in an all-wheel drive configuration. In addition to that, the car’s transmission is an eight-speed automatic. This car’s powertrain is absolutely smooth. In addition to speeding up quickly, the BMW lets you drive smoothly with great confidence down the highway. So it relaxes the driver as well as all the occupants.

When it comes to handling the car, the BMW feels sharper around the corners. You will get a decent on-center feel with the BMW’s steering. Hence, you can turn the car sharply. The BMW will bring about some oversteer when you apply the throttle correctly.

BMW’s Comfort and Luxury

The BMW is well-known in the whole world for its comfort and luxury. This car features a spectacular cabin. In addition to that, the BMW has a diamond pattern stitching. This stitching extends over the door as well as the center armrests. Secondly, this car is also having an impressive fitting and finishing. You will find beautiful patterned wood along with satin metallic finishes around. There are lighting accents in the glass for the front as well as for the rear sunroofs.

The BMW has heated and ventilated front as well as rear seats. These seats are having a massage function. The seats of the BMW are really very comfortable. This car is having enough space for rear-seat passengers. In fact, you can also use the driver’s seat controls for adjusting the front passenger seat. This feature is efficient for making space for the rear right passenger.

Driving Technology of the BMW

Among many automakers, BMW is the only automaker that provides wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity. The Driving Assistance Program of the BMW is the most useful and ideal technology. This car has the power of driving itself down the highway with less interface. The technology of the BMW also consists of adaptive cruise control with stop and go and lane departure warning. The technology also consists of rest of the collision prevention systems. Cruise Control and lane-keep assist systems are a part of the system that maintains the course. In the first place, this system drives the vehicle semi-autonomously. Moreover, this system uses a camera for watching the driver. It makes sure that the driver is attentive. So this car is having proper features of safety.

The BMW has the BMW LaserLight Headlights and a Sky Lounge Panoramic sunroof as standalone options. This car is also having the Ambient Air scents and M Sport brakes. It is also having a rear-wheel steering in addition to that. The BMW stands out to be a technology-filled luxury sedan. It consists of a new standard for the full-size executive saloon. The driving dynamics of the BMW are similar to that of the Mercedes.

The Advantages of Driving a BMW: –

  • Symbol of Luxury

People all over the world are well aware of the luxury present in a BMW. This luxurious car is highly popular. People present in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are preferring BMW among the luxury cars. They choose the BMW for driving to posh and beautiful places in any part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). People from both the middle-class, as well as the upper-class background are driving the BMW. There is a high level of this luxurious car’s style. The company has made the use of the best, and high-quality materials for manufacturing the BMW. You will find a lot of features of comfort and luxury in this premium car. So, in comparison to other brands of luxurious cars, the BMW is very famous and popular.

  • Evidence of Flexibility

BMW stands out to be the best vehicle that is having the best technology. As a result of the best and the high-quality performance of the BMW car, it is not sensible to compare this car to any other brands of luxurious cars.

  • Strong Abilities

People across the globe are recognizing BMW to be the best and the greatest car brand on the road. Hence, you can have the thought of driving only a BMW on the road. The BMW has a unique front-engine car wheel drive platform. This helps the car in maintaining a 50/50 distribution of weight. As a result, you will experience neutral handling and predictable sterling.

  • Reliability

BMW is known in the whole world as the most reliable car. This car has attracted many people as a result of its warranty and amazing customer support system. The BMW car turns out to be a treasure if you maintain it properly.

  • Equipment

You may surely be thinking that the BMW is more expensive than many other brands of ordinary cars. There is no doubt that these ordinary cars are providing you with various interesting deals. But, in comparison to those ordinary cars, the BMW’s furnishing is very beautiful and attractive. The BMW car is having a lot of features and specifications. You would not find these features and specifications present in any other car model. This car is highly competitive as a result of its specifications. Hence, the BMW stands out to be a token of perfection.

The reason why most people are recommending to drive a BMW in Dubai, UAE

Among the most popular Luxury cars, BMW is the best and the most-effective choice. Along with driving the BMW on Shaikh Zayed Road, you may also drive this car on highways that stretch across the Emirates. Many people are aware that Dubai is one of the most scenic places. So, you may seek a luxurious adventure on wheels, in this luxurious city. Many people in Dubai, UAE, are demanding the BMW car. They drive to the most beautiful and scenic places of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in the BMW. Therefore, the BMW provides you with a luxurious adventure.

Many residents and tourists in different parts of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are renting the BMW. Hence, they experience pleasure and comfort when it comes to driving a luxurious sedan. Moreover, the BMW is also having a spacious cabin, along with extra legroom. Secondly, this car is having upgraded features of driving and safety.

Rent BMW from BMW Car Rental in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is highly suitable for renting the BMW. With this luxurious car, you can completely enjoy the beauty of the Emirates. This car is highly comfortable that allows you to explore all the Emirates in the UAE.

It is very easy to explain the energetic popularity of this iconic German brand. People recognize BMW as a leader in its vehicle class. This machine features amazing engine power and a highly movable chassis. In addition to that, the BMW is having an amazing level of safety. As a result of these amazing features, many clients are selecting the BMW car for renting. Hence, many people are searching for the most reliable BMW Car Rental in Dubai, UAE.

Secondly, the entire BMW range has airbags along with an excellent audio system. This car also features air conditioning, ABS and electric lifts. These options come up with both manual and automatic gearboxes.

There is no doubt that the BMW car is highly ideal for walks, business trips and for transfers. Most of the travellers will appreciate this car for its movability and matchless level of comfort.

The popularity of BMW rental in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is visible in different situations. For instance, people approach the BMW Rental for exciting trips and special events. People also approach them for business meetings and for wonderful trips.

Benefits of Renting A BMW from the Best BMW Car Rental in Dubai

By renting a BMW, you would not have to compromise on comfort and convenience. The benefits of renting a BMW in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are given below:

In comparison to purchasing and maintaining the BMW, renting this car is cheaper.
Your vacation in the UAE would be very memorable with the BMW.
The Luxury Car Rental Agency would be responsible for servicing your car. They also provide you with additional help when it is necessary.
You get the opportunity of selecting your favourite car model, from a range of premium cars and models.

The Best Reasons for Choosing Lux Motors as your BMW Car Hire in Dubai, UAE

Booking a car for a trip turns out to be absolutely risky in an unknown country. People face a lot of trouble while they are searching for the most reliable and trustworthy luxury car rental company that provides services of the best quality. You would not face any problem in obtaining the best quality BMW from Lux Motors, at the best rate. So you can rent this amazing and luxurious car very easily from Lux Motors. Secondly, Lux Motors makes sure of providing the best quality car rental services in the whole United Arab Emirates (UAE). They are not restricting their car rental services only in the city of Dubai. From Lux Motors, you can rent the car model that you prefer. Many people in the UAE can easily rent a BMW from Lux Motors. Therefore, Lux Motors is the best BMW car rental in Dubai.

Drive the BMW to Amazing Locations in Dubai, UAE, by Renting this Car from Lux Motors – The Best BMW Car Rental in Dubai

Big roads, quick traffic, and clear signages are present in the luxurious city of Dubai. Therefore, driving in Dubai gives everyone great pleasure. ‘Dubai Mall’, ‘Dubai Marina’, ‘Palm Jumeirah’, ‘Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)’, and ‘Jumeirah Islands’ are some of the luxurious and posh areas in Dubai, UAE. ‘Downtown Dubai’, ‘SkyDive Dubai Desert Campus’, ‘Emirates Hills’, ‘Barsha Heights’, and the ‘Mall of the Emirates’ are some other posh areas in Dubai. You can also drive the BMW to the ‘Burj Al Arab’, ‘Dubai Festival City’, ‘La Mer’, ‘Kite Beach’, ‘Oasis Mall’, and to ‘Dubai Desert Safari’. ‘Dubai Parks and Resorts’ is also one of the most beautiful and attractive locations in Dubai. Hence, everyone has a good reason for renting the BMW from Lux Motors, which is the best BMW Car Rental in Dubai.


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