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If you live in Manchester, there is a 50% chance of renting your home. This trend is only growing. As well as the need for an end to the quality of residential cleaning services.
The end of cleaning the living space takes the cleaning part off your hands. As cleaning is the cause of many deposit disputes, it is also a surefire way to ensure that you repay your deposit. And the best part? The end of cleaning the living space is a guaranteed service.

Why is termination of employment a guaranteed service?

Much depends on the end of the cleaning service. When handled improperly, it can attach a screwdriver to the rest of the moving chain.
In addition, it is one of the important factors in determining whether you receive your deposit or not. And considering the deposits of thousands of pounds, that is no small feat. In fact, many deposits make the end of cleaning your apartment look ridiculous
Cleaning is a commonly cited reason for part or all of the deposit held by homeowners. So when you hire a professional End of Tenancy cleaners company to design your living space for you, expect the results.
However, while cleaning teams do their job according to professional standards, mistakes do occur. It’s rare (we haven’t had a re-cleaning this year) but it does happen. And if thousands of pounds hang in the balance, you need reassurance.
That is why the end of cleaning the living space is a guaranteed service. It gives you peace of mind that cleanliness will not be the reason why you do not receive your deposit.

How does the only guarantee of cleaning the residence apply?

The only guarantee of clean accommodation is very simple. You can book your service by phone or by using our booking form. At the end of each residential cleaning service comes a 72-hour warranty.
Once the team has performed the service, you can request a replacement within the next 72 hours if there is a problem. Re-cleaning means the team will return to your area and adjust its monitoring. This is usually revealed during the property owner’s inspection.
Employers’ complaints
To use the guarantee, you need to specify what you believe has not been cleared up. For example, “I do not like how the refrigerator is cleaned,” does not really help us to understand where the problem lies.

However, “The refrigerators’ shelves were not clean enough,” they are very useful. And if it is a valid complaint, we will return the team for further cleaning.
I say, “If it is a valid complaint”, because more often than not, it is not. Samyx Cleaning has been on the market for more than six years now. We’ve seen things.
In the past, employers tried to withdraw money quickly and tried to recoup their money by demanding bad service. Their plan is to get a refund from us, get their deposit from the landlord, and pay for it.

That is why when we receive a customer complaint, we ask them to provide us with proof. We also take pictures before and after to make sure there are no interruptions. This protects us from many deceptive attempts.

Once upon a time, a client sent us photos from elsewhere in an effort to get a refund. When we showed her pictures of her ministry before and after her, she stopped texting us.
Generally, it is not the job of the employer to determine if the service is up to standard. This is the job of the landlord. At least, a real estate agent. Either way, the employer’s complaints are usually not valid.

Complaints from landlord or real estate agents / agents

Homeowners and real estate agents / tenants often try to get us a ride. It is a waste of their time. They simply do research and determine if the area is clean or not by standards.
If there is a problem, they send us a list of things we missed. Then we go back and re-clean those things. If the property owner and / or rental agent is satisfied, the customer is refunded his deposit. Everyone is happy.

What does a living room cleaning end include?

The definition of end-to-end living space means complete cleaning of the whole area. All areas such as overhead, bathtub, toilet, windows, floor, tiles, cabinets, upholstery, carpets, walls and skirting boards in your apartment or home will receive deep professional cleanliness.
Many rooms, corridors with visible dust, dirt and built-in dirt need to be cleaned, Do not forget what is hidden in the corner of the cords. They are sometimes found in hard-to-reach areas.
Kitchen appliances such as the oven, kettle, microwave and refrigerator will also receive ‘deep cleansing’ treatment. We will never forget the limescale inside the dishwasher or the black mark inside the washing machine.
Cleaning the balcony or outdoor windows can extend your budget. Carpet cleaning service must be agreed in advance as well. Sweeping the balcony or gardening, washing the street jet may also be necessary and will add to the final costs.
Make sure we pay attention to the smallest details. Simple things that are easily forgotten are ignored by our cleaners. They will clean the walls, clean the door handles, wipe and polish the locks and wash the inside of the bathroom and kitchen sink.

What is the difference between an end to cleaning tenants and a common household cleaning?

Regular cleaning is classified as ‘normal cleaning’ by what a person does in his or her surroundings. The main tasks are to clean clean carpets, to remove visible dust, and to quickly wipe out moss and other small particles.
These routine tasks do not require elbow grease to keep your house looking clean. The deep cleaning process of a complete end-to-end living space usually involves complete hygiene. Without selecting the whole part of the universe is cleaned- from top to bottom.
Think as many as you like. Take for example photo frames, all areas, kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, light switches, surroundings and under your TV unit, behind the beds you probably haven’t looked since


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