Everything you need to know about the different types of myopia


Different Types Of Myopia

Myopia (Short-sightedness) is one of the eye problems where the individual has difficulty seeing the objects present at a distance. Getting treatment for myopia is essential at the earliest otherwise, the chances of vision impairment are the highest. One of the best suggestions here is to have a regular eye examination at one of the best Eye Hospital In Punjab so that if something is wrong, you get an understanding of the exact right way.

Which are the most common signs of myopia?

Myopia usually starts in childhood and even in adulthood. Apart from that, even in kids, the change is noticed for which it is worth taking the necessary measures on time. One of the most common and evident signs is:

Problem seeing the objects present at a distance

Myopia conditions can result in everything being seen as blurry. Apart from that, the person has to squint their eyes more than usual and have headaches as their eyes are strained. Bear in mind that young children might not be able to know or tell they have this problem. If you notice these signs in your child like:

●     Rubbing eyes frequently

●     Sitting close to the TV

●     Headaches are frequent

All these signs are the most significant factors that you need to visit one of the Best Eye Doctors in Punjab to seek the proper care.

How is myopia diagnosed?

Myopia is checked easily through routine eye checkups. It’s like getting a few simple tests to know the visual acuity and see the necessary change in the eyes. The test helps to check whether the eye health has gotten worse with time or not.

What are the types of myopia?

High myopia

High myopia is the term used for short-sightedness, and if the problem is not addressed on time, the complications can increase. There is a greater risk of having retinal detachment, cataracts, and glaucoma. Hereditary is a significant factor in this type.

 Degenerative myopia

Degenerative myopia (Malignant or pathological myopia) occurs when myopia progresses rapidly, and even degenerative changes are noticeable in the retina. Undergoing the routine eye test will help to notice the possible changes and if there are any problems with eye health.

Progressive myopia

Progressive myopia is one of those conditions that get worse with time. Sometimes, it can even occur in the adult years. In some cases, the problem can be high myopia, and the condition can get severe with time either slowly or takes time.

How to take care of your eyes who have myopia?

If the dentist has told you you have this issue, then it’s worth consulting the dentist at the earliest. The doctor will suggest you wear the lens while driving, so make sure that you do it. If you have been asked to take breaks while doing work, then it’s better to focus. Make sure where you work, there is proper light.

Do you have trouble with your eye vision?

Schedule your initial consultation at Mitra Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Centre to seek the proper care of your eye health.


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