Everything you need to know about the bubble tea

Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea

Do you love trying out different flavours of tea? Then you must have come across bubble tea. It has its origin in Taiwan. It is basically a Taiwanese iced tea. It is loaded with sugar. It is popular among the young generations mostly. 

Bubble tea is a type of Taiwanese iced tea with a layer of chewy tapioca balls on the bottom. Bubble tea is a fun and delicious drink that consists of a tea base mixed with milk, fruit, flavored syrups, and tapioca pearls.

  • History of bubble tea

The origin of bubble tea is shrouded in mystery, as it is with many undocumented, unpatented recipe origins. However, one storey is widely accepted to be true: Taiwanese tea stands grew in popularity in the 1980s as the demand for a refreshing post-work drink increased. 

As tea stands sprouted up on every street corner, business owners began to employ product differentiation strategies. To differentiate himself from the competition, one concession owner at Taichung’s Chun Shui Tang teahouse began serving Chinese tea cold after being inspired by iced Japanese coffee.

While some tea shops use the same plastic dome-shaped lids just like Slurpees, many bubble tea shops have begun to serve it in a completely sealed cup.

  • Love for beverage grows with the aroma 

A machine seals the top of the cup with plastic cellophane, allowing the tea in the serving cup to be vigorously shaken and spill-free until you’re ready to drink it. Simply use your straw to pierce the cellophane seal.

This beverage is known by many different names, including bubble tea. It is also known as milk tea, pearl tea, tapioca tea, boba tea, boba nai cha, foam milk tea, momi milk tea, Q (which means chewy in Chinese), and a variety of other names.

  • Different names for bubble tea

This beverage is known by many different names, including bubble tea. It is also known as milk tea, pearl tea, tapioca tea, boba tea, boba nai cha, foam milk tea, momi milk tea, Q (which means chewy in Chinese), and a variety of other names.

  • Boost your immune system

We enjoy knowing that we are taking care of ourselves. Among the many health benefits of tea, one of the most important is that it is naturally high in antioxidants, which protect you from free radicals. It means they boost your immune system and are fantastic for keeping you looking and feeling young (thanks to anti-aging properties). 

  • Tea is a miraculous cure

Although tea is not a miracle cure, these antioxidants may help protect you from cancer. According to other studies, drinking tea may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases such as heart attacks by lowering cholesterol levels. It is worthwhile to continue sipping tea for this purpose.

The term “bubble tea” is commonly associated with the round, bubble-like tapioca pearls at the bottom of your cup, but it actually refers to the bubble foam on top of the drink. 

  • Tapioca pearls in the tea

“Bubble tea” was created without the addition of tapioca pearls at first. This drink was commonly prepared in Taiwanese specialty restaurants by shaking the ice, milk, tea, and sugar in a cocktail shaker, resulting in a lot of bubbly foam. The same method is used to make bubble tea, but with the addition of pearls/boba. 

We enjoy trying new flavours, such as sweet ceylon with vanilla and flowery jasmine silver needle, without having to worry about the calories. It is a great substitute for sugary soft drinks because it is practically calorie-free. Also, some teas, such as green tea, may be beneficial in terms of assisting people to burn calories and naturally kick start their metabolism rate. 

  • Cup of tea and better variation 

While a few cups of tea a day won’t turn you into a bodybuilder any time soon, it can help you improve your endurance at the gym and build muscle. You now know what to drink to quench your thirst.

We enjoy taking a break with a cup of tea when we are under too much stress at work or are irritated with our other halves. Tea has been shown to be an anti-depressant and a stress reliever. 

  • Tea is an ultimate thirst quencher

We enjoy drinking tea to quench our thirst. Tea is compared to water in terms of hydration because it contributes to our overall fluid requirements. It will replace any fluids you have lost through sweating, whether hot or on ice on a scorching hot summer day. 

It is critical to stay hydrated in order to build lean muscle and keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. That means that drinking a cup the next time you are feeling down might just help lift your spirits. Isn’t it tea time, me time? Let it go with a cup of bubble tea.

  • Tuber with nutty flavor 

Tapioca pearls, which are more commonly found in tapioca pudding, are made from cassava root starch. Cassava is a South American tuber with a nutty flavour. 

This root vegetable is a major food staple in the developing world because it contains nearly twice as many calories as potatoes (primarily from carbs and sugar) and thus provides a significant source of energy. 

  • Consume to afresh your mood 

Tapioca starch must be detoxified before consumption due to high levels of cyanide, a toxic compound that when consumed can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, and even paralysis. If you think that the nutrients were bad, wait until you hear this: cassava can be toxic when eaten raw. 

Green, black, chai, Thai, oolong, or Pu-erh teas are all options. Green tea, in particular, contains one of the best waist-whittling compounds available: EGCG, an antioxidant found in green tea, boosts your metabolism, increasing the release of fat from belly fat cells and speeding up the liver’s fat-burning capacity.

  • Why do people prefer eating bubble chai?

The chai bubble tea varies depending on which tea shop you visit, it is impossible to give a single answer to the question of how many calories are in bubble tea.

Parting Words 

Bubble chai use flavoured (and unflavored) syrups to control the taste and colour of the tea, as well as the amount of sweetness added. To flavour the drink, you can use anything from cookie dough to salted caramel, rose, cherry, coconut, melon, strawberry, taro, chocolate, sesame, almond, lavender, peppermint, and even coffee.


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